So many times we get opportunities where there is a need to do something that we have never done before. But due to some reasons we tend to shy away from such situations or opportunities thinking that it’s out of our comfort zone. Some of like to work in a known atmosphere and under the conditions that are comfortable for us.

For example, many of us do business and we wish that our business gets the recognition that we had planned for. We do marketing in a traditional manner that we feel comfortable in, but have you ever thought that there could be so many other ways that you could follow to make sure that your business is getting the recognition that it needs.

You might be a store owner or a professional who provides services to their clients. You start your business and your prices are decent. You have decided that you won’t compromise with the quality of the product or the service that you are offering. Do you think that’s enough for your business?

How to add value to business?

Just getting the right service and good quality work is sometimes not enough. You need to add value to your business and make sure that your product or service is reaching the target audience. Because what’s the use of your business if it’s not able to reach the potential customers.

You might think that getting a business card would be sufficient and you can even advertise in the newspaper to let the people know about your business. But there are so many other ways which are more effective than these .

Given our dependency on internet these days, you could even do online marketing. Some of you might feel reluctant as you don’t know how to do it? Or you don’t feel comfortable doing business online? But the truth of today’s time is if it isn’t online, it isn’t alive.

What is online marketing?

The name online marketing is self explanatory, it means doing marketing using the online platform or with the help of social media. In simpler words you can promote your service or product with the help on internet and cater to a large number of customers without having to do much.

Online marketing is very useful in marketing and of you used this tool in the right way then you can easily get the desired results for your business. This is a very affordable way along with that you can alter your business proposals or services without having to spend too much.

What are the advantages of online marketing?

There are many advantages of online marketing and if you have never used the internet for the purpose of marketing then its time that you do. You would be amazed to see to many benefits that the internet has to offer.

A few of the advantages of online marketing are
  1. Affordable and low cost:
    If you are looking to do online marketing then it won’t cost you very much. You can easily promote your business to a large number of people at a very affordable price.

  1. Analytics:
    You can easily get the data and statistical results of your business without any extra cost.

  1. More clients:
    Almost everyone is using internet these days and if you use internet as a source for your marketing then you can target a larger number of clients. You can even target people who are out of your demographic area.

  1. Flexibility:
    Online marketing is flexible for both the consumer and the business owner. One can publish about their products or services from anywhere and similarly the consumers can avail those services without having to leave their house.

How can you benefit from getting out of your comfort zone?

Like we said in the starting of the article, there are so many options we may miss out on only because we were too scared or not willing to get out of our comfort zone. If you have a business and you feel reluctant doing online business or online marketing then you really don’t know what all you are missing out on.

If your goal is to promote your business and reach a certain level. Then the first step towards it would be to stay motivated and be open to new things. It’s okay to feel reluctant but you should definitely try new options as it might open doors to new opportunities. If you have never tried to take your business online, then now is the time to do so.

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Hi Tim. I do fabulous landscape oil paintings, designs, illustrations, …one of a kind works, you want to display in your home. old ways of selling in past decades worked great, vs. now??? Not so. How do I stand out? Recently I’m selling “make me over” furniture at pop up sites. How do i make it all work ??

Nora Borosak

Hi Kym,

Please refer to the article for more details and be sure to check out the rest of our articles for more tips. Thanks for reading!


I’m trying to start a business, but I’m having a hard time trying to get a logo insert and a marketing strategy . I dont know anything about starting a online business but I’m trying to find out how an I dont have alot of money to spend for someone to make me a website. HELP if you have any information.

Nora Borosak

Hi Sherry,

Check out this article we have about marketing. Be sure to check out the rest of our articles under the “business” section of our website for more useful information. Thanks for reading!

Mihara M Daniels

Just save your money or go for an loan mihara daniels

Mihara M Daniels

Listen it is not hard

Amy Koskinen

Easy peasy go to YouTube & search out videos on how to make a website! I could help, super easy!

Samantha Rochdi

Hi Sherry!! I just saw this post. I am certified in Adobe Illustrator and am attending school for web development. If you haven’t found someone, I’d be more than willing to create these things for you. We can grow together!! I would request a fee, but it will be only a fraction of what others are pricing.

Djg Mccarthy

Go to angies list get legimet resouce you need dont fall for those web site with camel can can up with your business websites not free.

