If you have a number of debts than a debt consolidation loan can be a good way to pay all of your debts off through a manageable single payment every month. These loans are certainly a good option if you are committed to become debt free and not be tempted to get into the same debt situation again. But you need to know how to find the best debt consolidation loan rate.

There are many lenders offering loans for debt consolidation. These loans have varying rates of interest. You can find loans with a great 5% interest rate and there are others where you will pay as high as 36%. The average debt consolidation loan has an interest rate of around 20%.

How to find a loan for Debt Consolidation

There are a number of different ways for you to get a debt consolidation loan. You can ask your bank or look at what is on offer from other banks. Credit unions can provide loans for debt consolidation and there are lenders online that have different offers as well.

Even if you have been with your bank for several years don’t just settle for a loan with them without comparing other loans. It is important that you secure the most favorable debt consolidation loan rate possible.

You will often find that you can get a better rate on your debt consolidation loan from a credit union rather than a bank. Credit unions are always interested in providing benefits for their members and one of the ways that they do this is providing loans at lower rates of interest.

There are plenty of online lenders who will be interested in providing you with a consolidation loan. Websites exist to compare the rates offered by these lenders. Check out the terms and conditions of any loans that you are considering.

Check your Credit Records

Having a good credit score is the best way to get a low debt consolidation loan rate. You need to check your credit records to see where you stand right now. Sometimes mistakes appear on credit reports and you need to get any errors rectified before you apply for a debt consolidation loan.

If your credit score is not as good as it should be then take steps to improve it. The smallest increase in your credit score can save you a great deal of money in the long term. You will get the very best interest rates for your loan if your credit score is 740 or above.

With lower credit scores you will receive higher rates of interest. If your score is below 660 then lenders will want to charge you the highest rates. This may still be better than the interest rates on the credit cards that you have.

Improving your credit score is always a good thing to do. It will take time but you will get a lower rate of interest on your consolidation loan. So put your application for a loan on hold for a while and fix your credit. Here are some of the things that you can do to improve your credit score:

  • Make sure you pay all bills by the due date
  • Make at least the minimum payment on credit card balances
  • Talk to your bank and set up automatic payments for bills
  • Stop using credit cards and drive the balance down below 30% of your limit for credit
  • Don’t apply for any new loans or credit cards while you are fixing your credit

Applying for a Debt Consolidation Loan

When you have increased your credit score to a good level it is time to make an application for your loan. Check for the best debt consolidation loan rate and then visit potential lenders if they are in the high street. Tell the lenders that you want to use the money for consolidating your debts.

You will need to provide proof of income and provide other documentation such as bank statements and your ID. If you are applying online then the lender will tell you what you need to supply. They normally accept copies of the necessary documentation. In a lot of cases you can attach these documents to an email.

Ask lenders about any other fees associated with the loan. You do not want any surprises here. It is not uncommon for lenders to offer a low rate of interest but have high fees for setting up the loan etc. This can often negate any savings made with a low rate of interest.

Compare the Debt Consolidation Loan Rate from these options

When you are looking to consolidate your debt with a single loan there are usually four options open to you. You need to look at each of these options carefully to see which one suits you the best.

Loan from a Bank

This is one of the simplest ways to get a debt consolidation loan. Tell your bank that you want to consolidate your debts and that you want the best possible interest rate. If you have been with your bank for a while they should be very willing to help you.

A Debt Management Program

There are a number of reputable debt counseling agencies around that can help. They will help you be negotiating with your creditors by reducing the interest rate that you pay. You then have an agreement with the agency to make a single payment to them every month.

Interest free Credit Card Balance Transfer

With a good credit score you can seek out other credit card companies that will offer you a 0% transfer for a specified period. People that only have credit card debt often find this to be a good option.

A Personal Loan

A credit union, bank or online lender can provide you with a personal loan at a simple interest rate. You could try borrowing the money from friends and family as well. With all of these options make sure that you get the best debt consolidation loan rate.

