Can You Start A Business With No Money?

You may think it takes a lot of money to make money. That is what we are told all the time. And yet, I know many people who have begun very successful enterprises without a lot of cash. Be aware that I am not advising anybody to quit a day job to plunge in. While it is possible to start a business without money, most companies do not start making a lot of money right away.

You may already have what you need to start a business. Or like the people in some of my examples below, you may be able to borrow or swap for equipment and tools. The main focus you need to have is to start small, learn as you go, and improve the way you do business on a day by day business.


Examples of Business People Who Started on A Shoestring

Dog walker: I met a lady on the beach who had managed to turn her dog walking business into a significant enterprise that allowed her to live near the surf! She started out by walking some neighbors dogs while they were at work or on vacation. As the demand for her services grew, she hired some help. Then she found she needed t spend time on paperwork, so she enlisted help was doing all of the dogs walking. She had turned a very low-cost business startup into a small business with employees.

Lawn Services and Landscaping: The guy who mows my lawn lost everything he had in one of the major hurricanes. As he found temporary housing with family in my city, he began to borrow a truck and equipment to solicit work mowing lawns and landscaping. Since he always went out of his way to be helpful, people started passing his name around to their friends and neighbors. Soon, he had to hire help, and he managed to purchase his equipment and truck. As he worked, he began to learn more about landscaping so he could take on higher paying jobs. While this man continued to do yard work, he also made income off of the work his employees did.

Freelancing: I know so many examples of freelancers who have managed to turn a skill or hobby into a full-time business that it is hard to pick one. With the growth of the internet, many websites solicit content. People who can provide informative articles, pictures, or videos can find work. There are many freelancing job websites. Another way to see this type of action would be to many webmaster forums. A lot of them have a section for buying and selling services.

If you have some computer skills, this could even get easier. There is a demand for freelance coders to write particular computer scripts. But even if you do not know computer languages, mere word processing or spreadsheet skills can get you to to work as a virtual assistant.


One Man Shop or Business With Employees

You may be happy just finding work to earn income. If you can also build your skills at soliciting work, you can expand beyond the tasks you can complete and profit from employees too. You may find, like others have, your time is best spent getting business and managing projects. Your employees may perform the actual tasks. But most small businesses have to build themselves up to this point.

S there any way at all on how to start a business without money? The only thing that comes close is to begin a business using OPM – other people’s money. You can, for example, borrow some money from friends, family, and other private investors. You can borrow from a bank. You can also see if the government would be willing to offer you some types of grants or funding for your new enterprise. The money will still be used to get the business up and running. It just won’t be your own.

If you are serious about becoming a home based business entrepreneur and aren’t afraid to invest in a business that can change your future for the better, there is a lot of information to be found online. You can see details about a profitable home-based business that can help you reach your financial goals everywhere, but what really works and how long does it take?

What you need to start a business is passion and a good work ethic. If you have those things, you can find ways to get what you need without a lot of money.

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Tim loves talking about money, Trying new ways to make extra cash, saving every penny he can on services we all need, and hanging out with his three beautiful boys. He strives to provide the most accurate information on every topic related to personal finances.
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Ralph Coles

I would like very much to start a consultant business but do not know where to start do you have any suggestions on how to get started.

Jarius "j groove Groves

I’m a singer song writer and I am a natural peo ppl le person and very unoraganized ,I belive that if I had help to prioritize my issues ,opportunities and ideas I think I would be already making money but it’s very overwhelming I cant concentrate and I all over the place . So I make the offer of 40% of money I profit from any opportunity or sucess in my career will go to the person or persons that help me to get there ..and protect their investment.

Gerald Williams

I’m going to give it try


I want to start a house keeping job but don’t know how to start it and also get commercial contracts

Gloria Battle

I want to get started

Eugenie F Kidd

Thanks,I had always believed that starting a business was not hard,after accomplish in a degree in business,become a business owner for 9vyears it kind of even it self,but what I find it really depends on the type of business,and knowing and owning the of principles towards any buisness,a business fail if there is no communication positively, better yet knowing the right principles start up plans,the information y man resources act of it, if buisness owners do not take the insitives appoarch,from the planning,communication,communities,families, advertising,ect will fail,even the re payment and pay to employee,taxes exhbit that’s the core validation on any… Read more »

Eugenie F Kidd

Y man, I meant human resources

Aunt in kitchen

Put your pots on stove. Let get cook!!



Janet Snellgrove

Does it cost anythi ng to start?

Lillian M Ybarra

I would like to make money and start learning how to do it with out no money

Jamie Korza

I want to start my own logistics business tell me how I can do that without money

Sally Shepherd

I want to start my plant nursey nothing big at first but don’t know where to start I live in Jacksonville FL.

Drew Mitchell

I would like to start a small business in rustic furniture and tables made out of wood burrows,such. As oak ,madrone and cedar,I have the resourse and most of the tools,but no capital for fuel and saw files and permits for doing this.

joseph w chenoweth

I like to open a bar that has been closed for yearsss.its a small place but in a good spot with a lot of traffic going by all the time.not sure how to open it or get a 2nd opinion what the place good be besides a bar.if someone can point me to the right way It would be grateful


Where is this bar? Would like to be your partner

Stacy Kaiser

You can do it one step at a time!

Thomas Tefertiller

Very interested disability check just isn’t cutting it

Daniel Lee pena 1 .

It’s really nice ☺️ , to have someone that really cares about the human race,. Lately all I hear is about how humans are so behind in time.

Stacy Kaiser

Looks like you have a partner offer , already.Goodluck thou we could seriously use some new as well as good bars.Too clickesh


I would like to open a dunkin doughnuts in a strip mall across from college housing. No coffee shops in the area for at least 20 miles. Have it open 24 hours.

