Is Rent to Own – A Better Way to Buy A Home?


Owning a home is the dream of many people, but which is the best way to buy a house? This is an essential question for every person with the thought of settling in his or her home in the future. Well, rent to own is one of the ways through which you can buy a home. Basically, this means that you rent a home with the intention to buy it in the future. This agreement, between a buyer and a seller, has a lease option whereby before the lease period comes to an end, a buyer can buy the rented home to become his personal property.

Simply put, this is an alternative way to the conventional method of owning a home. The critical question is whether it is a better way to buy a home. Read on to learn the aspects that make this a better option to own a home.

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Learning More about the Home before Purchase

Just like in the same way you test a car to know whether it can give you the experience you want to have, It’s important to examine the home you anticipate to buy in the future. Unlike the popular way of buying a house, rent to own allows a prospective buyer to learn more about a home before deciding to buy it. As you rent the property, you will be able to understand the neighborhood better and know whether there are problems with the house. 

Knowing about the environment of the home and the issues in it is imperative because it will help in deciding whether to buy it or not. Instead of finding out that there are problems with the house when it’s too late, renting it first gives you the chance to inspect it thoroughly until you are sure that you can go ahead and buy it. If you find out that there are problems you can’t deal with, you have the option of terminating the agreement. So, this makes it a better way of buying a home because you won’t be surprised in the future. It truly is the ultimate “try before you buy” option!

Ability to Buy With Bad Credit

Having a bad credit record can be extremely limiting for many people, especially if you want to make a significant investment. Of course, investments involve finances, but if you have a bad credit record, you might struggle to find a lender willing to partner with you. However, rent to own provides people with a poor credit record with an opportunity to buy a home in the future. This is an aspect that makes the lease option of a rent to own agreement attractive to prospective buyers whose financial statuses are not right. 

By renting the home under contract, a buyer can improve his or her credit record significantly, thus making it possible to get financial assistance to buy the house when the lease period comes to an end. Essentially, given that the lease period takes a considerable amount of time, depending on the contract, there is a big possibility that one’s credit score can improve with time. Therefore, this is a better way of purchasing your dream house that you should highly consider.

Fixed Price

Another great feature that makes this option a better one in regards to buying a home is the fact that the price remains fixed until the day you choose to purchase it. Regardless of how long your contract reads, the seller cannot decide to change the price. The market for homes continues to change. However, this is not a problem when it comes to the rent to own model of purchasing a house. The agreement that you make with your seller will read that you will buy the house at today’s market price even if you buy it a couple of years after the agreement has been made. What this means is that even if the prices appreciate, you cannot buy it at another price rate contrary to the one agreed upon. This gives buyers a very big advantage since the likelihood of prices appreciating is higher than them depreciating. Though it can be a disadvantage if the market price decreased at the time of purchase, the fixed price attribute of rent to own remains a big plus for interested buyers.

Flexible Paying Option

It is a stressful affair when you have to keep on moving from one house to another because owning a home is a challenge for you. Truth be told, buying a house has never been an easy thing, and that is why you will find people moving from one house to another because they have never gotten a place they can own and call home. It is for this reason that the lease option in a rent to own agreement comes out as a better way to buy a home. Unlike a situation where you make an agreement with a seller and buy a home immediately, you are able to have flexible payment plans when going the rent to own way. 

The flexible payment option gives buyers peace of mind because they already have a right to the house as long as the contract still stands, and they show commitment to the contract agreements. Since you might not have enough money to purchase a home immediately, this option is better because you are able to develop a favorable payment plan depending on your agreement with a seller.

Indeed, owning a house is not a piece of cake for many people. It is simply not cheap to buy a home, especially if you have a bad credit score or you are not financially stable. However, there is good news for those who wish to buy a house, but it’s proven difficult for them to do so. 

Rent to own is an option that you can go for and make owning a home a reality for you. The lease option in the agreement allows you to buy the home if it meets your expectations. Yes, this is a better way to buy a home because of the benefits associated with it. You can, therefore, consider this option to buy and own your dream home.

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Nicole hart

What city would you recommend buying a first time home buyers forever home. I would love some land or something outside the city’s. I want to move my family to the best financial place for use..please give me a few ideas