If you have a low credit score then this can have a devastating impact on your life. It may not have even been your fault. You may have had to contend with some unexpected medical bills for example and this resulted in you experiencing financial difficulties. We will show you how to improve your credit score if you are in this position.

With a low credit score or poor credit history the biggest impact will be financial. You may find that lenders will not offer you any credit. This is because the lenders view a low credit score to mean that you are “high risk” and it will become difficult, if not impossible for you to borrow any money.

How To Improve Your Credit Score

A low credit score does not always mean that you will be unable to get credit but it could be expensive for you to do so. Often lenders will charge you a higher rate of interest if your credit score is low. They may also charge you additional fees for any credit. This is not the end of the world but it does mean that your monthly repayments will be higher.

If you have a low credit score then you need to take steps to improve it. Do not believe any advertisements that tell you that a company can improve your credit score overnight. It will take longer than that because when calculating credit score your past financial actions count as well as your present financial position.

1. How to improve your Credit Score by watching your Credit Card Balances

The amount of revolving credit available to you versus how much of it you are actually using is very important when it comes to your credit score. If the percentage is low then you will have a higher credit score. You want to aim for 30% or less.

So what you need to do here is reduce your credit card balances and keep them as low as you can. If you have more than one credit card and balances on all of them then consolidate your credit card debt with a loan or a balance transfer card.

2. Get rid of your Credit Card Balances

If you want to know how to improve your credit score then look no further than your existing credit card balances. If you have a number of small balances on credit cards then pay them off. The more credit card balances that you have the worse your credit score. It is actually better to have a larger balance on one card than smaller balances on multiple cards.

3. How to improve your credit score with timely Bill Payment

If you do not pay your bills on time then this is likely to impact your credit score. People that always pay their bills on time are far more likely to have a better credit score than those that don’t.

We understand that sometimes you need money for other things and this could mean that one or two bills slip. If you have a history of paying your bills late then you have to turn this around. Know when your bills are due and pay them before the due date.

4. Don’t get old Debt removed from your Credit Report

This one is easy as you do not have to do anything. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that if they have just paid off their car loan or even their mortgage that they need to have these old debts removed from their credit report immediately.

This is not a good idea especially if you paid everything on time. This is known as a “good debt” and will help your credit overall. A long history of good debt will prove that you have taken out various loans and paid them in full on time. A better credit score will result from this.

So whatever you do leave all of the old good debt on your credit report for as long as possible. Future lenders will always be impressed that you have this good debt and improves your credit score. How to improve your credit score the easy way!

5. How to improve your Credit Score by not hinting at Risk

You need to think about whether an action is likely to affect your credit score or not before you go ahead. Two of the biggest factors that affect your credit score are charging a lot more on your credit cards (or paying back less than you normally do) and missing any payments that you regularly make.

Be careful of suddenly using your credit cards for cash advances. This could concern your credit card company as they may believe that your circumstances have drastically changed for the worse. Also don’t use your credit card to pay a divorce lawyer or use it in a pawn shop because this may indicate risk.

6. Make Credit Applications within a short time period

Your credit score lasts for 12 months and each time you make an application for credit this may cause a slight lowering of your score. The reason for this is that if a person makes a lot of applications for credit then the assumption is that they want more credit. How to improve your credit score in this situation?

Make all of your credit applications in one small chunk of time because usually this counts as one credit inquiry. Things are changing in this area though for certain credit applications. If you are buying a home for example then it can take several applications and a lot of time to find the right mortgage deal. This will not impact your credit score now.

Time to improve your Credit Score

So now you are aware of how to improve your credit score. Be sure to pay all of your bills on time and watch for low balances on credit cards too. Do not use credit just because you have it and don’t make risky charges and keep your good debt on your credit record. Follow these steps and improve your credit score.

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Can you help with student loans


Are there any “legitimate” work from home jobs that don’t require payment?

Kristie MacLeod

Thank you I will check them out but I don’t have ANY debt just no credit score I have always paid in cash but sadly the almighty dollar is no longer mighty and will never rule the world economy again …I am going to use fingering fresh start to build credit I start with 230$$$credit the thirty non refundable but starts me and is applied to first purchase the hardest for me will be the small monthly payments I just want to pay the bill but sometime in my life I may need credit but I just turned 62 and… Read more »


Wheres the grant check that was link i hit why did it bring me hete i was looking at schools when this sms mesg came saying i had grant check why do you use misleading ads to get traffic

Eric Dockett

I am definitely looking for a job that does not require a payment

Bobbilynn Eldred

Yes I would like to know also . good question

Tony Allen

What did you find out…?

Debra Vermillion

Rozan, great question! I was going to ask the very same thing!!! I NEED TO WORK FROM HOME but can’t find anything that doesn’t require money up front, or unless you have a degree. I’ll let you know if I ever find anything.
Good luck on your search!

Donna La Valley

What are my options if I am disabled and can’t work my and my husband is my sole provider but he refuses to pay even my medical bills?

Roger Beard

Get rid of him…What a Jerk…!!!