Matt stinnett

Boo zoo’s bread and grill


Hello world no matter what type of business success you are striving for please put your heart into it


I never had a business. Thinking about trying to do that but it take money something I dont have.

Nora Borosak

Hey Keith,

Check out some of our articles under “money” for tips on how to make additional income. Thanks for reading!

Richard Carrasquillo

I would like to to write short stories of real people experience but I don’t know what are the legal process of how to go about it

Daffy duck

Go to legal copy right.there a website has that information.


What. Kind of story’s are you still interested cuz I think I have a observation for you ?

Stephen Mark Bright

How do i get a loan with a credit rating of 520?

Nora Borosak

Hi Stephen,

Here are some tips on how to improve your credit score which will help you increase your chances of getting a loan. Thanks for reading!

Amy Koskinen


Daffy duck

Go to bad crrdit loans check your credit you may a advertisement with high interest. Also credit one is easy.stay away from spot loan.

Jeanette Beckwith

Thank you. I needed THAT Reassurance!!

Jeanette Beckwith


Lydia Moore

Hi I’m starting a new business.I don’t know how to get it out there.I am an independent travel agent who is looking for other business minded people like my self to build a team in this travel business.I don’t know how to market this and get started.I need exposure.I will show them the presentation to help them get started.Help me get on the media

Nora Borosak

Hi Lydia,

Check out this article on marketing. For more tips and tricks for business owners, be sure to check out the articles in our “Business” section on our website. Thanks for reading!

Teri Mcmillan

I am also looking for a new business and would love to be a independent travel advisor. I have a background in a lot of travel but don’t know how to start up. Maybe go with a bigger company like go ahead tours? If you would like to reach out to me, please do!

Suzanne Stewart

Good luck with this very valuable business service. As former Pan Am stewardess I always thought I’d do something like you’re doing but I got into another industry…the broadcast biz and made a lot of money and then got busy raising a child in a single parent household in manhattan so I lost interest. I applaud you for doing my dream job.

Albert Aiken


Hiawatha Freeman

Help me get on the media

Tonya Ambrose

Hi and I am an indepedent travel agent to…and I truly feel you on Marketing….getting the publicity that I know I need. And I want to be good in what I do…Not just an Ad!.. Please help me if you can…

Mia Butler

Hello my Name is Mia B. and I would like to just let you know that what your trying to accomplish sounds Great and I would Luv to be a business partner/ on the team with the traveling as well!!


I have a brilliant buinssness for me. Im putting it all together. Paper, purtcher order book, computer,copy, fax machine. Clients and employers.

Gene Fletcher

Hi. My name is Gene and I’m really looking to find something that i can do online that won’t cost alot to start do to my situation. I dont have much but what i do have I’m blessed i would love to find something that i can work with to give my fiance our own place to live and a better life.

Nora Borosak

Hi Gene,

Here are some articles that can help guide you in the right direction. Thanks for reading!


Hi I’m interested in online small business but need a sponsor someone that can teach me how to start step by step can you help

Priscilla Parker

I am also very interested in doing a business online but I am afraid that I can’t do it please motivate me some more

Fred Anthony Laster

It’s so easy
Just takes time..
But it’s kinda fun..

Sherry Thomas

You know Gene I was like you searching for something that was true and honest. On my last day of work I was hit by some kids and my career was over and now what was I going to do. I was in a lot of pain it was 3:00 am and couldn’t sleep a infomercial came on talking about this product that heals your body and I needed all the help I can get. I paid the 4,95 and received it in the mail and followed the instructions and 2 weeks later I couldn’t tell you how much better… Read more »

Betty L Perkins

I recently started school, I’m 58 yrs. old. I have used the site for loans. But didn’t get a loan. Can you y’all help me to get a loan, to open a Daycare center. Please help.

Nora Borosak

Hi Betty,

Congratulations on starting school! Here are some articles on loans that can help guide you in the right direction. Thanks for reading!

Corey Frizzell

How much r u look n to borrow?

Barry Baker

Degree n Cert. first, then ur credentials speak volumes to potential lenders

Dorothy Burch

All of the information I’m receiving is great and tempting if I had a great support team behind me that could understand my situation. I have too much going on right now to even try to get started. As much as I want to, it’s inconceivable with all that I’m going through. But, optimistical, and I still believe In miracles. And if I see one coming from your direction, I’d jump on it quick.


