Sometimes you just need cash in a hurry. Rather than borrow it from a friend or even a bank why not earn it? A lot of people do not believe that it is possible to make money online fast but we will prove to you that it is with this article.

Make Money Online Fast

If you want to make money online then we would always recommend that you build a business that can provide you with regular income over the long term. But if you need extra cash quickly then have a look at these 8 ways to make money online fast:

1. Take Surveys with Pinecone Research

To be eligible for this you need to live in the USA, Canada, Germany or the UK. You have to complete a simple sign up process and the minimum age requirements will vary from one country to another. Find out more here.

This is a genuine survey taking website that will pay fast. They take on new people when the need arises so you may not get in for a while. You can receive your payments using PayPal and you will normally receive payment within 24 hours.

2. Surveys with Opinion Outpost

This is another quality survey website but at the moment they are only accepting people that live in the United States. You will earn points for the surveys that you complete. Most of the surveys are for market research. The official website is here.

The questions are usually wide ranging. They may want your opinion about advertising, electronics, politics and a lot of other subjects. For every 10 points earned you will make $1 and for 100 points you get $10. PayPal payments within 24 hours are the norm.

3. Provide your Opinion on Slice the Pie

Are you interested in fashion trends? How about the latest music? If you have an interest in either of these (or both) then you can make money online fast by sharing your opinion at Slice the Pie.

They are looking for people like you to provide honest reviews about music and fashion. If the reviews that you leave are high quality then your earning potential will go up. You can use PayPal to receive your payments (minimum $10). They make payments every Tuesday and Friday so you will not have to wait a long time for your money.

4. Complete Micro Tasks on Amazon Turk

If you are happy to trade your time for money then you can do this by completing small tasks on Amazon’s popular Mturk website. The sort of tasks available are placing products in categories, checking content for spelling errors and rating the quality of search results.

You submit your tasks and after approval you will see what you have earned in your account. Move these to your Payments account with Amazon and you can then choose between having a payment made to your bank account in a day or two or receive a gift card to the value of your earnings right away.

5. More small tasks at Microworkers

This is another website that has small tasks to complete similar to Mturk. Job posters will post tasks such as data entry, research, product categorization and so on. You will receive a rating on how well you completed the tasks.

If your ratings are really good then you can achieve “Best Worker” status which means that you receive more task offers and the opportunity to earn more money. Payments are made fast to PayPal and they pay on Sundays and Wednesdays. Find out more about Microworkers here.

6. Freelance on OneSpace

If you have freelancing skills such as researching, design, writing and editing then you can check out OneSpace for freelance job postings. This is a very popular website which changed its name from Crowdspace.

Freelancing is a good way to make money online fast. All you need to do is to find jobs that match your skills and then apply for them. There is no need for you to request payment as it happens automatically. After approving your work you will normally receive your PayPal payment within 24 hours.

7. Help Businesses on Picky Domains

If you are creative then you can use your talents to create slogans and catchy taglines which will help businesses to find that ideal domain name for their companies. When a customer chooses one of your ideas for a domain or slogan then you will receive between 40% and 60% of the total sale which can be between $25 and $75.

So if you fancy using your creative abilities to make money online fast then Picky Domains could be a good option for you. Any suggestions that you come up with will entitle you to a small commission even if customers do not choose them. 24 hour PayPal payments are what you can expect here.

8. Make Money with your Expertise on Studypool

Do you have advanced knowledge about a subject (or several subjects)? If so then why not be a tutor on Studypool? This website matches up tutors with students. Students can submit a question about the subject and tutors in the subject can bid on this to become the preferred tutor.

When a student chooses you their question needs a response by the deadline you set. Once the student approves your answer your earnings will be visible immediately. You can opt for either a direct bank payment or a check which takes around 3 days on average.

Go out and Make Money Online Fast

Now that you know how you can make money online fast it is up to you to take action. Just visit the website of your choice, sign up and get started.

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I’m very interested as long as it’s legal and accurate


I don’t have a lap top right now, so I woudn’t be able to take advantage of any online income opportunities, at this time, but thankyou for informing me.


Yes you can, if you have a smart phone. It’s been done. There are internet millionaires who have staff hired to do the technical stuff and they just want you to check daily that you are receiving the money. For example, Partner with Anthony. There are many more.

Erika Bezares

Thank you so much,and yes I would try no problem.

Evelyn Morrison

Kenny tablet or a mobile phone be used

Marilyn Brandy

I would like to know how to make money online with no start up fee….

John Eisenhower

I would like to know how to make money online with no start up cost

Terry Whitworth

Pine cone will not accept my login

Vernell Adcox

I would like to learn how to make money at home as long as it’s legal and that the company is in the USA please let me know how I can do this without putting a lot of money out to make money thank you

Shirley Church

I so badly need to make money,but I have no money to start,it has to be legal or I wouldn’t want any thing to do with it.

Maurice DeWitt

11:06 pm
I would like to learn how to make money at home as long as it’s legal and that the company is in the USA please let me know how I can do this without putting a lot of money out to make money thank you