Are! you tired of your nine-five job? Are you looking for alternatives to make a good income and are you considering making money online? How many times have you heard that your future as a millionaire is just behind the corner?

There are increasingly numerous marketers out there that have realized how much potential there is behind an easy money-making proposal. However, many only want to attract you to their website and eventually making you consume something. They make you feel as if you are part of a small, selected circle of lucky individuals with whom they agreed to share their deepest secrets about creating a successful business.

The next thing you know, you have just paid a considerable amount of money to purchase a course that is now sitting on your laptop. In theory, all you have to do is implement its lessons.

But in reality, we may fail to implement or never eventually have the time to finish the course. Then on the other hand, from other sources, we hear that the key to real success is hustling, working hard, staying up all night, getting up early. But although such tips might help you be more productive, they do not necessarily equate to success. You might be able to make money, yes, but you won’t be free fro corporate life, that’s for sure.

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Many people start to look for ways to earn money to reach freedom, Firstly, financial freedom and freedom from a job that they are no longer passionate about. Freedom to have the power to decide where to go, when and with whom, without having to report every move to their boss or ask for permission. It is possible to reach that freedom but to be successful, you need a plan. If you quit everything all at once, the sense of panic and lack of direction can be very scary. Specially if you don’t have extra cash saved around or a part-time job to help you supplement that extra money you will need as you start out and are in the learning process.

However, most people are trapped in fear and start overthinking. Should I quit my job to make extra money online? What if it doesn’t work? The lack of confidence in yourself might lead to take fewer risks and therefore to investigate more on the potential sources of extra income online. Once you have found a way to make a good income, you have found the key for your success and all you have to do is to simply scale your efforts. You most likely won’t become a billionaire from a single idea, but a good one is certainly a good way to start making millions and gaining more confidence to build more.

There are several ways to earn money online. All you have to do is, firstly to choose a path, set your goals and put some time apart to achieve such goals. But it is not all about working hard. It turns out working smart is the key. Like Four-Hour-Work-Week kind of smart. Of course, you’ll have to outsource some of the jobs you need to get done and that are not part of the main path you chose. You do not need to be an expert in everything. You only need to be extremely good at the principal activity you decide to dedicate yourself to.

We all need to start somewhere. Even if money shouldn’t be your ultimate goal, having a lack of it or having to make some side hustle income are good motivators. Set milestones for your progress. Focus on making your first $100, then your $1,000. Do not fall in the trap of getting overwhelmed with all the things you need to do. Start from somewhere and build your way up. Even when you are putting the work, expect and understand that it will take some time to see consistent results. Do not be disappointed if you don’t see money flowing into your bank account as soon as you set everything up.

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Let’s have a look at some ways you can make a substantial amount of money online without necessarily have to quit your day job. Starting this way, you won’t have to deal with the fear of not having an income at all, and you can start discovering all the possibilities available to you for creating income online.

Here are 8 ways you can Make Money Online Without Quitting your Day Job

1- Consider Trading Online

Having mentors is a great way to get inspired and get advice. One of mine is Jeremy Delk, one of the most successful people I know. He started from nothing. When turning 18 years old, he took a $30,000 inheritance from his dad and built a portfolio that was valued more than $1.2 million by trading stocks. Mind you that this was all before the so-called Internet revolution. He started becoming very confident and was taking $800,000 on margin. At 22 years old, he was making in a day more than the amount of money his professors at college were making in one year. He was on top of the game.

But then, the internet came and he lost it all, at once. The pain of losing all his wealth, all the money he was able to make in a few years was strong. However, it gave him an important lesson. The great think about Jeremy Delk is that, instead of quitting, he kept going. He made his way into one of the best trading houses in the country. From there, he could build his own business and he finally becomes a very successful entrepreneur, making more than $100 million each year.

Why did I tell you his story? He has a piece of great advice I would like to share with you. You need to start small, learn everything you can about the area you are in and follow your passion. The trick is that you won’t be amazing at anything when you just start doing it. You’ll probably be average or less than average. You need to work hard, learn and, with some time, you’ll improve. You need to have the right mindset. Consistency, persistence, and action are needed for any challenge you put yourself into, especially when you are not very sure about what you are doing and you are risking some of your capital.

Making money online is not as easy as it might seem. You have to play very smart and carefully think about all your moves.

When it comes to open a trading account online, Delk suggests to open it at one of the so-called Big Three: E-Trade, TD Ameritrade or Fidelity. You should start smart and avoid taking massive risks during the first learning stages. By starting with some online trading, you’ll be able to do some money without having to quit your day job. With time, you might also become so good at it that you will decide to dedicate yourself primarily to trading. But you first need to start little.

