If you have a low credit score then this can have a devastating impact on your life. It may not have even been your fault. You may have had to contend with some unexpected medical bills for example and this resulted in you experiencing financial difficulties. We will show you how to improve your credit score if you are in this position.

With a low credit score or poor credit history the biggest impact will be financial. You may find that lenders will not offer you any credit. This is because the lenders view a low credit score to mean that you are “high risk” and it will become difficult, if not impossible for you to borrow any money.

How To Improve Your Credit Score

A low credit score does not always mean that you will be unable to get credit but it could be expensive for you to do so. Often lenders will charge you a higher rate of interest if your credit score is low. They may also charge you additional fees for any credit. This is not the end of the world but it does mean that your monthly repayments will be higher.

If you have a low credit score then you need to take steps to improve it. Do not believe any advertisements that tell you that a company can improve your credit score overnight. It will take longer than that because when calculating credit score your past financial actions count as well as your present financial position.

1. How to improve your Credit Score by watching your Credit Card Balances

The amount of revolving credit available to you versus how much of it you are actually using is very important when it comes to your credit score. If the percentage is low then you will have a higher credit score. You want to aim for 30% or less.

So what you need to do here is reduce your credit card balances and keep them as low as you can. If you have more than one credit card and balances on all of them then consolidate your credit card debt with a loan or a balance transfer card.

2. Get rid of your Credit Card Balances

If you want to know how to improve your credit score then look no further than your existing credit card balances. If you have a number of small balances on credit cards then pay them off. The more credit card balances that you have the worse your credit score. It is actually better to have a larger balance on one card than smaller balances on multiple cards.

3. How to improve your credit score with timely Bill Payment

If you do not pay your bills on time then this is likely to impact your credit score. People that always pay their bills on time are far more likely to have a better credit score than those that don’t.

We understand that sometimes you need money for other things and this could mean that one or two bills slip. If you have a history of paying your bills late then you have to turn this around. Know when your bills are due and pay them before the due date.

4. Don’t get old Debt removed from your Credit Report

This one is easy as you do not have to do anything. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that if they have just paid off their car loan or even their mortgage that they need to have these old debts removed from their credit report immediately.

This is not a good idea especially if you paid everything on time. This is known as a “good debt” and will help your credit overall. A long history of good debt will prove that you have taken out various loans and paid them in full on time. A better credit score will result from this.

So whatever you do leave all of the old good debt on your credit report for as long as possible. Future lenders will always be impressed that you have this good debt and improves your credit score. How to improve your credit score the easy way!

5. How to improve your Credit Score by not hinting at Risk

You need to think about whether an action is likely to affect your credit score or not before you go ahead. Two of the biggest factors that affect your credit score are charging a lot more on your credit cards (or paying back less than you normally do) and missing any payments that you regularly make.

Be careful of suddenly using your credit cards for cash advances. This could concern your credit card company as they may believe that your circumstances have drastically changed for the worse. Also don’t use your credit card to pay a divorce lawyer or use it in a pawn shop because this may indicate risk.

6. Make Credit Applications within a short time period

Your credit score lasts for 12 months and each time you make an application for credit this may cause a slight lowering of your score. The reason for this is that if a person makes a lot of applications for credit then the assumption is that they want more credit. How to improve your credit score in this situation?

Make all of your credit applications in one small chunk of time because usually this counts as one credit inquiry. Things are changing in this area though for certain credit applications. If you are buying a home for example then it can take several applications and a lot of time to find the right mortgage deal. This will not impact your credit score now.

Time to improve your Credit Score

So now you are aware of how to improve your credit score. Be sure to pay all of your bills on time and watch for low balances on credit cards too. Do not use credit just because you have it and don’t make risky charges and keep your good debt on your credit record. Follow these steps and improve your credit score.

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Lynne Mann

Thank you for this important information!

Eugene Courtney

I owe a Medical bill do to bike accident The EMT went into my wallet and found my ID to identify me and my Insurance card was with it but did not take it to add to the accident So I’m charged with the bill Medicare won’t Honor it so it’s against my credit I’ve made several calls they say it’s too late because it happened in 2014 I didn’t know it until I applied for credit now I didn’t have no way of getting this off it’s a $1100 that I don’t have any help would be Greatly appreciated… Read more »

Sharon A Ewing

Why won’t any body give me a loan when my credit score is good

Mark Aday

Thank you 4 the information on this topic , Sir , Mrs . , Miss . God bless ya , urs , and each and everyone families also too yep.

John Granahan

I owe 321oncard should i pay it off?

Travis Fritz

How about the wonderful credit reporting agencies, like TransUnion and Equifax, get straight and not mess things up for people by slacking security of accounts to hackers! Only then, all our credit scores would be a hell of alot better! Thanks.

brenda glaze

I have a low credit score an eight now l need a car.

brenda glaze

I need a car but have a low credit score.

