Insurance companies are praying you don’t find out how you can easily enjoy this bonus of up to $610 a year, dramatically reducing your auto insurance payments, provided you haven’t suffered a recent road traffic accident or been successfully prosecuted for driving while under the influence.

Right now, thousands of good drivers, living in qualified zip codes, who’ve never been prosecuted for driving under the influence and have not received any recent tickets, violations or had any recent accidents are paying far more for their auto insurance than they need to.

Unfortunately for you, the insurance companies are not rushing to point this out

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This new discount represents a radical new approach whereby – instead of just punishing careless drivers by increasing the rates and fees they pay –  good drivers, like you, are about to be rewarded in cold hard cash for your exemplary conduct behind the wheel.

And, as an example of the sort of dramatic savings you could soon be enjoying, check the image below showing an immediate saving of $83.47 each and every month

Auto Insurance Bill – $86.49 savings

FAIR WARNING: time is not on the side of good drivers, like you…

Because the cut off point for this bonanza is coming up fast – the 28th of this month.

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What if your current auto insurance is not due to renew any time soon?

Fear not, because you may well be able to cancel your current policy and use the refund towards the cost of your new, lower cost policy.

Alternatively, you might be able to negotiate a reduced rate with your current insurer, who will naturally be very anxious to retain your business.   

Why should this discount be reserved for other good drivers – and not you?

After all, haven’t you been a highly responsible driver, strenuously avoiding the temptation to drive your vehicle when your faculties might be in any way impaired?

And haven’t you always driven with great care and consideration for other drivers?

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Remember that wise old saying: “Knowledge is Power”.

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