So many times we get opportunities where there is a need to do something that we have never done before. But due to some reasons we tend to shy away from such situations or opportunities thinking that it’s out of our comfort zone. Some of like to work in a known atmosphere and under the conditions that are comfortable for us.

For example, many of us do business and we wish that our business gets the recognition that we had planned for. We do marketing in a traditional manner that we feel comfortable in, but have you ever thought that there could be so many other ways that you could follow to make sure that your business is getting the recognition that it needs.

You might be a store owner or a professional who provides services to their clients. You start your business and your prices are decent. You have decided that you won’t compromise with the quality of the product or the service that you are offering. Do you think that’s enough for your business?

How to add value to business?

Just getting the right service and good quality work is sometimes not enough. You need to add value to your business and make sure that your product or service is reaching the target audience. Because what’s the use of your business if it’s not able to reach the potential customers.

You might think that getting a business card would be sufficient and you can even advertise in the newspaper to let the people know about your business. But there are so many other ways which are more effective than these .

Given our dependency on internet these days, you could even do online marketing. Some of you might feel reluctant as you don’t know how to do it? Or you don’t feel comfortable doing business online? But the truth of today’s time is if it isn’t online, it isn’t alive.

What is online marketing?

The name online marketing is self explanatory, it means doing marketing using the online platform or with the help of social media. In simpler words you can promote your service or product with the help on internet and cater to a large number of customers without having to do much.

Online marketing is very useful in marketing and of you used this tool in the right way then you can easily get the desired results for your business. This is a very affordable way along with that you can alter your business proposals or services without having to spend too much.

What are the advantages of online marketing?

There are many advantages of online marketing and if you have never used the internet for the purpose of marketing then its time that you do. You would be amazed to see to many benefits that the internet has to offer.

A few of the advantages of online marketing are
  1. Affordable and low cost:
    If you are looking to do online marketing then it won’t cost you very much. You can easily promote your business to a large number of people at a very affordable price.

  1. Analytics:
    You can easily get the data and statistical results of your business without any extra cost.

  1. More clients:
    Almost everyone is using internet these days and if you use internet as a source for your marketing then you can target a larger number of clients. You can even target people who are out of your demographic area.

  1. Flexibility:
    Online marketing is flexible for both the consumer and the business owner. One can publish about their products or services from anywhere and similarly the consumers can avail those services without having to leave their house.

How can you benefit from getting out of your comfort zone?

Like we said in the starting of the article, there are so many options we may miss out on only because we were too scared or not willing to get out of our comfort zone. If you have a business and you feel reluctant doing online business or online marketing then you really don’t know what all you are missing out on.

If your goal is to promote your business and reach a certain level. Then the first step towards it would be to stay motivated and be open to new things. It’s okay to feel reluctant but you should definitely try new options as it might open doors to new opportunities. If you have never tried to take your business online, then now is the time to do so.

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I would like to find out about online surveys for pay does anyone have some helpful legit info I can use to get started.Thank you!!!

Marsha Myers

I would like to find out about online surveys thar pay well. Does anyone here have any helpful information that I can use to get started?

Thanks guys!

Marsha M.

Cynthia Thomasn

No they dont work and you dont get paid for it the tell you that you are and how much its alie

L. mosley

I believe you.


Same thing happened to me

Jenna Brown

Same with me

Marixa M Ruperto

That’s why I opt out or in between they ask you too buy something, I quit!


I have done the same thing, and never seen a dime. So where can I go and do a survey, that will paye me.

Debbie Spiller

I agree with you survey after survey even as far as confirming shipping info then more surveys like full battery running low surveys they’re all the same

Mary Knowles

So very true here also.


Surveys on the go is an app you can download abd you just do the surveys tbey give you daily and you get paid a certain amount per servey


I would also like to know.?

Bart deane

Cam try there’s a whole bunch list fromf bart

Sharon Sevier

It can be very frustrating when doing surveys and them not paying of if you can give me information to change that it would be a great honor if you did so. Thank you for the opportunity to express my interest.

Andriy Lytvynchuk

I think somo gonna frustrating Sharon you in internet , have many languages you can get1,2. A’m not frustrated , because don’t have any time for the ,work 12 13 hours , 7 days a week.