This was a very good article, it gave me some encouragement. I will do some more reading and some investigation on just what type of online business I would like, there are a few. Thank you
Sincerely Audrey

Kelly Jay Knutson

Mr.Hanson, the timing in which I received your article seems as if it has had some divine intervention. I’m starting an online business and yesterday afternoon I received an email with information about a marketing procedure to bring in clients. As I learned what it was I was going to have to do to implement this, it took all of the excitement, motivation and hope that I had been cruising on and blew the wind right out of my “sails”! No pun intended! So this morning when I read your article I felt like the Universe or something more specific,… Read more »

Nora Borosak

Hi Kelly,

If you keep a positive attitude, stay motivated, and never give up, anything is possible! We have tons of articles that have great tips for business owners so be sure to check those out, too. Thanks for reading and wishing you the best of luck!

Sherri D Tucker

I am a 67yr old senior woman and have worked most of my life. And now due to health issues i no longer work. I sit in my apartment with my dogs feeling i should do. I had seen ads but never went further to comfortable and safe. Well I could use some help getting started. So let’s do this together. Good luck


I would be interested in learning how to do network marketing for business. I don’t a business at this time but im open to suggestions or maybe you could throw me some good ideas to think about, please and Thank you. Pleased to meet you, Evelyn Denise Smith

Nora Borosak

Hi Evelyn,

Check out our article about marketing and other articles in our “business” section for more useful information. Thanks for reading!

LeRoy Robinson

What are you looking to do like I have lots of ideas for business but what’s your vision

Jennifer Theareasea SimonJobity

Estate planning ,when you write A will to share all things equally is Amazing .not that am dieing ,am getting G ready to Retire in about 10 years but from 2020 then what’s left is for myself and husband to live on .


Hi sounds good I’ll be there

Eric A Lee

Google morning. I’m a small business owner who supports individuals with learning disabilities. From New Jersey, Lee Services has been in business for one year. We are growing but uexpectedly we have taken on a very lucrative market. I need to advertise online more. I need help in this area. Please give feedback when you can.

Nora Borosak

Hi Eric,

Check out our article on marketing tips. I hope it helps! Thanks for reading!


I’m small business landscaper


So in what way I should go?

LeRoy Robinson

I can help you advertise your business but it does cost to advertise

Ruth Wongbe

I don’t have a business. So what can I do?

Lynda P Lynch

Thank you

Theresa Wilson

How much would it cost me to run a ad online each month to get new customer

Joseph Askew

I need money so I can get my business to boom

Nora Borosak

Hi Joseph,

Check out our articles listed under “money.” They can help guide you in the right direction to making additional money and hopefully, your business will get going soon. Thanks for reading!

Corey Frizzell

How much r u looking to borrow?

Naria vega

I agree thatbonlinevmarketing is good but there are so many people that are into being fraud s thatvit discorages you.I want to deal with a company that will help me progress, and be honest also.

Angela lombardi

Yes ma’am I agree

Annette Noel

I would love to do that but funds are a major factor. I don’t have it . It’s hard when u have none .

Nora Borosak

Hi Annette,

We have a ton of articles in our “money” section that can help you make some extra cash. Thanks for reading!

Reginald Gilbert II

I am a young business entrepreneur, in forefront technologies and innovations, in development for the past thirty years. I am currently in developing marketing strategies of the current times. And internet marketing does present advantage, in scope. But, I have to determine what and where, of duties, to convert, replace, etc., to be effective in these business progression. This article has presented the valid question. ‘WHERE IS THE COMFORT ZONE ?’ ‘ And how to make one’ or ‘one’s’. NOT. BUT THAT’S BUSINESS. GETTING USED TO IT IS THE COMFORT ZONE.
Something to think about. Good article.

Kim hoa nguyen

Hi I am new business I don’t know how to do can the team help me how to do business online how to buy stocks sorry I don’t know English much I need your help thank you

Jeaneau Bailey

I enjoy giving back to the community help feeding the homeless and i enjoy party planning which im currently in school for now do you have any ideas that i can get started off with until I finish my schooling thanks

Nora Borosak

Hi Jeaneau,

Thank you for serving your community! It’s very nice to hear that you are doing that, keep up the good work! In the meantime, here are some articles that can help you make some extra cash while you finish up with school. Thank you for reading!

