Do you want to get paid to shop? If you like shopping then you may find it hard to believe that this is possible. But it’s true and there quite a few companies out there that will compensate you for shopping. There are a lot of different shopping gigs available such as clothes shopping, mystery shopping and grocery shopping.

We will take a look at ways for you to receive payment for shopping here. There are more opportunities for this than you may think so we will look at some of the best ones here. OK let’s get started.

Get Paid to Shop for Groceries

If you are a regular grocery shopper and feel that you have the skills to select the best produce then you can earn money shopping for others. In some instances you can earn by delivering groceries as well. Let’s take a look at some of the opportunities:

This website helps people with childcare primarily but they offer other services too and one of these is helping with grocery shopping. Acceptance as a grocery helper depends on where you live. If you are accepted then you will earn $12.50 for every hour you spend shopping for groceries.

Once you have proven yourself as a good grocery helper there are other opportunities available with If you want to be a general errand runner or personal assistant then this is possible. Set up a free account on the website and start earning money grocery shopping.

This is a grocery delivery service and they are always on the lookout for people to become members of their shopping team. Your task is picking up groceries for customers and then delivering them.

You do not have to use your own money for the shopping as the company supplies a credit card to you. The potential to earn $25 an hour (and more with tips) is there with Part time and full time positions are usually available.

This is another delivery service that is usually looking for good people. You need to have a passion for customer service and be prepared to go the extra mile. The position is a “runner” and you will have to deliver all manner of goods. It could be food, dry cleaning or groceries for example.

The pay with ranges from $10 to $18 an hour. Any tips are yours to keep in full. You have to have an Android phone or iPhone to work with this company as well as a reliable means of transport. Full and part time positions are usually available.

Get Paid to Shop as a Mystery Shopper

It is quite a common practice for certain businesses to hire companies that can supply mystery shoppers. They do this so that they can test the quality of service etc provided in their establishments. You need to be careful as there are some scam operators unfortunately.

Never pay any companies upfront to be a mystery shopper. This is a scam so do your homework. Ask questions of the companies offering mystery shopping work and check to see if they have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) or similar rating.

This is a high quality company with a BBB A+ rating. They assign mystery shoppers across the globe to represent different well known companies. There are usually more than 10,000 mystery shopping opportunities every month with Best Mark which is massive.

You will need good communication skills and attention to detail for mystery shopping. After receiving an assignment you need to first complete the shopping task. Then you undertake an interview where you will share your experience of the whole thing.

Market Force is able to offer several different mystery shopping assignments such as eating in a restaurant, buying items from drug stores and buying groceries. You can usually choose to receive a payment for your services or have free purchases such as meals.

This is another mystery shopping company with a BBB A+ rating. You need to own an iPhone or Android device to receive mystery shopping assignments. If this appeals to you then sign up for free.

Get Paid to Shop for Clothing

If you are interested in fashion and like the idea of choosing items of clothing for others then this is a great way to get paid to shop. You can do this from home and make purchases for other people such as clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry.

It is not easy to get a position as a remote stylist with because the demand is very high. The best thing to do here is to monitor their website and look out for any posted remote stylist positions.

It seems that you need to reside in Atlanta, Dallas, Indianapolis or New York City if you want to work with remotely. As a stylist you will find out the budget and preferences of customers and then curate fashion boxes for them.

Stitch Fix has a long history in clothing services. As a remote stylist you will choose 5 pieces of clothing, jewelry, shoes and accessories for the customers. A customer can be a woman, a man or a child.

To qualify for a stylist position you must live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, San Diego, Cleveland, Sacramento, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Houston or Minneapolis. You will also have to attend training in person.

Get Paid to Shop – it’s possible

So now you know that it is possible to get paid to shop. If shopping is a passion for you then this is a great opportunity. First decide what kind of shopping role that you want and then apply to the various websites.

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Yes, I would love to start my own business but how with zero money? I think I sent you an email last evening re late about 8:00 Eastern Standard time.

Steven Rubin

Have several products I’m ready

Steven Rubin

Love this stuff I am an entrepreneur

Kim Kolb

I would love to make money, because I am not working,

Joy sigmon

Would love to be secret shopper. Have reliable car and can do large area.

Kenneth A Briganti

Hello iam a 100% disabled us Army veteran very nice compensation from the Va and social security i make and can stil earn up to 1400 a month on top of my fed monies but only 1400 if i make one dollar over they take back two so this can work for me

Jenna Card

Me too! I can not make over 1600$ or I lose my health insurance. I wonder if this would be something for me?