Survey companies (for the most part) just probing for sales; groups of different entities/products e.g. Insurance, home improvement, car sales, funeral biz, medical equipment etc etc. FOS !!

Piero Russotto

hello hello my name is Piero and they did the same thing to me they had me fill out at least a hundred survey and I didn’t receive not one dime they promised me gift cards they promised me all these stuffs and they lie to me how can I do something about it I would like to contact the person that’s doing this because they are getting my hopes High and making me lose time from what I was doing also making me waste my battery and my minutes on my phone I would like to find out how… Read more »

Turi olsen

Would like to know if i wasted my time as well. Did everything i thought was right. Still nothing either.

Dan Cohenour

You know, this survey thing is looking more and more unethical. Maybe some authorities should be made aware of what’s going on. A good start might be the Better Business Bureau. If they can’t help they might have a good idea as to how to proceed

Flora McNeil

Hello Piero Russotto, you can start a lawsuit against this company

Bernadine Millard

Well personal finance i need some extra to work with it.

sylvester stephens

my name is sylvester and i am in the lwan business in charlotte n.c now and i need jobs for my lwan business as well now thank you sylvester stephens

Peter Rodis

When do we get started?
And how?


Im im loiking to do tje same….


What English class are you taking, go back to


Not nice to make fun of her English! Do you know how to speak theirs?

Mercedes Frean

I need money for sure, but I do not want to pay any one to work for them. I cook for some friends that are busy or old from my house. But I’m really getting tire if doing that .I would like something different and easy I’m 75 years almost old and a widow, needing extra money. What do you think it will be good for do at home.

William Morton

Look up allstar surveys they 0will get u started there are atleast 5 companies offpering spurveys

Robert Katz

Online research and consulting for others. I am considering this for myself to do. Start a blog and find out what people want to know and help them find it. They will pay you for your time and efforts!


good idea

Kimberly Gill

Keep me posted please

Racinda Whitworth

Hi , I am new to all this online money making also. No expert by far 🙂 I read your post , and am thinking you said you cook for people right? So I imagine you must be very talented with cooking and do it well . Maybe create your own recipe cook books and sell them online. Did you know will help people publish there books and get them out there to help sell them . I think they do Kindle , but it’s for sure worth checking it out. If you have someone you know that can… Read more »


I agree she should stick to her you led her to the direction of how to get started.
I think the cookbook of her favorite recipes would be great. Good luck I hope she seeks some more advice from you! Your very kind and knowledgeable.

Past Tilda K Martin

That was good info, and a great start
She might also go the Church in her area, and try to see if they have any people that
need her to help with the cooking, like baking cookies, pastries, etc,
that kind of thing, with less sugar, and fat, and try on a healthier note.
Past Tilda K Martin


Looking for a dependable online business also.


Nice thx so much for not only reading my mind lol but helping to opening my eye to online marketing, just a point (a thoughtful friend recommendation )in the best direction

Rick Miller

I know of a legit company in Idaho that has been around for 30+ yrs (1985).
There products are exceptional and a marketing plan that keeps up with the times.If you are interested in some info.
about it e-mail me and i will surely present
Or share the insight of the company with any Questions you may have.


Hey Rick, I would love to have that contact info for the Idaho company of which you spoke earlier…. also any additional info you might provide re: business and products etc. Thank you so very much, Russ

Stephany DeGarmo

I would like to check this out for I’m a single mom living dollar to dollar trying not to lose our house also

Bernie Bang

I would be intrested as well to find something that is a sure thing to make extra bucks on my spare time. I have been a professional mime since 1968 when my first contact was to the opening of Cal Expo in Sacramento, Calif. I do martial arts and am a master knife throwing champion often doing demonstrations but not often enough between jobs. So need something extra. I also cook and have a recipe for a Chile bean soup you won’t find anywhere in the world and would love to market me product perhaps in a can. Just need… Read more »

Andriy Lytvynchuk

A u syr u Angel??


Thankyou an god bless you


If u do online marketing get ready to pay alot for your seo


Shut up

Cathy Irelan

I feel that if you take these surveys, they need to pay you. I have done alot of surveys for several different people and not seen a penny. Why tell someone they will make the pay they advertise and not pay them for there services. I love doing surveys, but it sure wud be nice to get paid cash. Not prizes. Anybody know of surveys that do this? I sure wud love to know.

