You can make money online while you are sleeping. You may have heard other people telling stories of how they are able to make money online. You too can create an online stream of income if you can adopt the online methods of making money. There are several online methods you can apply to make money. To easily get started, it is necessary to compare different online money making opportunities and decide on those which you can be comfortable dealing with. Some of the methods you can use to make money online while you are sleeping include the following:

Earn from affiliate marketing

For you to earn money out of affiliate marketing, you need to start a blog where you target a given niche and market products for other companies. There are several companies out there which allow affiliate programs. If you can work with such companies in your online ventures, you will end up making reasonable income online. To increase chances of making money online, you should compare different affiliate programs from where you can develop a website and carry out search engine optimization so that you can market the products.

Earn from YouTube

If you can make attractive videos, then you can still make money when sleeping. The secret to v-logging lies in creating attractive videos. You need to know what people love and create videos in such a line so that you will make many people interested in your videos .Consistency is key to your online success. At first, you may not make a lot of money. If you can stay persistent and make attractive videos which you will keep on uploading, you can end up making a lot of money online. If you love fun videos, you can start making them and post online. The more views you will attract, the more people will watch your videos where you will earn money in the process.

Start an online store

You can actually sell products online and start making money when relaxed at home. For the online store to run well, you can hire people who will manage the online platform. There are several online stores which make a lot of money. Some of the products you can sell online include artifacts, electronic among other products. Think of any product, if you can sell it at fair prices, you can attract market online. You need to invest in such engine optimization so that you can attract more people to your website.

Develop a digital product and sell online

There are several digital products which have been developed and they are available online. If you have some knowledge on information technology, you can achieve great success in your online money making adventure if you can market the products online. Try to develop a product which many people will be interested to use if you will like to make money in the process. There are some online platforms which are dedicated to selling digital products such as click bank. You can develop the product and put it up for sale on the platforms. If the product has value, you will have many people interested in buying the product and they will make you earn a lot of money in the process.

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Can you be my mentor?

Charles Wade Kieffer

I’ve got lots of stuff that would make your shirts sales skyrocket crazy outlandish things to make your shirts go through the roof are you interested in thug wear I ve got it.

Wade Gardner

This very logical and outstanding and a comfort to know. I will want to work this to make more money than a little and longer.

Wade Gardner

I feel like I have made a carrier of this site.

Angella siniard

I’m interested if it don’t need any money up. Front

Jared Derr

I love this. I need more info.

Christin Lee Ann Walters-Shepherd

I would love and need to make some money but I literally have not 1 dollar to do so what can I do? Single mother of 2 is a hard place to be with no one and no cash.

delva alite

I am elderly and need income we husband was.putins home I no longer have his income. Need. Add income to live

Harry Kenney

I’m single father with 2 boys I know where your coming from

Reginald Manney

I’ve been out of work for a year now due to lower back problems how this works and how can I earn fast money I have bills pass due .


I have the money. I just don’t have an idea.

Gaywanell Long

I need this please. .tell me what I need to do to have money

Gaywanell Long

I’m homeless and I need away to get inside its me and my pet puppy Hammer .I’m a good hard working older woman without a real home .please.HELP!!!.


I’v never done ✅ this.

Charles Wade Kieffer

Done what?

Breona Moore


Maureen O'Brien

I want a stone so bad. Maybe we can get some ideas The others are giving you my story

Clyde white

Sure I would like to make money while I’m asleep


Sure, I’m interested in this, if a person with nothing can start with nothing, work for it and become self sufficient in just a matter of time and some work time then count me in please and Thank You !

Chris Johnson

What money you guys protray to make

Ronda P

Hmm okay I’m curious

Monique Washington

I love. To do this. But how do i start

brea blyden

Ive been not able to work, because I am fighting through Breast Cancer, and I have still my bills to get paid.

Nora Borosak

Hi Brea,

I’m so sorry to hear that. Keep fighting and remember that anything is possible. Thanks for reading!

Sri Kaya Jackson

I would like to make money long as I don’t have to pay to get started


As you can see, MANY are interested and willing to learn but need info and capital. Myself, I have the hardware, time, determination, even college education, just NO capital to invest.

Sharyn L Graham

Timothy thank you for the tips.