2- Create An E-Commerce Website

E-commerce has opened a variety of possibilities for anyone willing to enter the field. The opportunities for making money here are endless. You can create a drop-shipping business and eliminate the need to transport your products or dealing with customer service. You can sell products on Amazon or set up a Magento Hosted Store and sell from there. There are several approaches to e-commerce and its value and potential are growing exponentially.

Many people have been able to create a fortune with e-commerce. Because of the competition, today it might be a bit harder to come up with a successful product to sell online. However, if you work on it and you set your mind right, you’ll be able to achieve great things. It is important that you don’t give up too quickly, but rather, that you keep putting the effort into your idea to make it work. Consistency in anything you do is key to earn money.

3- Consider Enter Network Marketing

Even though network marketing might not be as appealing as starting your own business or trading online, some people have been able to generate 8 figures and more kinds of salaries.

One of the most successful network marketers is Ray Higdon, the owner of Rank Makers. He runs a huge team of tens of thousands of employees and severs thousands of network marketers. He started just like anyone else, to find freedom from his 9-5 job. He managed to make a fortune.

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He found a good opportunity and used social media as his primary channel for recruitment. He didn’t even spend money on advertisements. Instead, he created and shared videos consistently which efficiently attracted prospects. Once you have found a way to create a good income for yourself, there is a switch that goes from serving yourself to serving others. This is where most of the value for prospects can be created.

The key lesson is that once you select a way to earn money online, you should stick to it. You cannot change from one method to another, as that won’t bring you anywhere and you will never see results. Instead, you have to go all-in with your idea, work hard and wait for the results.

4- Become a Small Business Consultant

Coaches and consultants online are becoming extremely popular. It doesn’t take too much time to become one and you can surely be an online consultant while having a full-time job. There is a real need for professional and knowledgeable consultants, especially for small businesses.

However, you cannot become a consultant out of anything. You need to learn about the field. You need to learn how to add value for your customers, how to show them results and how to make customers come back to you because you allowed them to reach great results.

Katie Richardson is an example of someone that has recently transitioned into full-time coaching. She picked an audience and decided to coach women and help them learn how to make 6 or more figures incomes and she created a very successful business that empowers her clients and gives them the tools and knowledge to take their business to the next level.

5- Build Websites Or Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are the hype of the moment and you can use them to monetize pretty much anything. Affiliate Marketers love them as they are a great way to pre-sell their offers and drive traffic to their offers.They are a great ways to earn money without having to quit your job on your spare time. You only need a bit of creativity to be successful. Also, you need to understand that because it has become so popular, it is a rather competitive field. You might have to start from low-paying kind of jobs or services to collect some good reviews and build your way up to the top. The initial hard work will pay off in the end as you can easily make $1,000 per month or more with sales funnels.

6- Create Digital Courses and Sell Them

Digital courses are becoming the future of education. Many successful entrepreneurs have entered the field of digital courses. The great thing is that you don’t necessarily have to be an expert. It all depends on the type of audience you want to target. You need to be ahead of your intended audience. You can easily build digital courses on platforms such as Karta, Teachable or Kajabi, among many others. Platforms like Udemy will make you risk a large portion of your income and do not allow you full control over discounts and promotions. They might price your course down without even telling you.

The best thing you can do is build your course and spreading it on your channel and marketing it appropriately.

7- Start A Blog

Blogging is one of the most successful ways to earn extra money online and online platforms like wordpress have made it easier than ever to start a blog. You don’t need to be a professional writer to do so. You just need to be passionate about what you are doing. But you will need to put effort into creating a good blog, great content and build up a considerable audience. Changes and progress won’t happen over time. It takes months and maybe years of consistent efforts, but once you reach a certain point, your blog becomes the best possible source of passive income opportunity.

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To start with, you have to choose a topic, make some research and investigate what niche could be interested in your content. Try not to follow trends because you think they are successful. Instead, focus on delivering real value to your selected niche. Is always good to think about what content would add value to people’s lives. You can expand your revenue by including several extras such as affiliate marketing or through ads.

8- Start An Advertisement Agency

Ads constitute an important pillar in the online market. Whether you want to focus on YouTube, Instagram, Google or Facebook ads, the possibilities of making extra money are immense. You can do it all from home or your smartphone. Of course, you need to be knowledgeable first. You can get plenty of information on YouTube or you can take courses about the online ads industry. When you are committed, picking up skills online is fairly simple.

All this information is for your personal information. The path you choose, your journey and your results, they all depend on you. Remember that there are no limits for the potential income you can make. It is when you start seeing results that you realize how far you can get with your efforts.

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