How do you save money as a teenager, when you are children. You have no idea of ​​what money is and what it is for. Although we cannot solve all the problems associated with age, only we can help you make money at your young age. As many kid are constantly looking for different ways to make extra cash or money online and offline so that they can support their social life and buy the latest gadgets that their friends are earning.

Depending on your skills and what you like to do, you should find a lot of opportunities to earn extra money. If you are young and have the ability to learn quickly and work hard then you can start your own online business or doing online teen jobs. 

How to make money as a teen

Online teen jobs for teenagers

The first way teenagers can use to earn money is to buy things to sell on eBay and OLX.

  • We all have items that we no longer use or clothes that no longer fit us. Instead of letting them accumulate dust in a random corner, you can sell them through Facebook groups, amazon associate, or sites like OLX or eBay.
  • you can sell a product like bracelets, protective covers, or small personalized bags and monetize your creativity through creative ways. 
  • If you have a camera and take amazing pictures, then sell pictures online to make money
  • A way to earn easy money on your cell phone and become an affiliate marketing of a product, whether physical or digital, and when you have a good audience. you can earn money from the platform.
  • Having a channel on u tube, and then edit your videos and put some animations, and finally share your videos on channels so they go viral and you can gain followers. Then you will receive income from YouTube videos AdSense.
  • For more ideas of what you can do, just spend a few hours doing research on the internet on such selling sites.

Make money writing

One of the best ways to create passive income from your articles is to create your own expert website. You can also use your writing skills and make money writing articles for other people, who do not know how to write optimized and informative articles. As many online job providing communities are dedicated to writing articles online.

Make money as a tutor

Do you like science, math, or any other subject? Many people are looking for tutors and this will really work for you if you have good grades in your subjects.

Take care of pets

Do you like animals or pets and have the patience to take care of them? Manage pet sitting places and take care of them. So it would be a great option to take care of pet sitter like dogs or cats and earn easy money for managing the places of pet sitting.

You can offer this service to your family, friends, or neighbors.

Work as a Freelancer

You do well with Photoshop or have some of the knowledge of online earning than on a freelancer website you can take a project and make an offer to people who are interested. There are also many other sites just like freelancers like Upwork, fiver, etc for making online money.


Craftsmanship was once the source of livelihood for many people. we are in a phase in which pottery, hand weaving, and the lace have become more valuable as they consider more creative ways than others. Nowadays many original things are done and have a lot of output. For those who live in the city and do not have a workshop or a large space to make jars and clay bowls, it is more practical to dedicate yourself to a smaller scale.

Cleaning of repossessed homes

With as many foreclosed homes out there as there are, the bankers (who now own the homes) don’t want to clean it up and they are willing to pay large sums of cash for those who will. So it is fairly easy money to start a foreclosure cleaning business and you get paid a survey quite well in the process. If you are interested here is a course you can take to find out more.

Write Product Comments

There are places like Ciao and ReviewStream that pay for product reviews. if you can type quickly then this might be a good option for you. Another one that just appeared is called Ukritic and it allows you to write product reviews and then you can earn affiliate marketing commissions for the sale of those products. It may not be quick extra cash, but for those who like to write, it can be a decent option.

Join a focus group

There are likely to be focus groups in your area that hire young people for work. Organizations are always looking for participants because there are business advantages for focus groups. Just Google “focus group” and your city to start

Sell your video game accounts

Are you a gamer? Try selling your accounts, virtual assistant, and weapons. You can often sell items like these on gamer forums or even on

Earn cash money from your iPhone (Smartphone)

It seems like there are some pop-up apps that pay you to do simple things like snap a picture of a menu, or yourself sipping a Starbucks, etc. There is also a survey website that pays you pays you for a simple task like following other people on Social media Networks, visiting websites, downloading programs, watching videos on YouTube videos, facebook, and much more.

Earn money by watching ads on the Android lock screen

An android app called Locket that puts ads on your lock screen and pays you for every time you unlock your phone.