Cynthia Elaine Casteel (maiden name)

Do you recall about competitive market. Well on-line there is the same thing. Check to make sure someone isn’t interviewing in some way when you’re completing a survey for pay. Block some of the other companies from interview.


I’m Charlie and I would like to now to done hundreds got nothing back

Dan Cohenour

My name is Dan and I did surveys for several days before I figured out it’s a con. These sure a eye companies have no intention of paying anyone at all. I worked up over $3000.00 worth of surveys and all I got was empty promises. Y best advice to anyone thinking about surveys and pay, is just stay away from it. You only get frustration.
Dan Cohenour

Cheryl Smith

I too don’t do them anymore because they say they’re going to pay you and you never get paid


Is it true that you get payed for surveysif so I’m willing to give it a try thank you

Robert Katz

Used to but no more!


Try Survey Junkie. They pay cash for surveys.

Carmen lerma

I am looking to do surveys that pay for my services. Please email me.

John Lee long

I have a flooring business that me and my wife are getting older and it’s been harder to find work and do work so I want to scale it down and just do small jobs I live in Appling Georgia if anybody and surrounding areas needs any flooring done


That’s really good to scale the business down gently, according to your pocket, health and availability.
If your situation changes, you can always gear the biz back up. Maybe a family member,needs a second job.
I would surely love to get those skills you have under your sander lol. Enjoy.

dan fritter

To do or not to do any more

Catherine Y Davison

I am disabled and on SS and State assistance but, I really need to make extra money desperately. Problem is I need to do it from home with flexible hours. Right now don’t even have computer. In process of moving and someone packed it and it is somewhere in storage, hoping to find it in 1st 2 weeks of July when I am moving in. I just need something legitimate. Does anyone have any recommendations. Plz would greatly appreciate it. Desperate and tired of running into useless dead ends.

Courtney Hartman

Use your phone to do some of the same he suggested also there are little things you can do like grocery shop or take errand jobs for people! Theres a few suggestios ! Use your imagination because I dont know your your disability i dont know your limits!


Hi Catherine I too am on disability and I know how hard it is to find jobs do to getting paid under the table or because of your ability to work. I’ve done shopping, driving to apt for people, and there are some people who just want someone to visit with their loved one. As soon as you’re able to get your computer there’s some different things you can do and get paid through PayPal. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

Julie Harris

I am on disability. How do you get paid through PayPal? I recently started selling some of my things on marketplace & people were wanting to pay with PayPal. I set-up my acct# but not sure how it works do they put the money in and I receive it before I ship item? And does anyone know about walmart shipping your maretplace item for free to another Wal-Mart? Or did I comprehend that wrong? Can anyone help me, feeling old and confused!!


I am the same disabled and must get better before getting outside job. They seem to punish you when your disabilities are worse than others. Theirs a program called maud and you need to work 40 hrs to receive full benefits it’s been a nightmare trying.Did the social services help you move and get housing most of all the moving because I will need a garage for some stuff. I am from PA and they ignore me. I can’t stand the mess and I am to weak to straighten things . I would love your answer most needed. Thanks

Donna Thompson

Hi my name is Donna. I have been reading everyone’s comments. I can relate to the lady with disabilities on SSD I am too and have done a ton of those servayes. I got 0 money. Only 100 calls from people Washington sell ins. of all kinds. My husband and I are both on SSD. I have had 2 major surgeries this yr. Having SI Joint in J. Mon. Would appreciate prayers.

Turi olsen


Lori Morris

Where are you located?

Margaret Allen

It is defecult to find the right marketing company everyone said your business Will grow but you pay and don’t see any result. I am a salon owner and I am yet to find the marketing company that works for my salon. After working with so many companies for the past four years. If you know a company that can guarantee at least 30 client a month I would gladly do business with you.

Shelly Bednarz

By word of mouth orfacebook or instagram any medi franzy help start a rumeor

Sandy Blackburn

Hi Margaret sounds like you’ve been doing hair for a long time. So obviously it wouldn’t be hard for you to have 30 clients it’s maybe you visited some of the nursing homes I know there’s people that do that and then you have a set appointment with these older ladies and you go to them and charge them what you think you should but then your calendar will start being booked with nursing home little old nice ladies who would probably love to her here and maybe a manager done and there’s more money. You’re probably just have to… Read more »


Love what do!.

