Passive income is where one gets paid over and over again for some work done once. This article will inform you about the passive income streams currently available. These are very legit ways of making money while one is a sleep with something that suits your skill-set, experience or passion.

The following are some of the legit passive income ideas you can start today for more income:

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you already have a website then this is a no-brainer. People who do not have a website can start one for less than $3 per month. This is the price of finding a website host which is a company responsible for storing your website on servers so it can be seen on the internet. Some people are earning over $50,000 each month through this which is very remarkable.

Affiliate marketing could be a big way of making passive income. This is so because whenever people do click on the affiliate links of your website you are able to receive a commission at no extra cost to them. All they need to do is to buy a service or product.

2. Develop a Lead Generation Website

Developing a lead generation website is another way to make passive income. Lead generation website exists to give referrals to local businesses.

A good example is when you develop a lead generation website that concentrates on real estate and you use it to inform people about owning a home or real estate investment.
When these people reach out to you, your work is to refer them to a real estate expert in their locality.
The real estate expert will the pay you for the lead. Experts will be willing to pay since it is warm and not a cold lead.
One can also make money by having advertisers on your web page. It is important to remember that understanding SEO rules is crucial in order to make your site successful. Finding your website at the top of search engines pages is very key for success in this venture.
3. Develop an Online-Store with Drop Shipping
Drop shipping has turned very popular with the explosion of e-commerce. Drop shipping is where one creates an online store which offers products from particular manufacturers.
The people visit your website and order products then your system forwards the order to the particular manufacturer. The manufacturer finally completes the order by shipping the product to the customer directly.
One of the good things about this kind of business is that one does not have to order inventory. The customer makes the payment for the product and the manufacturer keeps and ships the product to the clients. Yours is just to collect the profit. It is that simple and reliable.
4. Create an Online Course
Online courses are also a big source of passive income. This is where one creates value-packed online courses which assist fill a need or solve a problem.
The course may include emails, e-books and videos with pertinent information. Clients just sign up to buy the course and your system emails them automatically everything they do require to access the materials.
One gets money for the price of course created.
5. Create YouTube Videos
Several people make money on YouTube nowadays. Every time a person watches your videos, adverts can appear and one can earn from these ads. The secret to becoming victorious with the YouTube is by developing a subscriber and viewer base that is large enough.
There is very high potential for one to make passive income from every video once the videos are live.
6. Develop a Mobile App
Each app that we use on our phones is an income earner to somebody somewhere. So if you have some programming skills, try to come up with a new mobile app or improve on an existing one which will help people improve their lives.
This will definitely be a great source of passive income for you.
As you have seen, there are several ways that will help you make passive income. It is my hope that this list has greatly helped you in scrutinizing the various sources of passive income out there. Implement one of them and very soon you will begin to make money while you are asleep.
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James Selgin - Tax Lien Investor

Such amazing and useful content! Appreciate you for making the effort! Look forward to more.

Nora Borosak

Hi James,

Thank you for reading and for the positive feedback! Be sure to check out the rest of our articles on the site for more useful information!

Owner, Passive Income Properties

Hi, this is really amazing and useful content! Thank you for making the effort! Look forward to more.

Nora Borosak


Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out the rest of our articles!

Efrain Escudero

I agree

Brenda A Cartwright

If I post a video on a and it gets over a million hits , do I get royalties? What if it is copyrighted or trademarked or under an LLC?

Allan Hoey

I would like to learn how to get a building for troubled teens and family ,to feed them and educate how to improve there lives as it will help me just as well. I can advertise, but I don’t know what resources I’m going to nred or how to go about it.

Arnold Frampton

I would like to add PFA as another way to generate passive income stream that can be will passed on to your family after you leave this earth. I am currently recruiting for full and part time positions.

Dannette Singleton

Truly a fantastic way of acquiring passave income!

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Leyda Lozada

Want to improve my credit score

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