Documents needed for teen jobs

In addition to the fact that adolescents up to the age of 16 need the written permission of one of the parents and the consent of the guardianship authorities, adolescents must ensure:

  • Birth certificate and a copy of one of the parents’ ID card;
  • a certificate from the school with the class schedule;
  • high school certificate (if any);
  • the certificate following the preliminary medical examination


These are just a few ideas for kid to make money. There are many other ways for kid to make money online, which include making money freelancing, doing research, websites, youtube videos, affiliate marketing channels, and a lot of other methods. I’m not saying that all teenagers out there should go ahead and stop their work in the real world to go to work online, but it is an option!


Can you earn money when you are 14 years old or older?

Indeed, from the age of 14, you are already of legal age in some areas of life. Its great if you start earning your minimum wage without depending on your parents or guardians. If you are studying you can review the best ideas to earn money and combine it with your homework

The Internet offers a wide showcase of offers, websites and applications that allow us to earn money in exchange for doing work online. It is also a good way to promote your services to third parties. As a teenager have an advantage over older people as you have grown up with technology by your side. You are an expert in Social media Networks like Facebook. You know how to use applications and you have the ability to create videos and other skills like that.

How to manage money as a teenager

If you are responsible to start earning your minimum wage as money on your own, you must also be responsible for managing it. Do not spend it all at the time of receiving it. You must save cash or money for difficult situations.

You can take help from savings account applications. So that you begin to familiarize yourself with money management and prepare for when you find your first real teen jobs.

The best technique to savings account money is to save part of what you receive at the same time. For example, you have earned 100 euros in an afternoon. You must save at least 10 euros, it may seem silly but after time you will appreciate it.

With the rest of the money, enjoy, surprise your family or spend it on whims that you have earned for that.

How to Develop a vision of life till teenager?

If you want to be an entrepreneur, this is the most important question to ask yourself. why? Knowing why you want to be financially free gives you a sense of mission and purpose. This is something you will need when the road is difficult and challenges come to your life. 

You can do it just for the money, but the evidence indicates that this is not a choice that leads to personal satisfaction and success. Having a vision and a purpose for that money is what will make you rich and successful.

how to hire a teenager for work?

Hiring a teenager is done in the same way as in the case of an adult, respecting certain rules. It’s nothing complicated.

  • Get a complete package of documents from a teenager
  • Register the employee
  • Track the employee’s working time
  • Negotiate the salary
  • Organize a briefing on safety at work
  • Talk about work discipline
  • Organize a medical examination

What are the best apps to make money?

If you already use your smartphone almost all day, including for social media networks and various games, then why not use it with apps to earn money? Find out some of the best apps to make money and start using now . The best apps for making money are:

Google Opinion Rewards- Android system users can respond to Google online surveys. You can receive up to $ 3 in Google Play credits . This is one of the best money-making apps, as you don’t have to put in much effort. 

PiniOn- One of the best apps for making money is PiniOn. With it, you can answer questions online or be a hidden customer and earn money for it. 

Slidejoy- Watching popular news or unlocking the screen is what you need to do to make money with Slidejoy. It’s that simple and that’s why it’s also one of the best money-making apps. 

The foap-This mobile app is the perfect way to make money by selling your photos and videos.

Dog Hero – If you like puppies and are looking among the best apps to earn extra money for a form of extra money , then DogHero is a great option for you.

Which jobs are right for teens?

Finding a job for a teenager is not so simple. there are no official vacancies for minors on the Labor Market because employers often do not want to hire a seasonal worker. The employer has more problems with documentation than benefits. However, most have a neutral attitude towards teenagers who want to work. According to this study, the most common work options for teenagers are:

  • Promoter (leaflet distributor, tasting promoter);
  • Postman;
  • Telephone or call center operator;
  • Waiter (in a cafe where I don’t sell alcohol);
  • animator;
  • Text author (copywriter, journalist);
  • Agricultural worker (harvesting);
  • Merchandiser (organizer of products on store shelves);
  • Courier;
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