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If you want to work from home rather than looking for a job and having to commute to a place of work every day then there are several ways that you can do it. There are many people advertising opportunities to make money at home but you need to be careful. Here we will show you how to earn money from home with proven methods.

Get Blogging

There are a number of successful bloggers out there that make considerable sums of money every month. They do this by creating interesting content that people want to read and then monetize their blog. With enough visitors you can make great money displaying Google Adsense ads or selling advertising space on your blog.

You can start blogging really cheaply. There are free blog platforms such as WordPress.com and Blogger.com. We wouldn’t advise using these as your blog can just disappear for no reason. Buy a domain name and some web hosting and use the free WordPress blogging platform.

It is going to take some effort to build up your blog and drive a high number of visitors to it. You will not be making money straight away. But if you are consistent and get the word out then you can make a great income doing something that you love.

Sell Physical Products on Amazon

You will need to make an investment in an Amazon FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) business. You will need to find products that you think will sell well on Amazon and make you a good profit. Many Amazon FBA sellers use websites like Alibaba.com to find manufacturers in China and elsewhere.

You need to look at the different Amazon categories and find out which items are selling well. Categories like “Kitchen and Dining” are a good place to start. Always check the rules with Amazon. New sellers cannot sell products in certain categories for example.

There are lots of special tools online that will help you find the right products and manage your Amazon FBA business. You will need money to invest in your first batch of stock. Calculate all of the costs, including the Amazon fulfillment charges, item costs, shipping etc and then work out your selling price.

Some people are making insane profits from selling on Amazon. You will need to do your homework so that you know how to find the best selling products and how to get them at the best prices. Your Amazon listing copy needs to be SEO optimized and enticing. You can outsource this copywriting if you wish.

Earn Money from Home as a Virtual Assistant

If you are good with computers and using the Internet then you can make good money as a virtual assistant. Many companies and individuals are looking to outsource different tasks these days so the demand for your services should not be a problem.

Virtual assistances can perform many different tasks such as proofreading and editing, social media posting, managing appointments, research and a lot more. Usually you do not need any special skills to be a virtual assistant. You do need good organization skills and committed to getting the job done.

Freelance Writing

If you like writing and have good skills then you can earn money from home as a freelancer. There are millions of websites out there (and new ones springing up every day) that need to publish content on a regular basis. Google and the other search engines reward websites that have a lot of high quality content with higher rankings.

All you need to get started as a freelance writer is a computer, an Internet connection and word processing software. If you have Microsoft Word on your computer then use it. If not there is the Open Office suite which is free to download. You can advertise your services for free on gig websites like fiverr.com.

Create a portfolio of your work. People will want to see samples before they hire you. If you are going to take freelance writing seriously then set up your own website. Choose a good domain name and get some web hosting. Install the WordPress blog platform and you are ready to go. Freelance writing is a great way to earn money from home.

There are a lot of job based freelance websites you can try as well. One of the biggest is Upwork.com and then there is freelancer.com and guru.com. You will have to check the posted job and make proposals to the job posters. If you are a good fit they will hire you. All freelancing websites will take a cut of what you earn.

Earn Money from Home without a Computer

If computers are not really your thing then you can still earn money from home. Do you like pets? What about offering a dog walking or pet sitting service in your neighborhood? There will be a lot of people that have to leave their dogs at home because of work commitments. You can offer to take care of their dog while they are away.

If you don’t mind working hard then why not become a cleaner for people’s homes? There are other home services that you can offer as well such as house sitting. In order to get work you will need to build up a good reputation. People need to feel they can trust you before they leave you in charge of their home.

Earn Money from Home starting today

These are all proven methods to earn money from home. You will need to take action and get started with one of the methods and in no time you will be earning money. If you need to earn money right away then choose service provision. If you can wait a while then go for blogging or selling on Amazon.

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Virtual assistance interest me. Thanks hope to hear more


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I would like to make money from home

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I just need to know how to get started. I love to write and I would love to make money from home while I am in school.

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How can.I make money at home


How do I get started I have no money and need something to do

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Need Help

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I’m disabled, but “need” to earn $ from home! Please let me know what kind of ideas you have.


Good mornings Great Article. I want to Narrate books adults or children Any Ideas for That

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I want to be able to make money from home and use my smartphone as a tool for the research and development process for the information that is required to be sent to my employer.


How can I make money from home?


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How much money can I make and how do I receive it by mail

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Thank you for this information. I am very interested about working from home.




I am interested in Virtual Assistant . Info please


My name is Dawn and I am disabled stuck at home, when it comes to computers I know nothing, my only internet is on my phone. I have no income of my own my husband works and pays the bills and trying to make money stretch until the next paycheck. I have no money to invest in anything

Michael Crescenzo

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Laurence Bush

My working days are over, no longer have the desire to punch any kind of a time card. Thank you for the offer.


Laurence Bush, I totally agree with you. I am not at all interested in punching a time clock. I am work from home online now for an Internet company. If I could find a different way to earn a living other than this, I would be so ready for the leap.


Dawn, Just wanted to say you are not alone. I’m in the same boat. Hang in there. Jodie


Virtual Assistant would like info on that thank you

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Dawn. Comments. Cloest to mine help me please thanks but am a nurse

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Thanks for all you do.

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I would like to be a personal shopper. I like to put together outfits and coordinate them. I also want to do maulouts from home.

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Mario Gonzalez

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