Jamie Korza

I want to start my own logistics business tell me how I can do that without money

Anita Okelberry

I also would like to have my own business. I would love to start up a vintage second hand store. I have been collecting items for sometime now the store. And I also have an idea to pass out business cards at estate, garage and yard sales. Offering to pickup leftover items from there sales as a tax deductible charitable donation. And donate 10% of the stores profits.

Daniel Dahl

Yes, I would like to start a business. Unfortunately I have no funds. Really would like to get out of construction. Had to relocate therefore I haven’t worked in months. I have been furthering my education as a half student online in business management. Kind of lost!

Lelio Jean-Etienne

To create the world,God used speach.But to conserve it,He use a law.Can you précise this law for me please. l’d like use it to do business.’

George Washington

Feel free to send me money!

Dorothy Acevedo

I would like to open a cleaning business in Scranton Pennsylvania. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. There’s a lot of elderly people that can’t afford to get their houses cleaned. So I was thinking about having low prices to help out people that can’t afford it. And two days out of the week help out people for free elderly people that don’t have family or friends that can help them. I’ve been thinking about this for almost 15 years. There’s a story to why I haven’t gotten there yet. But one day God will give me that… Read more »


What are the basic needs to start a tee shirt business, I already have some good things to say on my shirts


Thank you for taking time out to supply information to people who need it. Your articles is a great jump start for creative thinkers.


Have anyone heard of pop up business you RENT out a space for the night are one to five day and sale your business


My background is in cellular phones. I would like to start an online store but haven’t the slightest idea of how and where to start. Brick and mortar stores cost money and 40-50k just for signage with top cellular companies. Sync Mobile sounded good but I think they no longer exist. I’ve searched and haven’t found any information as of late. Amy help would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Williams

Why dont you check out metro pcs thay are growing now really good just start out of your house & use 1 room as an office thats where i started rebuilding cars trucks in my car.port & built it up to getying a house & a 40 by 40 shop in 5 yrs

Paul OBier

Yes I would like to learn how to open a business with no money I have tried for years and got nowhere if you could help me movie deeply deeply appreciated

Kenneth Payne

I have been running a small yard business for over 6 years now and I will be happy to say been doing ok. Now I have no transportation to get to work and it has cost me a lot of jobs. I gave up on looking for help as workers, none of them ever want to do anything as soon as they get money to party with, and I end up doing the jobs. I don’t mind I get all of the money. Now I have my handicapped brother and I am trying to get him working with me. Only… Read more »

Connie Ware

I make Shea butter lotions , I gave out plenty sample, changed my packageing three times, but I only had three return calls for more. I don’t know what I need to do next.

Margerita jackson

Where I live at we have no Popeyes I would like to open one up how do I go about it

Lettie Bell

I’m trying to start a basic home care business I have been a nursing assistant ever since I was eighteen working in nursing,homes direct care homes foster

Brenda Miller

Yes, I would like to start my own business in Patient advocacy. I have been in nursing field since I was 15. I have worked everywhere, and seen a lot, happening with patients then but more now than ever, in the Healthcare Industry. I just don’t know how to push forward and start making a difference for Patients Care


I have recently started trying a cleaning business. Right now I clean only one house. The city is different from the country. I prefer to work for realtors but having a hard time, but I’m not giving up.

Elizabeth Giron

I would like to try this out and see for myself how well it works. TY

tracey meriweather

I’d like to start a personal housekeeping business, but don’t know how to advertise , since it would be only for gentlemen , and done in a French maid uniform. but no touchy. only watchy me clean. how could I use this idea? I also want to employ women to mow yards in skin colored bikinis, I think it would do very well, as well as fun to see the neighbors react.

Maria Jenkins

I would love to start a business in Hawaii,how do I get started? There is money to be made and I am willing and ready to start. I noticed several things, that could bring wealth,while I was vacationing.need to know the pros and cons of starting a business with so much water and volcanoes .Maria

William Sproling

I need to grow my shoe service and shine business,I need capital,and an expense account.It would be great to go mobile.

Elaine Lorenzo

i would like to open up my own small food business or ice cream shop soon can you help me?!

Jimmie Mcmillan

I would love to start my own business but I donot no what to try, I can do so many different things I have been trying to figure it out,

Sohail Usmani

Well, I want to start my daycare center for kids. How should I go about that!

Cassandra Mcclough

Hi I am a concern wife my husband wants to start a floor cleaning business and he is very good at it he knows how to use multiple floor cleaning machines just don’t have the funds to get business license do you have any idea what we can do, thanks.

Lori Wallace

I am a professional voice-over artist/actor. I need advice starting my business in this area I already have two demos and have taken classes did radio for 4 and 1/2 years and voice-over work for Delta Airlines and went to college in France and speak French and I can do voice overs in French as well as English. I would like to do freelance work could you please give me some advice and pointers. I also want to start my Consulting business as a newborn care specialist otherwise known as a baby nurse. I go into private homes and, I… Read more »

Richard Leach

I would like to start a business selling my art. Which varies greatly. From tattoo patterns i draw. Portraits, where i take photographs and draw them in a variety of different settings. Like the people could be drawn with tigers all around them. That werent actually there at all. And i also hand paint custom cups. And actual paintings themselves. But i dont have materials to manufacture my art. And dont know where to get the money or how and where to go on the computer to sell it. Oh. I also make a wide variety of homemade popup cards.… Read more »

Detra Johns

I came up with an invention. Got ahold of a couple of invention sites online to see if they could help me with getting a patent on my invention. Now the problem I’m having is I currently don’t have about a $1000 to give to these companies to help me get started. Please someone lead me in the right direction.

charlemagne briley

Now I have a great invention that I believe will sale and turn into a very profitable business. How do I go about it without giving this idea up and have someone steal my idea.