So many times we get opportunities where there is a need to do something that we have never done before. But due to some reasons we tend to shy away from such situations or opportunities thinking that it’s out of our comfort zone. Some of like to work in a known atmosphere and under the conditions that are comfortable for us.

For example, many of us do business and we wish that our business gets the recognition that we had planned for. We do marketing in a traditional manner that we feel comfortable in, but have you ever thought that there could be so many other ways that you could follow to make sure that your business is getting the recognition that it needs.

You might be a store owner or a professional who provides services to their clients. You start your business and your prices are decent. You have decided that you won’t compromise with the quality of the product or the service that you are offering. Do you think that’s enough for your business?

How to add value to business?

Just getting the right service and good quality work is sometimes not enough. You need to add value to your business and make sure that your product or service is reaching the target audience. Because what’s the use of your business if it’s not able to reach the potential customers.

You might think that getting a business card would be sufficient and you can even advertise in the newspaper to let the people know about your business. But there are so many other ways which are more effective than these .

Given our dependency on internet these days, you could even do online marketing. Some of you might feel reluctant as you don’t know how to do it? Or you don’t feel comfortable doing business online? But the truth of today’s time is if it isn’t online, it isn’t alive.

What is online marketing?

The name online marketing is self explanatory, it means doing marketing using the online platform or with the help of social media. In simpler words you can promote your service or product with the help on internet and cater to a large number of customers without having to do much.

Online marketing is very useful in marketing and of you used this tool in the right way then you can easily get the desired results for your business. This is a very affordable way along with that you can alter your business proposals or services without having to spend too much.

What are the advantages of online marketing?

There are many advantages of online marketing and if you have never used the internet for the purpose of marketing then its time that you do. You would be amazed to see to many benefits that the internet has to offer.

A few of the advantages of online marketing are
  1. Affordable and low cost:
    If you are looking to do online marketing then it won’t cost you very much. You can easily promote your business to a large number of people at a very affordable price.

  1. Analytics:
    You can easily get the data and statistical results of your business without any extra cost.

  1. More clients:
    Almost everyone is using internet these days and if you use internet as a source for your marketing then you can target a larger number of clients. You can even target people who are out of your demographic area.

  1. Flexibility:
    Online marketing is flexible for both the consumer and the business owner. One can publish about their products or services from anywhere and similarly the consumers can avail those services without having to leave their house.

How can you benefit from getting out of your comfort zone?

Like we said in the starting of the article, there are so many options we may miss out on only because we were too scared or not willing to get out of our comfort zone. If you have a business and you feel reluctant doing online business or online marketing then you really don’t know what all you are missing out on.

If your goal is to promote your business and reach a certain level. Then the first step towards it would be to stay motivated and be open to new things. It’s okay to feel reluctant but you should definitely try new options as it might open doors to new opportunities. If you have never tried to take your business online, then now is the time to do so.

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Lisa Todechine

This is Lisa, wassup

Mark Jackson

Hi , I’m looking into making money online but I have no experience in this sort of thing. As of now I’m struggling to make ends meet. And I don’t really have a job either . I’m looking for a better life .


Me to I’m intrested in modeling adult bi

Jorge O. De La Rosa

Hi Mark, I can help you with that question, To a Better Life!


Thank u very much,very informative.


I have little to no avail money , but trying to start business cleaning residential home I know some marketing and advertising only money to start at least $2 hundred thousand starting

John Faulkner

The exchange for executive reach before year ending a need for $115,000.90 a checking system John Faulkner economic ex cook and line worker for foods company call 15166433976

Michael Hearn

I was contacted online about handling other people’s money. I WAS SUSPICIOUS SO I BACKED OUT IAM RETIRED SO I N

David Cates

Hello Madeline—don’t know how you talked to my cousin—I haven’t seen much less. Talk to one in 10 plus years

Phil G.

I wrote a fictional book and self published it to Amazon’s Kindle E-books ($2.99 as an E-book or $9.99 as a paperback book.) It is a multi genre book (Some: social engineering; Sci-Fi; religion; and fantasy.) Planet I.A. 2068 by (pen name) Chan Neled.
Several favorable reviews from the few (20) who read it. Yet, my sales (20) are dismal!
Any suggestions or ideas to help me promote my book’s sale(s)?

Daffy duck

Takes money to make money.all the same those money making marketing all have fee to pay.they make there money your screwed out of money im not falling for surveys don’t pay.


Im trying to make some fast cash


Where are you from ? How old are you?

Jeff Erickson

Which aunt do you know? The truth is very important to me please respond jeff Erickson

Alfonso Palmieri

I am interested but i prefier to talk by the phone,so sed me your phone number.


I am toilet cleaner…I want toilet business

Larry Burns

You know what they say the jobis not done till the paper work is done.


Sorry i dont own a business. I work a 9 to 5 living pay check to check. But its a honest living.

Isabella Maione

You’re doing great, wishing you all the best.


Blessings to You Pam , I also live paycheck to paycheck . My faith gets me through Each day , pray everything gets better for you ♥️✝️☮️

Felecia Hollingsworth


John Adams

I agree with everything you said. My mom started her own company that I advised her to go into. Personal trucking company,Midwest,Express

Melanie Adame

Melanie Adame: Hello my husband and I have a truck drivers business. We are owner operators that have only one truck. We work as teams very honest workers and long hours..but it it so hard to find great loads or brokers with great pay…how can we get our business recognized for brokers to contact us and say hey..I have this great paying load do you want it???? Pay us for our worth!!!. It’s sad what we get paid…as high as gas is takes a great deal of money!!! Our truck don’t run on air and we are always in the… Read more »

Deborah Coleman

I have 37+ years in Intermodal and Domestic Freight and my interest is to work for O/O with their Own Authority in a position to cover all cost while waiting for payments to start coming in. I have the contacts however instead of working for a Trucking Co. I’d rather work for the O/O which could offer you 80 to 85 % of the revenue, 100% FSC, and 90% of any accessorial’s collected. I will not have means to cover the expense of your trucking cost however I would like to do it a little differently by directly working for… Read more »

Melanie Adame

How do you find a great truck driving broker to offer you the best paying jobs in the truck driving business


How or where to start


How or where to start with all of this fantastic start on my life


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Amy Turner

I work hard paid my bills and saved try get a job instead of paying on computer


My issue is staying focused and making time to tend to business. So many other matters that need my attention


Yes it’s good to get our information out online

Leslie Prince

Thanks for the info it will help me advance in my dream job .being a business owner.

Tamika Thomas

I’m interested I just need a little guidance

Virginia Nelson

I don’t have any funds to start a business

Myra Fishman

Cancel subscription please


Let me know latter

Treon pique

Nice i have a whole lot of ideas

Dreama Heminger

I think I would like doing surveys I have some extra time I can only clean house so much (lol)

Rosanna Franco

Great statement I’m trying to help my husband to be opened to online marketing this article may help.
Thks Ro

Stacy Duncan

This really hit me at the prime moment talk about coincidences or doors opening after being slammed shut in your face….wow….thank you very much …I do need to step out of my comfort zone….so tonight I put a half hour of what I live being bullied by my best friend…its on tape and I hope he forgives me someday….bullying does exist even at my age…and I’m 55 thank you …wealth growth And wisdom ….lord knows I could use all three of those words in my life more…thank you again…stacy j duncan


Would really like to find out more about becoming a Mystery shopper.having trouble finding the application to get started,could you point me in the right direction.
Thank You
RIck Hustedt