Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way of making money online. Nowadays, several companies offer affiliate programs. This article is going to concentrate on ClickBank, which is an affiliate marketing platform that has downloadable products. If you like instant gratification, then ClickBank is an excellent company for you to work with. Affiliate marketing comes with several advantages.

To begin with, you don’t need to keep stock of the products in your home or bother about how the merchandise will be packed and shipped. Moreover, ClickBank provides customer service, which means that you never have to be a salesman or speak with customers. Signing up with ClickBank is very easy and straightforward. Here are some basic steps you need to follow before making money with ClickBank.

Money Online

Step 1: Set up a ClickBank account

Start by typing On your search bar and hit enter. Open the site, fill the Sign-up form as required. This will take one to two minutes of your time. Make sure you follow the instructions on the form to the latter. All the details provided need to be correct, particularly your email address. This is because ClickBank will send a verification link to your email.

After receiving your verification link in your email, click on the link. This link will lead you to a confirmation page. Here you’ll be required to log-in with the detailed you signed up with. After logging in, you will land on the homepage. It’s here where you’ll be tracking your earnings and sales. You will need to fill two payment options, the payment threshold, and the payment method. Since you’re still a new member, you can only receive your funds via check. The payment threshold means the minimum amount you’ll need to attain before ClickBank sends you the money.

Step 2: Choosing the right ClickBank Product for sale

Choosing the right, a ClickBank product for sale involves various stages. Start by locating a marketplace icon on the homepage. Clicking the icon will give you several product categories. Once you have identified a category of your choice, you will go through the various products in that category. There are several factors you need to consider before choosing a product.

-Gravity- Gravity will give you an overview of the number of affiliates who are making cash with the product. To be on the safe side,settle for a product with a gravity of 300 more.

-Avg % sale- This is the average commission a dealer will give after completing a purchase of a particular product. It’s a good practice to go for products with commissions higher than 50%.

-Avg rebill- this determines whether a specific product is a subscription product or not. Subscription products are good since they give you a recurring monthly income.

After using the steps above to select a ClickBank, you’ll need a unique affiliate link. This link, which is known as a hoplink, is obtained using the steps below:

1. Click the promotion button that’s next to your selected product.

2. This will take you to an Affiliate Program Promote products page. Here you’ll be required to enter your username and then click create. The system will generate two hoplinks for you. Copy both of them and save them on your PC. Remember that these are the links you’ll use to promote your products, keep them well because ClickBank won’t save them for you. Since you’re given two Hoplinks, use the shorter link with a black font and not the link with a blue font.

Step 3: Start Making Money Online with ClickBank

Now you can make money using your first Hoplink. This can be done using various methods of marketing your product. The best way to use to make money online with ClickBank is by using article directories and social media. These give the best results if you’re on a tight budget. In case you want faster results, you’ll never go wrong with spending money on adverts.There you have it, a straightforward and simple guide of making money through affiliate marketing using ClickBank. Affiliate Marketing is an effortless way to make money online. All you need is a good campaign for promoting the product and receive money. With ClickBank, You’ll never have to meet customers, refunds, damages or even shipping

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