If you already have money then you should be looking at ways to make even more money with it. You need to make your money work as hard as you can for you as you have an advantage that a lot of people do not have. In this article we will show you some proven ideas on how to make money with money.

All of the techniques that we explain below focus on providing you with a richer future. There are risks involved with some of them but they will provide you with the best returns on your money. So with that said let’s look at how you can get a good return on your money.

How To Make Money With Money

1. More Money for your Retirement with a 401k

If you are still working at a job and have money to invest then you should consider investing in a 401k. You probably already have one of these courtesy of your employer and they will be contributing to it which is great. How do you make more from your money using a 401k? Simple, just match what your employer is contributing.

Now a 401k is not going to make you rich it is just one of the things that you should use to make your money work harder. There is an $18,500 contribution limit so just be sure that you put in the same amount as your employer. This is a risk free way to get a good return on your money. Be sure to start early with this one!

2. Open a High Yield Savings Accounts

A savings account with a high street bank will pay you peanuts in interest. Typical interest rates for these accounts are around 0.01%. You would need to invest an awful lot of money to make this worth your while.

The good news is that there are high yield savings accounts available that have interest rates of 1% or higher. These are FDIC insured and you can find them by searching for online banks. There are also comparison websites that compare high yield savings accounts. So if you want to count on a safe return then go for a no risk high yield savings account.

3. Roth IRA’s

You can get incredible growth with a Roth IRA and it is one method that we strongly recommend in this how to make money with money article. It is a retirement account that has tax benefits that you really need to take a look at.

A Roth IRA is different to a 401k in that it will leverage income after tax. When you reach retirement and you want to make a withdrawal you will not have to pay any tax on what you have earned which is great. There are limitations with Roth IRA’s and at the time of writing the maximum contribution per year is $5,500 every year.

4. Market Investing

Stock market investing does carry some risk but if you get the right advice and do the right things you can be successful. The most risky form of stock market investing is to dip in and out to try and profit from market fluctuations. If the prices go down then you will need to minimize your losses by selling immediately. We do not recommend this strategy.

What we do recommend is being around in the markets for the longer term. Yes stocks can go up and down but good stocks usually even out over time and produce a net gain. You have to have faith in your investments and leave your money in the markets for a while.

There are investment brokers that can advise you if you have a lot of money to invest. They will probably recommend a diversified portfolio of investments so that you spread the risk. If you don’t use a broker or consultant then learn everything you can about the markets and the companies you are interested in. This is how to make money from market investments the smart way.

5. Real Estate Investment

OK now we are certainly increasing the risk. There are absolutely no guarantees that investing in real estate will give you the returns that you want. But many real estate investors are killing it and getting returns that are much higher than the stock market and other forms of investment.

There are a number of options available to you with real estate investing. You can find a property in a good area that needs some attention and purchase it at a low price. Then you will need to renovate the property and sell it at full market price. Obviously you need to work the numbers to see if the potential for profits is there.

Another strategy is to buy a property that you can rent out to generate income. This is “buy to let” and many real estate investors have a portfolio of these properties which provide a significant monthly income. On top of that the properties are usually rising in value so you will make a profit when you decide to sell up.

When it comes to making money from existing money real estate investing can offer you some of the highest returns possible. But there are risks and when you find the right properties there are usually a few obstacles that you need to overcome.

How to make Money with Money Conclusion

In this post we have shown you 5 great ways that you can get a good return on your money. Some are risk free and others carry risk. Usually the higher the risk the greater the chances of a higher return.

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Carlos E Williams

How is this going to work for me? I am not at retirement age.

Dianne G Fouillard

I will retire broke….how would help in next 7 years

Anita L Manuel

Hi, Dianne,
I’m an agent with National Life Group and we have products that guarantee no risk, no fees, and no loss! Where do you live?

Mr.E.L.Sigh Sr.

Anita,what do U suggest for an individual like,Myself,on disability barely making ends meet from month to month?!

Isidoro lopez jr

I. Like. That. No. Risk. No fees and no loss just curious how your stay in business sounds very interesting send me any and all information you can pleaseThanks very much

Mellaknese Moore

How can this help me this late in age will be at retirement age in a year or so.