Wow, he should be helping. What state are you in, and how long have you been married? No offense but it seems like he doesn’t want to acknowledge your disability nor does he want to help you with the bills. I’m in CA and here you both are obligated to pay!


Hello, I’m a disabled vet and I haven’t been able to pay my debts off because my husband decided he rathermove out, and left oweing back rent and i was paying everything else. I had to take my hospital bills and credit debt I owe, i had to put them on the back burner because I’m trying to catch up rent and pay other household bills. I really need to clear my credit score up, but I can’t do it right now. Please tell me what can I do. Thank you

Daniel L Verdier

Whoa sounds familiar but I’m the disabled vet and my ex is the one that flew the coop with the boy friend small world. I’d be interested in what your thinking of I’m investing in silver (monthly purchase ). And I’m here to get some advice on some other low cost commodities, one thing about us Vets you can kick us down but we come up swinging keep the faith. S.sgt.D. Verdier U.S.M.C RET.

Lewis Street

Don’t forget that the DAV and many other organizations are there to help VET’s, including religious groups, social services, and the list goes on. Even the VA has homes for VETs. Reach out…

Judy Meckel

My husband is the same way

Deborah Mota-Turnage

What is his deal. Where do you live? Co to court and get a support order. Kick him to the curb.

Lisa Forbush

Hi my name is Lisa Forbush and my question is what is my first steps to buy a home

George Salameh

I don’t know if you are aware that I never received a penny from you.are you depositing my money in a private account.

William Garang


William Garang

That’s a good idea, I didn’t know about that?

Deborah Ares

Hi. I’ve never taken any loans credit. So why such a low score. My motto :if I don’t have it $I just can’t get it.

Aaron McCann

I dont have bills to build credit… Still live at home with mom

Cheryl Rushing

Get a credit card to start building credit.

Robert Mccready

Can I get a small personal loan of $600.00 my credit score is 595

Fae J. Drummond

To build credit does the credit card to be Secured?

Joann Thomas

I have a company helping me with my credit, they are good, I think they are slow, I have been told that a secured credit card would help rebuild my credit, well i went to my bank but never heard back from them I took that as a turn down. I deal in cash, i want credit, how can you help me?


Build your credit!!!

Charles Reedy

Joan take it from me getting credit cards is a bad idea what I have found out in my time is these companies want to secure your income the more credit you get the more they secure your income before you fall into this pit please take time to look up Dave Ramsey on yo tube its always better to live within our means good luck


Borrow $300 on signature. Pay it back MONTHLY. You will establish a credit history. Go from there, get a card and don’t use it unless you can pay out of at the end of the month.

Sandra Storar

A home is only a wish for me as. I have never been able to save a down payment and can t qualify for even a rent to own option due to no debt. That s crazy for somebody that still works everyday and at 65. I ll probably never get that great American dream.

Jeffrey Fish

My wife got real sick went to the hospital wind up passing away everything fell down around my neck overwhelmingly put me in a real financial situation because we didn’t have life insurance I’m kind of struggling as we speak week that week I’m having to borrow money for brands of family to get gas to get back-and-forth to work I had to move out of my house into a little travel trailer at my sons house I am in a pretty bad situation at the time I just keep plugging along doing the best I can open a window… Read more »

Kay Hutch

Wow sounds awful and so sorry for your loss. Where are you from??

Sheila D Brown

I would like to know if you don’t have credit cards then, why is the interests so high or your credit scores so low?

Artria Lewis

If you don’t have Credit Cards it is hard convince companies that you have trail of your worth to start a credit line.

Marie C. Nichols

I have old medical payments on my name inbetween the time when i was married. I wasn’t able to pay the rest of my bill. There was also some dental Dr.s.; and money on a previous bank loan. I have not had any trouble with the law before. But the accumulated bill debt has messed up my credit score big time.

Kevin Mac naughton

If you can not afford to pay in cash..then don’t buy it.builds impulse control..

Judy Lachowski

I have credit card, loan and Medical Debt to the tune of $35,000, mostly in collections, and 90% have put a judgment against me!
I’m 52 yrs old, and 100% disabled and get$1500
from SSI-DISABILITY, I can’t decide month to month to pick up meds, go to Dr and pay copays, or buy groceries, obviously, I can’t afford bankruptcy attorney, or a stick of gum!!
So tell me which of these 2-4-6-8methodical plans will help me??

Ronald de palma

Do you really think you you can help me with my credit score it is in the low 500 please help me thanks ron

Paulette Collins

I have invest in so many credit repairs that have cost me so much money and they just took my money and my credit never got fix and I am so scared to to trust any credit repair company and when I said I have been throw a lot of credit repairs it’s not funny and I have lost a lot of money and to take my money and not fix my credit it’s so unbelievable that people would do some like that and I am so tired and frustrated that I don’t know what to do and that’s because… Read more »

Ronda Steiner

Lexington law is legit and the best out there just fyi


Lexington Law tried to charge me 129 a month to take an 800 dollar sprint bill off my credit. Pay you 129 a month for 24 months or pay the 800 dollar bill. Ugh not rocket science ppl. Get your free credit report and call the places yourself. 9xs out of 10 you can get a better deal then a middle man thats ripping you off. The creditors just want something so don’t be fooled by them credit repair companies, they are just someone else you will eventually owe money to.