Don Davis

I have a invention , but it takes lots of money to get a patton.

Corey Frizzell

How much?

Johnny Prieto

lets try it


I just join work at home and I paid $29. I need accounting job at home. I have not got the reply yet.

Trav t

Last year I started my own business fliping houses working with a realtor that would buy a house and resell to someone and then he would refer me to do the work I’m very meticulous with my work it’s my passion l did three last year an other side jobs I’m a very hard worker and I can do everything complete remodeling in and out , hardscape and masonry when I started everything was perfect new SR5 tundra and my car almost perfect credit and I when out and bought all new tools , all new stuff I would work… Read more »

Corey Frizzell

What state do you live in?

Anna Thomas

Yes, I’m the proud owner of two yes two websites and neither one is really up and running correctly, I’ve invested my Monroe’s in two different webSite designers ones supposed to have started in July, the other I think in August both 2019, I’m still getting the run around but I’m not even sure as to what I’m suppose to do I’ve tried uploading new products but if I can’t go through their information letter I can’t get to either webpage.. I need to know my options should I think of canceling the websites or just work harder to get… Read more »


Would like to join

Julia Lewis

Would love to own my own online businesses but no finance.

Nora Borosak

Hi Julia,

Check out some of our articles on how to make some extra cash. That could help you to start saving up to eventually own your own business. Thanks for reading!


hi am melinda and im homeless and i dont have pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of so you tell me how can i do anything

Pamela Todd

What’s the price

David Hackman

I have been a caregiver for my wife for 7 years shopping. Doctors. House cleaning making all the food doing everything. That is why I can’t hold a job.

Patricia Collier

Thank you boss

Patricia Collier

Good Teaching Boss

Nicholas LiVolsi

I’m preparing to launch Zthe 1st in a series of Branded eECONOMIC One Million Dollar Plus Branded to a ORG/NGO Investors Syndicates. The original design was formulated in the 1970’s with such companies as Amex, Bank of America, Visa, MCard, Discover, etc. The design of a Membership Investors Community Economics that extends out to Communities who are already a Member of an ORG/NGO. eE4 is a Funding Generator Program and Investment Strategy for the ORG/NGO and their Members taken from past proven Membership Marketing Financial Services. The design of eE4 takes that same strategy and extends it out to create… Read more »


I am 80 years old. All of my uncles are dead.


I am 80 years old and all of my uncles are dead.

Steven. M Snelgrove

Hi ,my name is steve.Im trying to start a business that is a charitable driven business, which consist of helping people that are terminal or just enable to do what they would like to do,instead of watching life go by and not being in it and enjoying the time we have left,or can’t do on or own. This is something that will grow over time,and be very uplifting and positive for anyone involved. Just a little about myself ,I found out 3 months ago I have cancer,small cell lung cancer,and I’m in stage 4,so not alot of time for me… Read more »


Thank you i will check in to that . i would like to talk with you about that . thank you hope to talk with you soon.

James Klassen

Hello. I have a swimming pool and hot tub service. Where I service on a weekly bases. The home owner does nothing. It’s very affordable and I was making $4000 a month from May to Sept. now in the off season I service hot tubs. But only locally. I would like to expand and go full time. I also have a management job of a recreational sport complex. But looking to be self employed full time. Any suggestions.

This is not helping me I told you I did that so ma

This is not helping me I told you I did that so many times and every time you told me I’m getting $1000 gift typic it never was true

This is not helping me I told you I did that so ma

You should respect my answer and do something about it thank you

Yoheved bluestein

Hands down because you Trick me so many times and I’m tired from it

Scott W

Thank you I am currently not well physically but will look into some kind of online biz once I start feeling better. This is definitely one of the up and coming ways to make money and has been for a while now.

Clifford fry

Well it says push this button to join this and that you get start getting started everything but I’ve done what you said on it here watch your preview whatever commercial just push this button to get started still haven’t made no money

Michael Piscatelli

I’m a real estate broker and I was also medical courier but have worked retail, wholesale owned a used auto lot was a automotive manager for sears and so much more . I’ am independent Real Estate Broker But will most likely will become a broker agent .