Thomas Steger

I hope this helps me get out of debt!! ?

David Hopper

What should I do if I have a large amount of fine jewelry that has been sitting in a safe sence1999 , then gold was at around 2.50 to 2.75 an oz. So it’s done ok I guess, I wonder if I could not do something with it or money from it that would build faster. NO BODY SEAMS TO NO THE ANSWER AT BANKS. OR ANY WHERE I ASK ! Est value then 1998 $50.000.00

Roberta Lane

I am interested in I making money from home. I like the shopping jobs and would like to know if you have any information on writing and selling ebooks and helping attorneys research their cases? Thank you in advance.


As crazy as it may seem just asking for a hand out from people Can generate quite a bit of money if you’re in a good spot.
It’s very possible to make $50.-75.in a half day.

Thomas Heward

Talked to several “street people” who stand by bridge intersections where perhaps 3-5 vehicles will pass by them in 1 or 2 minutes. Most spoke of collecting from $30-$75/hr and typically pocket $250-$400 when they take a 1/2 day standing on the corner asking, some have signs. If it weren’t that most are addicted to either drugs or alcohol they could probably save several hundred and “start something on their own”.

Ra-Lee Pruett

I have only $778.00 SSA a month I dont see any way of genetating any extra money after I pay my bills. I have $100.00 left and thats food, clothing, dog food, nutritional supplements, & misc. What can I possibly do I’m so discouraged.

Kelly Butler

That is seriously messed up that you would say that to Ra-Lee! They clearly stated they are receiving SSA! Too bad your mother never taught you the valuable life lesson of “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!” ~Smh~


Yea that was stupid to say get a job.duh.Disabled want to work.like me n i did. Broke my foot n wrist. Trying.but failing due to injuries. If you Think disabled dont Try even at risking injury. You are just out of touch.Hope it doesnt happen to you. Judge Not!

Dana Daniell

That’s the point, the people that already have money are the only people that can make more, “it takes money to make money”. People like me who don’t have money we are stuck.

Tobert hammerich

I also will retire in a year or two and have no money saved it except a IPA account put away from the producers. If the studios version of a 401k other than this I have no other money saved

Robert hsnmaruch

Will retire in a year or two with no money saved except or IPA which is put away from the producers the Studio’s version of a 401k will any of this help me

Linda Setliff

Where can a lady find money to buy a 8 unit Condo building. Has 21 years of experience in property management. Thank you

Richard Johnson

Find somebody who would be interested in a partnership and if both have good credit you could possibly get a bank loan to purchase property check into this and see how that may work for you. Like you I had 28 years of property management experience covering managing since I was 18 years old and Property Management ownership wise is a good way to make money being real estate can change quite frequently can go up and down there’s a good way to make money on properties if you know how to purchase items at Big discounts and you save… Read more »

David Allen

Would Love to make extra money every day. I JUST need a proven understanding plan. I KNOW I can learn to make money from home.

Linda C. Lambert

I get SSI because im 67, but it’s not enough to live on solely. I’m blessed to be able to work at 2 jobs. I would love to make money from home as well. Any good advice? There’s a few you’ve listed I’m interested in. I just need a little push in the right direction. Thank you!

Tori Givens

I love making money

Axelmon Dorcilin

Hello Good morning



Leonardo Smith

How do I get start?

Sandi foltz

Im going through a separation…. losing everything! I need to make money to i have money to use for”make money with money” any suggestions? Starting over is soooo hard

Angela Julious

Would love to make extra money

David McDonough

All my life I made others rich and no one shared the bounty with me. It takes money to make money. Personal greed is in control of this country.

Daren farmer

I just need a jump start
Is there any help

Leon Marshall

Check into government grants in your area


Can never help me

Carrie Manno

I need to make extra money for 2 days ago my sister kicked me out of her home for exposing her son that does Methamphetamine (Meth) , I now live in my truck with my small dog , I could use extra money like as in yesterday

Regina Remaley

I want to work from home, maybe on the computer.

