With the advent of internet, everything has become much more convenient to people. Besides paying bills, shopping, education and communication, it has also created opportunities for people to make money. Yes! With the help of internet, now you can make money. Isn’t that great? Who doesn’t want to earn extra money after all? But if you are thinking that you have to make investment in order to make money, you are wrong! There are some various efficient ways by which you can earn money without the need of any investment. Though no investment is required, you must have patience and 100% dedication in this to start earning. Some of the best ways to make money online with no investment are:

Make Money Online

#1: Become an affiliate

One of the simplest yet most effective ways of making money online is to become an affiliate. You do not have to invest money here. You only have to focus on promoting any product or services of a seller. There are many affiliate programs where sellers sell different types of products and services. You can choose any of them and promote it or advertise it through your blogs or social media. Once a person makes the purchase through your link, you will earn a commission for that. It is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is enroll yourself in one of the most reliable affiliate programs to get started.


#2: Writing contents & articles

If you are blessed with an amazing writing skill, then use it for making money online. There are many services that look for great writers who can write contents and articles for their websites and blogs. This is one of the best sources to make money online. You do not have to make any investment here. All you need for this is an amazing writing skill. Be creative and unique with your writing and try to write some interesting articles. Depending on the quality and length of the article you can earn $2 to $12 for each.


#3: Become a freelance educator

With the growing online education industry, many services are cropping out with their online education and training services. If you have a particular talent or skill which you can teach others, then use that to make money online. Whether it is teaching how to play a guitar or how to solve mathematic problem, you can do this online. This doesn’t need any investment. Either you can start your own paid tutorial online


#4: Make money from YouTube

YouTube, being one of the most popular video sharing and watching portal online, is a great way to make money. Many beauty and education related channels are there who earn a lot of money with their videos. If you are excellent at a certain skill, then you can sell your skill to make money online. But you must produce good quality videos and be unique to stand out. Though an excellent way to make money without investment, it is not an easy one. You must devote a lot of time and energy to build a popular YouTube channel and create interesting contents for the audience. It is a long process and hence you must have patience.


#5: Complete surveys online

Without any investment, one can easily make some money just by completing some online surveys. There are many multinational companies who want to research about their market reputation and what customers think about their product. Thus, they introduce various surveys which also provide money to the ones taking the surveys. All you need to do is to sign up with one of the reliable survey providers and then complete your profile. Once you complete it, you will be able to get surveys that match with your profile. With each and every survey you take, you will get a reward.


#6: Selling stock photos

If you take keen interest in photography and can capture amazing photos, then you must use that for making money online. Millions of people buy stock photos for various purposes. You can use one of the most reliable website to sell your stock photos. If anyone is interested in your photos, then the person has to buy it. Hence, you will be able to make money. So, use your photography skills and start capturing some amazing photographs to sell online. This requires no investment and still can provide with a moderate income.

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Tammy Curtiss

How can I be part of this income? I am interested.


Donald Bradfield

How can I learn your business idea and get started earning extra money. . .

Alicia Rozen

Send how start

Daniel Aka Roach

Want to make money

Katie Benoit

I would like to start watching movies for some extra money.

Denise Cottrell

Good Question me too!


I would love to start watching movies to to make me some extra money something that I do love to do watch movies

Robert Harrison

Yes l would

Debbie Bello

Please tell me how to start. Thanks


Want to make movies with you


I specialize inhelping people with mental health issues, I worked in an acute psyciatric state hospital for6.5 yrs I was the supervisor of my unit how would I use this? And go about it? Thank you,.. NH

Courtney Hartman

There are several groups now that offer your type of help, Counselors, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists! They are making really good money, double to triple didgets per hour! GO FOR IT!

Jerry walker

Send me info on how to get started

Robert C Smith

How do I join an affiliate to earn money? Where can I find them?


When u find out please let me know …

Frances Benetrix

I have wore many of hats in my lifetime, but each person has a special little thing that shines the most! I am by far a people person , @ a guidnence counseling’s for others! Changing jobs, etc . So, I am a retired elelectrical contractor, so I have allot of experience in anyone of this type of fields , it’s require’s , I was a women owned contractor, so it’s was hard too run . But , I did succeed in this ! It’s in tails , Accounts of book , Tax’s , people skills, hire of people &… Read more »

Courtney Hartman

You could in a go couple different directions! 1) You run a professional yet fun ad on fiver! With all of the things you do different companys and soul proprietors would want to use you! Even offer them a discount next time they need something ELSE done! ( They do also have people running ads as a service that get you a person for the job, and then they go to Craigs list and such! SELL the work to the client for 80 and pay person 25 and you keep the profit! ) 2) You said in your communication that… Read more »

Tammy Ferguson

Hi My Name Is Tammy And I Am Very Interested in Learning More About How I Can Make Money. I Have Very Good Writing Skills And I’m Also Great At Wording Things That Make People Not Just Read What I Write But Also Feel Them So I’ve Been Told By Many People. After Reading A lot Of My Posts And or Comments To other People’s Posts I’ve Been Told That I Should Look Into Being A Wrotter Or I Should Wright A Book. And I’ve Also Have Been Told That My Comments Are So Perfecty Written And That I Word… Read more »

Tiva Maire

Learn to spellcheck before positing.