Juan Resto

If possible would like to hear about how good business I hope for you is doing well or if it’s a very long slow start or I hope for you it took off right away

I wuld like to get started with this i go to. Walmart and other places to shop about 4 times a week

Wen can i get started with this i have 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren i shop about every other day but i need to know more about wat i am doing! So i will need help getting going! Do yall think yall can show me how to get started?

Yes can you show me how too make money i need a income to help me with bills thank you my phone number is 6615478851

Jenna card

Would love to make a little extra money. I cannot make over 700 a month as I would lose my health insurance. So here I am, come and get me!$!$


Im intrested plz show me how to make money!

Deanna ROSS

Good morning! I would love to know how I can get more information about this job and how I can get started with this job! Thank you !

Shirley Ray Johnson

Do you need money to start?

Tonya Muse

Im disable and I would like to earn some extra money to pay some bills. How do I get started.

Michael D Wallace

I really need the money I will do almost anything please help

Arnoldo Cavazos

Business from home would be great but with No cash flow it’s in possible ?

Robin Griffin

I’m disabled would love to find a WFH job. Please send me more info on doing surveys from home. I don’t have a car so mystery shopper won’t be something I can do now.
If you have any suggestions Please let me know.

Robin Griffin

I’m disabled would love to find a WFH job. Please send me more info on doing surveys from home.
If you have any suggestions Please let me know.

Patsy Moser

I want to know about the mystery shopping

Patsy Moser

I want to kinow about the mystey shopping what will I be doing

Pandora Porter

I Pandora Porter im very interested in this job i hope you E-mail me more information.

Natalie Sutton

I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to make some money. As I am waiting on my ssd. I’ve been turned down once so now I have a lawyer. But i would love to make some money as i haven’t worked in over 6 yrs.

Stephanie Wilkins

Hello would like to know more about mystery shopping have groing kids an need extra cash pls help

oprol evorter

Really clean web site, appreciate it for this post.


I’d like to learn more about how to become a mystery shopper! Thanks!

Josue Berrios

Yes please I been unemployed for a few months and I have the time and the hunger just don’t have the funds to start any idea or help

Greg Sanders

Tell me more

Sabrina Mcclendon


Sabrina Mcclendon

I love to shop

Angela Knowles

Thank you!!


Shopping is fun
Getting paid is nice

Mary Girard

I would love to have a home based business I stay at home anyway mostly writing books,i love to write. Wish I could get paid for it. I like shopping too something I’m very good at.

Julie Stevens

I would love to ba tester of merchandise not limited to shop cor someone else … I live in Tennesee.
I would also be interested in shopping from home/working from home also.


What is it you wanted to show Gaberial


Okay so what do I have to do to get started??

John Dock

I love to start up a car.lot


Love your December 11 happy holiday treat idea. Can’t wait till the love of my life finds out about this get paid for what she calls shopping therapy. I bet she will think it’s a joke at first, so I might need some advice to convince her beyond a histaricale doubt that these aren’t one of my reasonable jokes.

Rickey Thornton

Yes I would like to get a job wherein can pick my own hours so to speak iam retired and disabled not sure if I can do what I used to do but this sounds good


Need help,cars broke down,need a place to call home. Just need a income.

Reba Goodman

I would like to learn more about mystery shopping and the work from home business. I am very interested.

Tricia A Beeley

How do I apply for shopping for clothing I hope this is true a real job that you could shop for other people.

Patsy Reynolds

I want to be s mystery shopper what do I do to get started


Interested in mystery shopper also


Interested in mystery shopper



Bonita Elliott

I am very interested in some of your programmed I would like to receive more information on them. I live in the Clearwater Florida area and don’t know whether these positions are only in certain cities I I have a background in mystery shopping. I look forward to hearing from you regarding some of the programs that you offer.

Lathrese Bradshaw

Yes, I’d Love to be a mystery shopper asap

Latoya Nance

I’m interested in being a mystery shopper I’m currently unemployed reason being I had being sick with ulcerative clotis but I’m in a good place with my health ready to work still have up and downs but interested in this job

Sophie Riojas

I would love to start my own business just moved to Colorado and is trying to get going


Sounds good. Right now after this virus is over and I will look into this. Also I have to have my health better. I cancelled doctor appointments too now with this horrible virus. Places are closing or closing a few hrs earlier. So when it is all over I would like to get involved.

Tammy L Alm

Im very interested in making money, so please let me know how to and when i can get interview. Thank you and have a great day!


Would like more information I am interested in doing this