So many times we get opportunities where there is a need to do something that we have never done before. But due to some reasons we tend to shy away from such situations or opportunities thinking that it’s out of our comfort zone. Some of like to work in a known atmosphere and under the conditions that are comfortable for us.

For example, many of us do business and we wish that our business gets the recognition that we had planned for. We do marketing in a traditional manner that we feel comfortable in, but have you ever thought that there could be so many other ways that you could follow to make sure that your business is getting the recognition that it needs.

You might be a store owner or a professional who provides services to their clients. You start your business and your prices are decent. You have decided that you won’t compromise with the quality of the product or the service that you are offering. Do you think that’s enough for your business?

How to add value to business?

Just getting the right service and good quality work is sometimes not enough. You need to add value to your business and make sure that your product or service is reaching the target audience. Because what’s the use of your business if it’s not able to reach the potential customers.

You might think that getting a business card would be sufficient and you can even advertise in the newspaper to let the people know about your business. But there are so many other ways which are more effective than these .

Given our dependency on internet these days, you could even do online marketing. Some of you might feel reluctant as you don’t know how to do it? Or you don’t feel comfortable doing business online? But the truth of today’s time is if it isn’t online, it isn’t alive.

What is online marketing?

The name online marketing is self explanatory, it means doing marketing using the online platform or with the help of social media. In simpler words you can promote your service or product with the help on internet and cater to a large number of customers without having to do much.

Online marketing is very useful in marketing and of you used this tool in the right way then you can easily get the desired results for your business. This is a very affordable way along with that you can alter your business proposals or services without having to spend too much.

What are the advantages of online marketing?

There are many advantages of online marketing and if you have never used the internet for the purpose of marketing then its time that you do. You would be amazed to see to many benefits that the internet has to offer.

A few of the advantages of online marketing are
  1. Affordable and low cost:
    If you are looking to do online marketing then it won’t cost you very much. You can easily promote your business to a large number of people at a very affordable price.

  1. Analytics:
    You can easily get the data and statistical results of your business without any extra cost.

  1. More clients:
    Almost everyone is using internet these days and if you use internet as a source for your marketing then you can target a larger number of clients. You can even target people who are out of your demographic area.

  1. Flexibility:
    Online marketing is flexible for both the consumer and the business owner. One can publish about their products or services from anywhere and similarly the consumers can avail those services without having to leave their house.

How can you benefit from getting out of your comfort zone?

Like we said in the starting of the article, there are so many options we may miss out on only because we were too scared or not willing to get out of our comfort zone. If you have a business and you feel reluctant doing online business or online marketing then you really don’t know what all you are missing out on.

If your goal is to promote your business and reach a certain level. Then the first step towards it would be to stay motivated and be open to new things. It’s okay to feel reluctant but you should definitely try new options as it might open doors to new opportunities. If you have never tried to take your business online, then now is the time to do so.

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Jerry Young

I am going to need some help OK


Is great that you need some help everyone needs a little help sometimes don’t ever be afraid to get help that’s what makes us the best

Sharron Mack

I am Interested in Going on Line withmy business in my Pro fession in house Cleaning Hosting party


I agree would love to do online business as well that I can make a paycheck with that give me more time to serve God and help people around me


I need a loan

Hezzie Young

I need a loan


@Jamie what’s the loan for? Perhaps I can set you in the right direction.


Need a loan bad . My teeth are getting replaced because of surgery on my knees replaced.

Carmen Hahn

Congrats on new teeth and knees! I’ve been trying to do the same. I used to live in Weslaco, Texas near the border. Everyone around there goes across the border for dental work because it’s about half the cost there. Something to consider if you are low on funds.Blessed be.

Terry H

So do i jamei but i dont know i think i need some one on one meeting to get a very clear picture of it all


Know I understand thx you.

Pedro,Santiago BLUEH Soliz

I’m 70 yrs. This september,got hurt 20 yrs ago and couldn’t be a. Carpenter anymore,but want to wake up an old business from the 70’s I also was successful at in doing oil painting and holiday cards. On line I need to know about because this is the only business I.can do now. How can i get paid for reading emails and selling my art.

Gerry Pratt



I needed a hand help and meet one on one face to face to my better understanding how do it cause I’m hard of hearing!

Beverly White

Well, I’ll pay my loan off, it will leave me with less money to work with but it’s one step out of my comfort zone.


Thats what really matters or you will never go forward. Stay positive hard work always pay off. And just think u did it.

Cynthia L Bacon

First u are so right u have to stay positive that’s the best


Seriously you really think there such thing as a comfort zone

Kevin Wingate

U might already know but I can apply for a pell grant all u got to do to qualify for it is apply. Were I have always lived you are will 5,700 are 5,800 seriously!!! take care!