Joe Priore

Please sign me up to receive your news as I am trying to improve my situation.
Respectfully Submitted,
Joe Priore

Mykisha Clark

What if someone is using your identity and you cant get help because You dont know were to start,,and its messing up your credit


I’m going through the exact same thing

Michael Piscatelli

I have an excellent score and it keeps on getting better so I’m not sure why I received this message. I’m in no trouble financially.

Betty Hobbs

Thanks a million! All of this information can be very helpful.


I am working on my debt. But my problem is I need a special bed. Can’t use hospital bed. Can’t find any help. I am on a broken bed. I was assaulted years ago by someone on the last two cars hit me in the face. Even left a hand print..as I get older more problem have set in. I need a queen size contour bed to elevate my legs and my head. Help me please. My bed is broken and it is making my back and legs worse. Thank you for listening.


I don’t have any credit card debt but I do have a lot of medical bills some are pretty high I try to pay down the lower one’s what can I do to get them all on a one payment plan ?

Conrad Leon

The same here


I need it to read and know this 6 important methods for my credits. Thanks again and God bless y’all and everyone the needed this for their future….

Karen D Brooks

I’m listening


I like it cause I paid the bills on time an got a b term credit score

Gloria Powell

This is informative, and great information for me to move forward to work on repairing my credit to a good score.

Ed Keeler

I don’t have any credit card debt, all old medical bills are payed. Have one reasent medical bill, and student loan. Only thing outstanding. Trying to get student loan forgiven.

Tania Hampton

Please I need help with my credit score


Thank you so much for the refresher

Krystal hodgson

What about student loan debt off approx 100000 never consolidated or made a payment on. Itt is in default. Attached to federal refund but I haven’t worked in years. Suggestions since I have no income? Live with family

Eveline Bishop

Having to many open account even if you can pay won’t let you get a loan

Aniceta Sims

I need a loan to expand my business but my credit got messed up by my ex husband. I had an offer to rent next to my apartment I need it ASAP thanks

Dawne Vincent

What about having No Credit?

Nora Borosak

Hi Dawne,

Our personal finance articles would be great for you! Take a look and thanks for reading!


Josefa gonzalez

Thank you so much !your information it really helps me to look forward to seeing how to improve my credit .

Randy Porter

I owe 4500 on for cards due to medical disability. I reached out to a credit company and am paying 175 a month for two years to be debt free. Will I still be a credit risk in 18 more months?


Can yall send me info on the best credit card to get at this point of life right now

Suzanne Shriver

Thanks a lot of great ideas !personal finance app I’m definitely looking into

Donna Parsons

I just wanted to Thank you for showing me the rights and Wrongs of my Credit score . Thank you for the information .


First time home buyer even with using my VA loan still having problems I do pay my bills on time, what eels can I do, The medical bills are bring me down.

Nora Borosak

Hi Syliva,

Our personal finance articles can offer you great advice to help improve your situation. I’m including a link for you, thanks for reading!


Christine Williams

I have none of those problems, just a car that sucks up most of my money an i am tryi g to clean up my credit which is good status. I need help getting my car note down, i have nothing left after bills is paid. If u can help me please reply n my message. Thanks 4 ur info. that have given, much help.

Nora Borosak

Hi Christine,

Here are a series of articles that will help guide you in the right direction. Thanks for reading!



Thanks a lot for the information. Was very helpful.

Mary Chambers

I would just like to know my score.

Gale Stanley

Hi Tim, I was in a car wreck; it took surgery and 3 years to settle this incident. I am presently with a debt consolidation for past 6 months. Hope to see improvement before long. And if I do well in stocks will go back and give creditors more money. Sincerely, Gale

Elizabeth hooper

Need help consolidation loan companies

Samara Coston

Can I come in and talk to you or someone

Joshua Carney

Thank you for the information you have provided. In my opinion that was some of the best and most helpful food for thought information that can really be used to help everyone in our day and age

Brad Olson

Ive never had a credit card. So how do i fix my credit score?,


I had a great job, I was let go, now I have a job making way less then I was making and it is taking it’s toll on me and my family. When I was out of work I had to live on my credit cards and my fico score went from 745 to now 573. I feel I let my family down. Before I got fired from my job I had got the approval to buy my 1st home now I feel I have felled my children and rob them from their home. Help I can’t get out of… Read more »

Nora Borosak

Hi Theresa,

I’m very sorry to hear about that. Keep your head up and don’t give up! Here is an article that could help you with your situation: https://wealthgrowthwisdom.com/personal-financial-management/

Thanks for reading!

Terry D Morgan

I have 1 old bill and never used credit to buy anything. But my score is in 500’s. Why


Thank you for Your good advise.