Bum marketing is the cheapest method used by online marketers. Due to its simplicity, it’s now the hottest online marketing strategies used by both small and big companies Bum marketing involves writing high quality articles and using them to promote your product, business or services. The main concept behind burn marketing is coming up with as many articles as possible to promote your product and submitting them to different article directories over some time. Most people are gunning for ways they can make money by spending little or no money, this feature gives you a Step-By-Step Guide to Bum Marketing.

Bum Marketing

1. Always target trending fashion and Products.

When it comes to burn marketing, Product selection is very important. In fact, this is the most difficult part if you don’t know where to find these products. But for those who know where to get these products, this is much easier. Hot and trending products can be found from search engines. You only need to navigate to the google trends tool and finding out exactly what most people are currently looking for.

2. Look for Good Keywords.

After identifying the most searched products, the next step is identifying keywords to be used in the article. This is done by generating a list of keywords and phrases related to your preferred product. These keywords must be the words and phrases most people use to identify the product on search engines. You can make use of several free keyword tools which include google keyword tool and word tracker to get long keyword ideas.

3. Always Check the Market and the Level of Competition.

This can be done by typing your keywords or phrases in quotes on google. Notice the number of results the keyword will give you. The bigger the number, the stiffer the competition. This also means that the product is really trending. Click on the first ten links on google and see what’s literally on those pages.

4. Identify the best products to Promote.

Look for affiliate programs that take care of hot trend products. If you don’t know where to find them, simply google ‘Click bank marketplace’, click on the link and set up a free account and select products that you wish to promote. You can do this by looking at the gravity of not less than a 100, which is the ideal number. This means that 100 affiliates have sold that product, thus making it easy for you to sell the product.

5. Writing top-notch articles

It’s a good practice to make all your articles count. There is no need of writing tons of articles to increase your sales while you can write a few high -quality articles that gives your audience exactly what they want. The content of your articles should be built around your long-tail keywords, with each keyword covering a different aspect of the subject matter.

6. Bio-boxing is the Key to Success.

Bio-boxing is including a short phrase or statement at the end of your feature. This phrase informs the reader about your product or services, with a link to your website or alternatively, an affiliate link. This is the most important part of your bum article. You can include your call-to-action statement to motivate your audience to proceed to the site or product you are promoting.

7. Submitting your Articles to Article Directories.

For beginners, its best to start writing ten or more articles per subject and submitting them to at least ten highly ranked article directories. This can be done by simply creating an account with each article directory.

8. Repeat The Process on a daily basis.

Keep on writing and publishing at an article on daily basis. After a month, you will have over 30 articles, after two months over 60 articles, after three months over 90 articles, which sums to over 350 articles in a year. Make sure you stay on top of your submission process. Submitting articles to article directories will help increase your ranking in search engines which will in turn increase your traffic and your income. You can also track their ranking and how they improve and fall in ranks.

So what’s keeping you from getting started? Apply these eight proven techniques used in Bum Marketing and start making cash online for free. Bum marketing is simple, easy and free! The moment you will start reaping the benefits you will never want to stop writing bum marketing articles.

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