Kay Kuder

What is a Pell grant and do you need to be a student or any prerequisite?

ronald gamber

You must be a full time or degree seeking student

Rachel Keyes

You just have to do is Mind Over Matter because I go through a lot and I pushed depression and all how to survive it

Julie Leboeuf

You are so very fortunate!

Maria Morales

Àmen to that. When God çomes every single thing stays except for the those souls that are going with him .God bless you and all.


Need a loan

Lorrie A Hoyle

I’m interested making money from home


That would be a good job for me

Barry Do

Please send more information to join this opportunity. Thanks

Sonya Mason

I’m content in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Yes maybe not

Martin kapp

more information

Lindsey Medlock

I would love to learn about this business! Could you help me?


I have a new online health n wellness website n Need to build traffic

Neal Covingto.n

Need more information

Marvin Cotton

Yes I’m interested

Kristin Juliet lambert

Am looking forward to getting paid since I’m moving to duncan

Daffney R Young

However, I want to do online business while I am in college.


You are not going to go in fear but astonishment. So enjoy!


You are so correct!! Bless you for standing up for your beliefs!! Blessings to you and your family

Basanta Shahi


Marie Reid

PRAISE THE LORD. THANK YOU. It will be a blessing to find out more about estate planning..

Allen Emmett Jr

What you people are doing

Sadie Montano

I need a lone so i can get pushed out of my comfort zone

William Beasley

Need some help

Ethel Mitchell

Do how do i stsrt reading emails and get started

Yolanda perez

Im realy trying i dont know how.

Rosie Mary Hall

I need help promoting my business online with different sites already promoting on Facebook,


Need help with construction on old home

Tiffany Nelson

Thanks it’s well appreciated I don’t usually ask no one for help because I’m so used to doing everything and figuring everything out by myself and I don’t need the drama or need to be judged I take it ass if I don’t have it it ain’t meant for me to have

Cristian Quintanilla

Hey yall how yall doing my name is cristian i am 25 yrs old been going threw a hole lot at ma young age lol witch am still young…all sm here to say that with god anything is possible one thing i know that is a fact is that god wont put us threw anything that we kaint survive ive been shot 7x for being at the wrong place wrong time..i know god has a plan an purpose for us all but i just hope is not to late to for us all..keep on striving take evry step at a… Read more »




God is great.


As long as you keep God first in your life, and just thank him everytime you think about him and how good he has been to you and your family everything will be fine.
You see it is a personal thing, you can shout it, or say it in you mind, from you heart, God hears it. God Bless

Willie Williams

What are the health tips?


I would love to help people that who struggling with their lives and I want help myself also but I can do it to help them and support

Atiya Battle

I need help

Corinthia Brown

Thank you!


Great discussion I’m looking for my nitch, i’ve done plenty of technical writing. That’s enough to drive you too a isiluim. Looking for something fun and different

Bart Deane

Best thank you pass it on thank you

Debbie davis

Where can i get a small grant for a small house,i have lived in a shed for 5 i need a grant badly

Nora Borosak

Hi Debbie,

Check out some of our mortgage articles for tips. Thanks for reading!

Celestin Loux

So have u heard anything yet


That is so true. We all need that push for motivation. Helping one another is something great and inspiration.

Lisa D Mobley

My desire is to start my own business presently I’m in school on-the-job training interior decorating services

Steve Kane

Lisa have you tried Thumtack, Home advices. Good way to get started


I’m a radio host for indie artist! Would lobe to get myself further out there!

Darryl Lowery

This is a very informative article. I’d recently been thinking about taking my candle business online, and marketing it properly would be just what I need. Thank you.

Nora Borosak

Hi Darryl,

Glad to hear you enjoyed the article. Thanks for reading and best of luck with your candle business!


Wow…carmen ypu are one special person…i admire and fully believe in what you are a light house for those that are struggling in their choices

Tanisha Shoemaker


Bertil w karsten jr

I want travel insurance?

Julie Leboeuf

Hi Carmen, some times life can be really scary. I do not qualify for any job that my state has to offer. I report my disabilities to them and they apologize then end the call. I love God. I know he loves me. This must be the biggest test of my faith. I used to be a Flight Attendant then got injured on the job. I miss all my coworkers and passengers from all walks of life. This was a sad day. I was told I have Parkinson’s Disease and other syndromes and disorders. I’ll read emails for money. This… Read more »


Is this forum for on line marketing

Nora Borosak

Hi Mike!

Our website focuses on providing you with tips and tricks for wealth, growth, and wisdom in several different areas of life. Please be sure to check out the rest of our articles. Thanks for reading!