If you are passionate about reading, there exist many options for you to earn money online. This is not by just reading articles or new books, but emails included. Of course, there are many companies ready to pay you for reading their emails. Are you worrying? You should not. It’s a really legitimate way to earn money online.

In this article, we will discuss 10 legitimate sites that pay you to read emails. They have been in the industry for long and they pay quite well.

1. Inbox Dollars

Inbox dollars is among the best sites you can earn money online from the comfort of your couch. It’s a legit site that pays you to read emails.

In order to be credited by inbox dollars, you’ll have to click the link in the email. This may redirect you to inbox dollars site for more instructions or to advertiser’s website.
You’ll be credit right on time after confirming you have read it. Also, the website allows you to earn some bonuses after completing some specific jobs on its website. You can get these tasks on the front page once you have signed in.

You can earn more money by confirming a certain number of emails paid. However, to cash out your earnings from inbox dollars, you need to have $30 and above and they pay weekly inform of the check, visa card as well as gift cards.

2. FusionCash

It’s a GPT website offering you a $5 bonus upon signing up. The site pays you to read emails, playing games, downloading mobile apps as well as referring to your friends.
To be an eligible member of fusionCash, you must have attained 18 years and from US or Canada.

FusionCash pays you in form of direct deposit, check or PayPal and you must have a minimum of $25 dollars in your account to get paid. One of its advantages, no processing charges when withdrawing.

3. Cash Crate

Cashcrate is a unique site to make money reading emails. This site has a very good reputation as well as high rates of rewards. However, there are other ways you can earn money from cashcrate such as surveys, surveys, video watching as well as referring to your friends. Cashcrate pays monthly so far as you $15 in your account.

4. Send Earnings

SendEarnings is a good site which will offer you a platform to earn money by reading paid emails, online games playing, and an online survey among other tasks.

It’s free to join this website and you will get a bonus of $5 upon creating an account.

5. Cash4Offers

Cash4offers is another great site offering you a way to make money from your couch by reading emails. Other than reading emails, you can also earn money by playing games online, paid surveys among others.

Upon registration, you’ll get a $5 bonus. Once you have to get your first cash out, you are upgraded to a gold member and you receive your earnings within 72 hours through PayPal.

6. Unique Rewards

This site is among the best platforms to earn money through reading emails. It has good rates and you are awarded a bonus of $5 after registering with the site.

It’s among the best GPT websites which pay you a $5 after referring a friend. The site accepts US and Canadians residents. It accepts payments via checks and PayPal.

7. Global Test Market

It’s among the top reputable sites where you’ve got a platform to earn money by reading emails.
The site has millions of members across the globe. It has good rates and is among the sites you can earn good money such as $20 a day.

It pays via gift cards or checks. If you can spare some time to read emails daily as well as taking other available offers, you can really earn clean money free of charge.

8. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another site where you can make amazing money. The site has many ways to make money among them includes paid emails, playing games, online shopping, referencing friends as well as paid offers among many others.

It’s a great site that allows you to cash out once you have $3 in your account. Its payment is via gift cards or PayPal.

9. UniqPaid

It’s among the best email reading paying sites. Uniqpaid accepts members from all part of the universe. It has plenty of tasks to accomplish thus giving you an opportunity to make a decent amount of money from home.
Payment is effected through PayPal once you have requested after reaching the set limit.
UniqPaid will also offer you an incentive for two consecutive days after you’ve signed up.

10. InboxPays

It’s a great site that pays you to read emails. Also, it offers a $5 upon signing up. Also, you can make money by playing games online, coupon, and trial offer completion among others.

The site will supply you with plenty of emails to read and get paid. Referrals are also an awesome way to earn on this site.

The payment is done through PayPal after making $25 in your account.


I believe this article has been useful to you. However, they are not going to make you a one night millionaire, but you will make a substantive amount of money that you will use to settle some bills and do other things.

Don’t hesitate, take bold steps and start earning from what you like doing most.

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Jacquelyn Perkins

How do I need to apply.
Jacquelyn Perkins


How do I apply

Nora Borosak

Hi David,

To apply, you will have to contact the companies you are interested in directly. Visit their websites for more information and from there you should be able to get registered. Thanks for reading!

Ryan Marshall

Have you tried it?


I’m ready!! How do I start ASAP

Nora Borosak

Hi Patrice,

To get started you will have to get in contact with whichever companies you are interested in directly. You can visit their websites for more information. Thanks for reading!

Tom Allard

850 637 7231

Ebony Rhett

How do I apply.

Nora Borosak

Hi Ebony,

To apply you would have to contact the companies you are interested directly. Start by visiting their websites for additional information. Thanks for reading!

Cherie Sortillon

How do I get started and are they free to started working with?

Nora Borosak

Hi Cherie,

To get started you will have to register directly with the companies you are interested in. Start by visiting their websites and getting additional information. Make sure you read all of their policies before signing up as legitimate sites will usually not ask you to pay for anything in order to work. I hope that helps and thanks for reading!

Herbert L Purvis

Send me more information

Nora Borosak

Hi Herbert,

To get started you would have to contact the companies you are interested in directly. I suggest you start by visiting their websites and getting additional information. From there you should be able to get registered, as well. Thanks for reading!

Lorraine Spears

I’m really ready


How do I get started

Pamela Mckinney

Thank you so much I have enjoyed what I have read & learned today from you.
Thank you so kindly

Pamela Mckinney

Where do I go to apply for this job

John Glover

Let’s start it up

Mary Lyles

How and where do I get started? Please let me know where to apply

Shyamali Millaniya

How do I apply


I want to start a business as an Essential oils tech? I want to help others, especially those suffering from mental illness. Id like to provide a more natural way to deal with your mental illness and n oil t the ugly side effects that mess with youe mind, your body, and your desirers. I also have another great idea but dont want to ahare to much.

Sheila R Mccullough

How do I apply?

Ryan Marshall

Has anyone actually been paid from this ?let me know.

Jeff Wisniewski

I have been doing this for months and haven’t received a penny from you

Fred Aclander


Sherry M Shirley

I have just read the article and want to know how to apply to these companies to earn money for reading emails and playing games.
You said you need to apply to the company’s directly. So does that mean that the name of the company is right next to the number. Like FusionCash is what you look up on the internet.
Wanting to make sure that is how I do it. I am very interested in finding out more information regarding this site.
Thank you very much for the information you give me.


Thank u my comradr this has been more thsn helpful!

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