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Jose Ortiz

Credit card debt


I need help. I have a low credit score because of inquiries and loss of part time job. I now have another partime and trying to get a job yhat pays triple what I make currently, however, It is a government position and I mist notnowe on my taxes in order to get this job. I tried tax defenders and hot a loan nit yje loan is only good if i cannoy make a payment plan with the IRS. Can you help me?


I need help. I have beennoffered a job where I eould make triple my income now. I have bad credit because of inquiries and missed payments because I am struggling to pay all different bills. Can you help me, I know if I have a loan and pay my owed debt, I will get the job that ws offered to me from the government and be on the right track.


I am taking a beating financially.


I need more information from Wanda and Michael? How can I help

Donna Miller

Did something happen to uncle Red?

Jenna Card

I currently am a ghost in the credit world. I need to establish some credit. I am 41 and have some good business ideas that would require a big loan. I currently am disabled and trying to get disability (very lengthy process). Any ideas?

Brionna Roots

Hey my name is brionna

Kevin McBee

I just got laid off of my job. I am behind on my light bill. Just got a shut off on my light bill. I owe 1,500 on my light bill. Please help me. So that I don’t get my lights shut off.
Thank you….
Kevin McBee.


Burn some candles with some good wine
and think about how you squandered you

Kevin McBee

Oh. By the way. I have been laided off of my job for about 1 month and 5 days.

Kevin McBee

2 months behind.

Maria T Garcia

I need help but I want to be sure that’s information is truth, I need somebody to talk with me in Spanish.


Thanks but no thanks !!!

Mary Dey

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Cheri Thomas Conyers

I need help with my crt i have a low score and need help

Inés María López

Thank you god bless you

Bernadine Millard

I can and i evenually will enter a consumer counciling debt relief program. I will eventually pay as a did before pay back my back debt. In order to pay back my back debt i need to find a safe teliable job that pays quality at adult wadges. And find a place with a nice program. B. MILLARD

Frank Berry

Hey ive been denied everytime I apply I’m turned down I know it’s my fault I had some personal problems in my family that kinda beat me up real bad just 1tomention my girl friend passed away and I fell off track iwould like some help please they never really ask on the application if youravet iam ty fraanj

Debora Gadson

I would like the job of stuffing envelops . I seen someone speak on it in the comment section.

Selma Langley

I want to purchase a rollator walker for my handicap sister. I opened a Citibank credit card so I could do so. I received the Citibank credit card from them. With an after thought, I decided a credit card with my Munipal Credit Union would be a better credit card to have because I believe my interest rate will be lower. So if I do receive a card from them, will this make my FICO score go lower or higher? By the way, the walker I want to purchase will cost a little over 400.00 dollars. My intention is to… Read more »

Nora Borosak

Hi Selma,

I would reach out to your bank for more specific information regarding your question. I’m including a link to our article about improving your credit score if you need some tips in that area. Thanks for reading!


Sharon Ewing

How can i get a loan

Sharon Ewing

Is any body gone to get nack to me

Sharon Ewing


Stephanie Powell

I don’t have debt

Ramiro González

couple of debts that I owe

Scott Sherer

I’m 53 years old and I have never had a bank account much less a checking account or any kind of credit score,,,and I was wondering if it was to late for me to establish credit and is it necessary to have a checking account or bank account. The reason I haven’t had those things is because every vehicle that I’ve owned was a hand me down vehicle from my family members, and I haven’t bought a home but I own one. If I can establish a credit score could you tell me how to do that. You should know… Read more »

Caroyn Evaretts

Why are some of people so Rude People lose their job,can’t pay some BIlls .Thay don’t need to be put down that don’t help any one.It makes them feel worse helping some one would be nice

Trevor Mikre

I am trying to get a loan so i can buy myself a used vehicle to get to and from work. I will be happy to pay you in my first paycheck. I get payed 16 bucks a hour arbys in whjte bear