Are you looking for the best ways to make some quick cash online? Are you looking for legitimate, reliable’ ways that are not scams? If your answers are yes, blogging can be an excellent option. But how do you even make money online blogging? How do you even start out without any contacts in the blogging fraternity? Well, that is exactly what we are going to find out in the next couple of sections.

Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to making money from blogging, there is hardly a better option than affiliate marketing. The idea of affiliate marketing is pretty simple. All you need to do is recommend a specific product/service to your potential audience with some specialized tracking links. So every time a customer clicks the link and buys something from it, you’d automatically get a referral commission deposited to your account. While there are affiliate programs for almost every industry, if you’re just starting out, try using Amazon, Share a Sale or Commission Junction for maximum results.

Sell Private Ads On Your Blog

While you can always choose affiliate marketing for some quick cash, that’s not the only way in which you can earn money from your blog. In case you’re not really confident with affiliate marketing, try selling private ads on your blog. For this, you will have to approach the potential sellers who will then you inform you about the content of their ads. You can sell private ads via banners, links and buttons. Alternatively, you can also write private posts where you come up with a positive review of the service/product provided by the advertiser.

Sell Your Own Digital Products

If you’re not too comfortable with advertising a client’s product on your blogging site, try selling your own digital products on your blog. Come up with an ebook, an online course, an app or something similar. Once you have that in hand, write about it and sell it to your potential readers. However, regardless of the product you choose, always make sure that it’s relevant to your readers’ needs. Many bloggers make the terrible mistake of assuming that they know their readers better. But that is not exactly the case in many situations. And this is why you need to directly ask your readers in order to figure out what they like. Once you come up with something that they can connect with, your readers will readily buy these products.

Write Sponsored Reviews

Just like sponsored posts, you can also make plenty of money from paid online reviews. The idea is pretty simple. All you need to do is try some products in your relevant niche. You will be given free samples of these products. Once you get the products, write a sponsored review about them and if your review makes any sales, you will be awarded a part of the profits. You can always ask leading companies to do their paid reviews. However, if you don’t yet have a solid brand presence, be patient enough to make the right call. Once you strike a perfect deal, there’ll be plenty of easy cash coming your way.

Conduct Events

While many bloggers don’t really conduct events, this is yet another excellent way to generate some quick cash. If you are an established blogger with a decent reputation in your industry, you can always go ahead with hosting big conferences. Yes. The large-scale events like Problogger conferences are created by bloggers like you. And since online summits are getting popular with every passing day, you can always tap in this opportunity. The right kind of event won’t just help you make quick cash, but it’ll also give you the visibility you craved for.

Come Up With Private Forums

Another excellent option to make money, private forum is the kind of forum that requires users to pay a particular sum to access the platform. So if you have a solid blog and some good contacts, come up with this private forum. The right forum would be an amazing way to offer one-on-one advice to your audience. Additionally, other members from your community would get a chance to interact and assist each other in their jobs. Paid forums are particularly viable for people with WordPress sites. So if you already have an existing site, try these forums for quick, recurring income.

Final Thoughts

Once you have your blog up and running, follow these five snippets of wisdom for maximum conversions and quick cash!

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I like the idea of becoming a blogger or also I would like to start my own business cleaning houses and offices . Could you please help me

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I like cleaning other people’s homes and get paid for doing that for them

charlemagne briley

How do you start a blog. What do I have to do first

Regina L Maddox

Sure. Your offer appears legitimate and I’m just getting started to check this offer out.

Regina L Maddox

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Wow this seems like the perfect venue for my passion teaching. I’m looking for a way to reach out to educators struggling with class room management. How can you help me get started?


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Hit me up w/more info.,, sounds interesting.

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How do I get started?

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Frank Callahan

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Darryl Johnson

Thank you very Much

Randi Hanczaryk

What leading companies and who is going to give us products to review? See everyone who has a blog is saying the same generic stuff. Do you have any specific companies who will send us products besides product testing companies?

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How does one start a blog or pod cast fast and free?


Ok well I’m not sure how to do this but I would love to know please and thank you.

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