Whitney Streiff

Rreeaalllyyy u guys need 2 visit food pantries…i gt clothes…groceries…furniture it ain’t hard

Darrell Holloman

Would love to learn more about this method.

Èlla Helton

You can get a list for the next days to be in a line or a little bit of a game with the grandson. And the rest us in a different way of being a bit more than broke, but none of us had any trouble finding a little bit of fun in the middle of the food and items that we had to get altered and the hem of the item is a little bit of a child with the money, and I am so glad to be a part of the new life of mine. is the kids… Read more »


Fly gov rip

Dennis M Veveiros

I wish I could but I’m broke

John John

Well as I can see all requires planning and grace. Let’s say you have a good property investment ideal, but no funding, you do everything intermediates to position yourself may that months or years but go for i know you can do it, Just take one step, then another and then you will see more light I promise.

Veronia Ingram

I would like to know how this will work?

Veronia Ingram

I would like to make some money to help me with my personal loans and pay them off.

pamela briggs

I can’t I’m on disability and I only have enter net on my phone

Pam Pledger

I drive my family to see doctors or hospitals. I want to be able to work from my lab top any where and teach my granddaughter who is disabled too.


Do u happen to have a brother named Daniel Pledger he was about 67. He made an album long ago. He was homeless & he had no family contact. Please let me know I am a close friend of his.

Allen Mcgovern

I need money for a payment like nowcan u help me?

Virginia Cook

I’ve already left a reply i need to know how to get started please someone help

Charlene E Meserve

Sometimes all of these things sound so far fetched. I would love to have just one article be on point. That I know I won’t get taken. I lived many years on SSI from five back surgeries, then it changed into SS as I reached the retirement age, and as usual It’s not enough to live on. I would love to know how to make enough by working at home. Please tell me how, and I pray it doesn’t cost me an are and a leg!!


I wish I could make money online for free because I hate being broke everyday

Jesse Toran

I spent thousands of dollars Programs don’t even work now I’m really need some help try to find some kind of program that works make extra money

Tiffani Henry

I want to work from home maybe on the computer

Angela Zemmer

After paying my bills I have -200$ I do not see me making any money when I have no money, when I am already in the whole

Linda Ann Daniel

This is all fine but how can I get started on eBay making money form home.

DANIEL Metcalf

It’s really tough out there I’ve done over half my life in prison my own stupidity. So theres credit for me at all. Hell I can’t even work most computers. I say if you can teach these ways come on with I’ve returned down by at least 60 loan companies I need ur help for real

Daniel M Metcalf

You see this might be my last chance to make I need ur help


I’ve never done this before and I’m not even sure what sit I’m on but Danielle keep the faith
Have the world at my fingertips just lacking the direction of my focus to two my focus being on directions and money so I guess what I’m saying is the first thing to focus on is that direction and the money needed for that direction no that would be the second thing the first thing would be locating people with a thought process of looking for the right direction

T Parker

My health problem with cancer and my treatments eats a chunk of my SS every month. I would love to cook and work outside making some money to help with my cat pouncer and myself.

Lee James

Just Email me..
I’ll help you get started and go the right direction. By doing right over wrong, and using common sense.


When I can

Dennis M Veveiros

I wish I could but I’m broke now

Dennis M Veveiros

I wish I could but I’m broke now I am broke and I cannot do this if you want money give me to pay

Herman gt

There no answer for quick money only having a true job with a check everyweek..because everywhere you go greed is on everything from corporations making smaller packages and landlords greed.everywhere.now co asking as asking for money from cashiers stores..so safe your income because even the govt.is charging parking tickets up to 150.oo a tickett.greed verywhere..greed..greed.

Cynthia Pena

I have no job, no kind of income and am bout to lose my mothers house. Down and Depressed


You Pray!! And believe in your prayer!!!!!! In Jesus name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have a bunch of items to sell but don’t know what there worth how can I get some honest prices


Saving pr knowing how ypull be paid when you retire.helps money wise. It gives ypu a sence of knowagle and a way to compare 401k plans!