Catherine Gant

You need to learn how to spell and use correct language and grammar. I could not understand what you were trying to say at all.

Jennifer Sitter

What affiliate marketing groups r fee free?

Gerry Dry

Nice! Very informative, and helpfull!

Earnest Moore

Who is this?


Nice. Very helpful

Angela Bobb

Check me out for the writing skills my number 347-756-2542 Thank you

Monica self

Tell me more about what and how I can make money online please


I would like to enjoy to

Rick Eberhart

I am very interested in making more money how do I get involved keeping it simple at first

Kimberly Hodson

How do I sell stock photos

Darrell Short

Hello, this is Darrell. I am an artist. I love to draw and paint. I can draw pretty much anything, portraits are my favorite peices though. How do I sell art work online. I also want to be able to take orders for portraits also.

Sharise Cobbs

How can i join


How do you join??

Denna Thomas

Hi I’m a baby nurse, I take care of only newborns and postpartum moms


I am an essential oil distributor!


I would like more information about making money with out investing

Carole Jenkins

How do I find someone interested in my writing. Not to boast, but I am very very good at putting words and thoughts on paper. I feel that I can make them interesting and enjoyable to read. I Express much better on paper than in person. Who would buy my thoughts?


Honestly, this is just easily done by starting a blog. Promote your blog on social medias!!! Almost every business online, if you look under “site map”, has an affiliate tab. They give you your own “code” or photo with code embedded to utilize that way of earning money. It is time consuming and does require you finding your own niche. Once you get established, believe me, with social media sharing/promoting your blog, the people will come! Just DON’T EVER get tooooooo comfortable and slack off on it!!! Unfortunately for me, that is my personal Achilles Heel with this and believe… Read more »

Teresa Gunderman

I’m very interested in making an extra income from home for my 5 year old son. Where would I start?

Teresa Gunderman

What sites purchase pictures I’ve taken??

Phillip Jordan

I do deserve to be wealthy


Don’t we all!!

Michele Pronesti

I would be interested in the cpoywrighting & stock pix. Please inform on how ca go about doing these 2 YouTube jobs.
Thank you.
Michele Pronesti

Mark Chambers

Me, H.V.A.C.-R. Certified, Thats Heating,Ventilation,Air,Conditioning-Refrigeration for those who don’t know,also EPA CERTIFIED, that Environmental Protection Agency, Universal certified. I have numerous time and skill in this capacity all helping Companies succeed. Time for me to start my on sliding scale affordable rates Company!

Rebecca Schmetzer

Hi i need to make money and meed to know how my husband of 23years and up and left me brokr as hell i need help now iam due to have a surgery in a few days you see ill be home for 6weeks unable to do much of hsrd labor but if you could please help me please tell me what to do please and thank you .

Robert Street jr


Sheena Curry

Im intrested in selling products and watching videos for extra money, I’d like to sign up please.


Did you find out about the work on line selling products and watching movies??? Did u make money?? Thank u

Wendy dean

I could do surveys!


I would like to know to whom to sell photos , because about 6 years ago I sighed up on a foreign websites I did not make any money all my pictures just disappear from my phone and pc I was hacked many times

Tabatha Johnson

I’m very involved in taking photographs that’s what I’m planning on doing for the rest of my life is taking photographs I love photography and I’m trying to go to school but I’ll have a lot of photographs but I’m trying to get my portfolio together but if you could send me some more information I would love to take photographs I have ambitions and I want to travel the world and take photographs all over the world because I like taking photographs and I’m pretty good at it if I do say so myself I have a few I… Read more »




Please help me get started


I am interested

Christina Barkley

I would like to have more information on testing products and giving feedback on them for money thank you Christina Barkley

Richard McLeod

I would like to know more please contact me thank you

Steven Tutt

That would be me!!! PhD in Boston plant science. 4 years of nd in horticultural science. Would like to help u

Robert Aaron Moore Jr.

I am interested!

Jose Virgen

Real life from the People from all over the states.

Kathleen Silver

How can I start after school and reading readiness program

Robert T Reed

Hello I’m super interested in learning more about how to make money online I’ve spent 15 years of my life applying to learning always excelled but I’m beginning to realize did if I want to be financially successful long-term I need to shift my interest two computers and Technology I’m pretty much starting from Square One but consider myself to be above-average intelligent when it comes to teaching myself new trades and retaining knowledge I’ve always had the ability to be innovative and think outside the box so I’m confident once I learned the basics I’ll be able to be… Read more »