If you already have money then you should be looking at ways to make even more money with it. You need to make your money work as hard as you can for you as you have an advantage that a lot of people do not have. In this article we will show you some proven ideas on how to make money with money.

All of the techniques that we explain below focus on providing you with a richer future. There are risks involved with some of them but they will provide you with the best returns on your money. So with that said let’s look at how you can get a good return on your money.

How To Make Money With Money

1. More Money for your Retirement with a 401k

If you are still working at a job and have money to invest then you should consider investing in a 401k. You probably already have one of these courtesy of your employer and they will be contributing to it which is great. How do you make more from your money using a 401k? Simple, just match what your employer is contributing.

Now a 401k is not going to make you rich it is just one of the things that you should use to make your money work harder. There is an $18,500 contribution limit so just be sure that you put in the same amount as your employer. This is a risk free way to get a good return on your money. Be sure to start early with this one!

2. Open a High Yield Savings Accounts

A savings account with a high street bank will pay you peanuts in interest. Typical interest rates for these accounts are around 0.01%. You would need to invest an awful lot of money to make this worth your while.

The good news is that there are high yield savings accounts available that have interest rates of 1% or higher. These are FDIC insured and you can find them by searching for online banks. There are also comparison websites that compare high yield savings accounts. So if you want to count on a safe return then go for a no risk high yield savings account.

3. Roth IRA’s

You can get incredible growth with a Roth IRA and it is one method that we strongly recommend in this how to make money with money article. It is a retirement account that has tax benefits that you really need to take a look at.

A Roth IRA is different to a 401k in that it will leverage income after tax. When you reach retirement and you want to make a withdrawal you will not have to pay any tax on what you have earned which is great. There are limitations with Roth IRA’s and at the time of writing the maximum contribution per year is $5,500 every year.

4. Market Investing

Stock market investing does carry some risk but if you get the right advice and do the right things you can be successful. The most risky form of stock market investing is to dip in and out to try and profit from market fluctuations. If the prices go down then you will need to minimize your losses by selling immediately. We do not recommend this strategy.

What we do recommend is being around in the markets for the longer term. Yes stocks can go up and down but good stocks usually even out over time and produce a net gain. You have to have faith in your investments and leave your money in the markets for a while.

There are investment brokers that can advise you if you have a lot of money to invest. They will probably recommend a diversified portfolio of investments so that you spread the risk. If you don’t use a broker or consultant then learn everything you can about the markets and the companies you are interested in. This is how to make money from market investments the smart way.

5. Real Estate Investment

OK now we are certainly increasing the risk. There are absolutely no guarantees that investing in real estate will give you the returns that you want. But many real estate investors are killing it and getting returns that are much higher than the stock market and other forms of investment.

There are a number of options available to you with real estate investing. You can find a property in a good area that needs some attention and purchase it at a low price. Then you will need to renovate the property and sell it at full market price. Obviously you need to work the numbers to see if the potential for profits is there.

Another strategy is to buy a property that you can rent out to generate income. This is “buy to let” and many real estate investors have a portfolio of these properties which provide a significant monthly income. On top of that the properties are usually rising in value so you will make a profit when you decide to sell up.

When it comes to making money from existing money real estate investing can offer you some of the highest returns possible. But there are risks and when you find the right properties there are usually a few obstacles that you need to overcome.

How to make Money with Money Conclusion

In this post we have shown you 5 great ways that you can get a good return on your money. Some are risk free and others carry risk. Usually the higher the risk the greater the chances of a higher return.

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MoNica PoiNter

I would like to open up a small store in the mall. I don’t want the lease to be too high. Maybe it will work. Lease by the month. This is someone else idea. I will get permission from them and make my idea better with a little training .

Michael Thomas

Would have to sell a lot of product as rental space in the mall is generally to high.


I am penniless


Iam with you. I have a college degree I went back to school and got a degree at 49 yrs. I now owe 220,000

Angela Friedlander

Start by making deliveries on things like pizza or other fast food. Delivery folks get CASH TIPS. SAVE A PORTION (1/2) OF WHAT YOU EARN… I knew an illegal alien who went back to ShriLanka with a big fat gold chain on this neck, (airport customs didn’t seem to notice his chain) bought a brand new RED SUV and had a brand new concrete (small) house for himself ALL ON PIZZA DELIVERY!! FOR REAL.


So am I

Shena Burden

It takes money to make money. So how does that help if u broke broke??????




get 2 jobs


How can I make money if I don’t have money

Lelio Jean-Etienne

We always need two different teams to run a business a team of sellers and a team of buyers and a technic to move people from one team to the other.With a plan to make profit on each changement of team.Buy for 100 sell for 200 you dobble your money very fast.Restart continuously

daisy Harris

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Victor Hollingsworth

What do l need to do get started.
Sounds interested, please send me the details.

Judith Hoelscher

The first thing to do is establish a financial benchmark of where you are now. I can send you the form.

Linda Polidore Ballou

To God Be The Glory For The Things He Has Done: I would like to know how make your Money work for you. However, does some one have have a booklet on this information. I would be forever grateful is their information I need someone to mail me or email me. With Regards, Mrs. Linda Polidore Ballou

John ware

Extremely good technique’s On money investment tip’s!!!

Delphine Gray

I want to make money to pay off some medical bills

Hakim Ayoup

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Amy Lorraine Condle

Making Money Grow In A Ton Of Ways!

Danette Akina

Lower your pride, (if you’re able) take a fast food jobs. They tnend to move quickly up the ladder. Or work temp svc which will give u the oppty to learn other skills and become more marketable. From there u earn more, then look into expanding your earning potential.


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Brenda Williams

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I make money on my pick up of scrap metal on the street an other places like body shop that might leave out but first ask the owner about it so u don’t arrested on stolen property

Cheryl Buchanan

I have self published my personal testimony, recieved my LMT, my card for OSHA, The Lord Christ blessed me to sing and record with a video on you tube. Yet i recieve disability and as tge result there is a hinderance to monies I can make. I have two children (adult) who need to know there is more than what they are seeing. The ceiling for me financially must be broken through in such a manner the need for the government money I recieve by right, will not be a hinderance to have it or not. At 52 there is… Read more »

Jamie Ferrer

Thanks for the info

Hakim Ayoup

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Carol Anderson

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