Linda Jaynes

I haven’t read the full Information yhet but I am quite sure it us worth preserving… if there is more information then apply the Information unto my email. Thank you


I’m interested in your ad and wanted to know if I can get the information to get started.

Phil Ferland

Like what I see

Tommy arms

Can I get more information?


I have done survey and did not get paid, butI would love to do surveys that pay cash.

Beverly Colston

I actually Pre Qualify clients for Cancer Screening. And I would love a marketing strategy that would pull in qualified clients and individuals interested in joining my team. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you have any suggestion please correspond by email.

Patti Slavic

I have three granddaughters getting married three years one right after another.
Wanted to know if you lend money out for this About 3500.00


Finding the work is easy, in real estate. I’m a carpenter in retirement, looking to get into foreclosures

Doug Holderman

I’m tired of having to go and telling the same so many times the same thing over and over and not getting anything done! I have tried to get a $3000 loan for about a month with no luck.

Lynn Dougherty

Thank you
How does it work?

Edward Monaco

Do you teach people how to use online marketing .How do you make a website do you help with that also

Marilyn Tafoya

Is any of them online ads even real. I spend a lot of my time signing applications and never get nowhere.

Rosemary Hamilton



Thank you

Cora Gray

I hope it work out for me thank u i like to see the pictures of the houses

Ismail kheraj

What kind of online marketing produces the most amount of targeted traffic?


How to start with nothing

Daniel Marco

Yes i understand that you have to invest in a business but even at 47 dollars it will take me a year to save that will my current bills thank you

Sonia Daley

I would live to learn more of your straggies of online advertising.

Khaleel Hamlin

Life is up and down but its all about your motivation and goals you have in your heart and mind that will help you tobe strong today.


I have a lot of things that I want to get things sold that are in good condition. How do I get started with this?

Travarajiles P Jiles

I’m struggling with money I have so many bills that I need to pay and struggling with other stuff I have needs of taking care of my household my kids and other things with a part time job I need money what do

Judy Quarles

There is always a fee,to start & I don’t have the money. Therefore I can not join. It is sad!! Thank you fir listening.


if you would spell correctly than your message would be much more valid and worth paying any attention to

Bruce Beeman

I would like more info on this. I would like to do surveys and make some cash. This sounds like a very easy way to make a little green. I am very interested.
Have a good one!!

Jose Virgen

Thank You!

Rosa M Alvarado

Great info. I am old school from dinosaur age anything for us folks. ? Lol

Annie Singletary

I need help with moving money to move is there program that help you move.

Joyce M Austin

Hey there. My name is Joyce and I am trying desperately to get in touch with the right people who can help me with my music career. I write and sing music and I call them Inspiration for the Soul. I have beautiful songs, well lyrics, but I’m in need of some music for my songs. I have one that is ready to go but I don’t know where to start to get paid for it. Can anyone out there help me out with some direction on how to get it done. I see millions of people who will want… Read more »

Judy Goddard

I need money I have no car at this time I’m going through a struggle and here I am all messed up about to lose it all @ least a little money is better than no money @ all. Can u pls help me


Tim I would like more information on this matter.

Turi olsen

Just talk to me about anything.


I need help with my financial situation. I have cancer I’m now terminal. I’m untreatable now the doctors demed me disabled. I now get 900$ a month. I am divorced I’m still living with my ex-husband. I have been on a housing list with the state for 4 years. Rent for anything in Salt lake to rent is at least 800$. I’m need to move . Get on my feet. I have 5$ in the bank and no savings. Can you give me some advice. It’s hard to fight to live when you are miserable. Thank you. Susan

Alan Love sr

This is great stuff here we just got to many lazy people in this country of ours and people that can’t get the training due to lack of money for a good career. I also believe we are not all equal due the way we learn some just not as quick as others in picking up the information out of reading . Therefore, their memory is off not as compatible to learning as others. The instructors in college go to fast due to the material they got to teach so the slower students can’t seem to follow along as the… Read more »

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