Frances Williams

And they charge a lot of,f little hidden fees too!


okay then you going to help me for real if you’re not going to be playing with me find somebody else to play with I need help. You going to send the money go ahead and send it to me thank you very much


That’s what I said!!!

Brenda Carpenter

Why is it that if you are not in debt, they give you a bad credit rating? I paid several loans off and haven’t been buying on credit, but does anyone care about helping someone who doesn’t have alot of debt? NO! You’d think I’d be a good person you loan too., But NO, ?? Why????

Sheila Boyd

I. Am working with Lexington Law.. Right nowand hopefully my credit will get fixed. Not just for a good rating..mind u..but also good piece of mind!!!


I had fairly decent credit score until I moved in with my daughter. Then i helped them get 2 cars and they ended up letting both of them get repossed. Never mind they were lemons
Then i helped them get a double wide mobil home. They filed bankruptcy. So my credit is screwed. Now im alone a widow. I cant even get a car financed


I have really learned quite a lot about having a good credit report. I now wish I had found all this great information when I was in my 20’s and not now that I am 70. But, who knows how long I may live to see my Credit Score in good standing. We will see. Thanks for all of this fantastic work. JHM

Traci Haire

Need help with bit coin


Just did my dept consolidation on my 5 school loans, that build up to $15,000 .


When you have no credit. Where do you go to get credit to start a history. I’m 52yrs and didn’t use my credit lines for just 9ver seven years without the thought of what it was doing to my credit profile. Now I found that everything was gone. I didn’t even have s credit score. How do I start? Who is most likely to take a chance? Jewelry store? Furniture? Credit card?


I need money to pay bills

Robert Owens

I need help now i don’t need any games

Cheryl A Nicol

I went through Lexington law they did so much for $100 a month I didn’t get to finish cleaning my credit ,only have two to clean up

Craig Wilson

Lexington law is a good reputable company that will do what they say they will do. They are a well astablished company with a very high rateing. They are very professional, upfront and honest. You don’t have anything to loose, and everything to gain. Thank you.

Sally Schneider

Help me out finacially

Richard Boyd

I want the money.

Richard Boyd

I need money for to pay my medical bills.

Dale Brocksmith

Why wont you people leave me alone. I do not need anything from you

C. K. Crawford

I have an excellent credit rating on all the 3 credit reports. I keep my debts under
$1,000 and pay them within 4 to 6 months. I learned many years ago how important credit, when used
correctly, is.

C. K. Crawford

I understand. However, I have savings at 2 banks and retirement savings as well. I hope I never have to use your services,
but know how to contact you if I do. Thank you!


Lexington law is a joke I have been working with them for months and my credit score was still low I don’t have the money to keep paying for service that is going no where! They take their time and say they are helping. Lier’s


I need some money to fix my car just had a baby on the 12th

Frank Blackford

I would love to see how I can get help with my credit score???????

Katina Lampkin

Be debt free and enjoy my grandchildren and take vacation with my family.


Hello my name is Matthew & I am looking for a credit card to help with my credit I have no credit but would some help on getting a credit card can you help me out ? Thank you


Get a SECURED card from a reputable bank.

Williamr DeJesus

Great info. Thnx

Eugenie Kidd

Hi, thanks so much,I have to add the his is a great place to learn more on credit card debt,just an heads up,citation to the hola magazine has also a beautiful article to help out of debit too.. thanks

Susan Simerly

This is a very helpful article which I will read again. I need to save it for future reference. Thanks so much

Renee Vaughan

Can u help pay rent for apt rent and vacation


Yes I’m really struggling! Newly divorced and living with my parents! My credit score is like 550. No one will give me a credit card! I bring in money but not alot, I’m on disability. Thank you for your advice! I will try harder!

Deanna Frink

Thank you!


I am afraid do it never understand to use this before I am afraid I stew up lose my money only get government Ck live on

Theresa Carvell

My past credit is poor. I have zero credit cards and my 4 monthly bills are paid on time through someone I trust. On the 1st of the month (when my disability check comes) I hand cash to my trusted friend to pay my rent, electricity, cable, and phone. The only account in my name is the phone. The others required large deposits because of my poor credit, so I went to my trusted friend for assistance….Im essentially riding his credit coattails. I don’t know how to get these accounts into my name without paying deposits…even though I’m the one… Read more »

Fae J. Drummond

How or where to start when you have poor credit couple write-offs late payments , due to on medical disability & seems no one can offer even a small loan.

David A. Briseno

This artical is good in theory but does appear to be vague in practical. Trying this method is near to impossible if one is on a
fixed income. Answer me that and then have it down in 6 easy steps.
I’ve tried several attempts to no avail. It’s easy to say or write plans down than actually putting them into action. If that can actually be done, I would scream out loud “It works”.
I’ve tried several ways to do a plan but I always come up short. I’ve always come up short.

Margaret Napier

Thank you for your information will follow you direction margaret napier