Despite the fact that the social media brings together friends, it also creates a perfect platform to make some money. Companies and individuals have discovered an easy way of reaching out to different customers through social media and this trend seems to grow with each passing moment. That is why Instagram has emerged as one of the best places you can make money by being a little more creative. For that reason, this piece will highlight 10 creative ways to make money on Instagram.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Making money on Instagram may sound easy by virtue of how things are done there but is never a piece of cake as others would assume. But through your determination, you can venture into affiliate marketing where your duty will entail promoting different products using your Instagram account. Eventually, you will get paid depending on the number of sales generated. If you have a large following, you stand a better chance of making money from affiliate marketing.

2. Getting Sponsors to create Sponsored Posts

You can find sponsors and then create sponsored posts as an easy way of making money on your Instagram account. These sponsors are normally any brand or business that will require you to promote their business. In this case, you need to have a large number of fans who are equally engaged for you to start looking for sponsors with the aim of creating sponsored posts.

3. Sell your Photos on Instagram

Your photos can become a better source of income on your Instagram account. All you need is to sharpen your camera skills and of course, have many followers to achieve your goal. You can start by capturing and posting photos of places, events or nice scenery and then post them on your account. Let your photos speak volumes about your photographic skills and sooner or later, you will have a queue of buyers looking for you.

4. You can Promote your Brand as well

Instead of promoting brands for others, you can become your own boss by selling what identified with you. Create your brands and let your followers see what you are doing. If they like your products or services, they will definitely want to buy from you. To reach your target, you need to create a separate account for your business to showcase what you are selling. If possible, include the link to your website to let your fans learn more about your brand.

5. Sell your Instagram Account

It may sound like an outlandish idea but the truth is you can sell your Instagram account. On the contrary, the account in question should not be just any other ordinary account but needs to have features that will motivate potential buyers to develop their interests in it. This means that your Instagram account needs to have many buy instagram followers who are very active all the time. With time, you can sell it to one of your friends or followers to generate some cash.

6. Promote Brands using Videos

Even though photos are a great way to capture the customers’ attention, videos could the best way ever. Get a little bit creative and come up with videos that are of high quality and upload them on your account. Then reach out to your clients and convince them of how they can make use of your skills to promote their brands.

7. Become an Event and Campaign Organizer

Use your Instagram to share information or knowledge about a certain brand. Make your followers to like your photos and learn a great deal about your campaigns and events. Go ahead and provide them with coupons and offers in order to get more engagement to generate sales.

8. Paid Ads and Shout-outs

Take advantage of your Instagram influence to generate some income by promoting your friends or other people’s accounts or businesses. In fact, you can shift to other niches to influence more people as you promote their businesses and make more money.

9. Ask for Testimonials from your Customers

By getting testimonials from your clients, you will be increasing your influence and many people will decide to use you to market their products and services. This is also another way of increasing your customer base for your products.

10. Post High-quality Photos

High-quality photos are likely to monetize your account by attracting numerous followers and other people alike. By posting high-quality images of your products on your business account, many buyers may take a keen interest in your products and before you even know it, you will be earning some money.


Apart from socializing and catching up with new events on the social media, make use of every available resource to make some money. Your Instagram account could be a better social media platform you can use to earn cash. Make good use of it.

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