Montreal isn’t just a haven for French culture in Canada. It’s also a haven for cultures from around the world.

One of the cool things I noticed about Montreal is how well they mix their past with their present. In one city, you’ll experience relics of the past and the modernity of a western city. From the stunning 190-year-old Notre-Dame Basilica to the serene Mount Royal, Montreal is a sightseer’s paradise.

Montreal is perfect for the North American traveler looking for a hint of Europe in the Americas.

What I learned about Montreal

In most North American cities, you’ll notice that most of the architecture is relatively modern. Montreal has tall, modern buildings, but it also has beautiful, French-style architecture from the 19th and 18th centuries in the older part of the city. You’ll be able to see this gorgeous and culturally-rich architecture in buildings like the famous Notre-Dame Basilica and Montreal City hall. It’s amazing to find European architecture like this in North America.

It’s a very cosmopolitan city; it contains a diverse range of cultures from places like Brazil and Portugal. Montreal even has its own Little Italy and Chinatown.

I’ve always loved a good view and a city full of culture. Mount Royal, which overlooks the city, is a peaceful place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of Montreal. The view is absolutely stunning; don’t forget to take a good picture here.

The Montreal Tower at the Olympic Stadium, which is the tallest inclined tower in the world, is another great place to take in a view of the city. The nearby botanical gardens and insectarium are also excellent things to check out.

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Montreal culture

Canada, as a country, is already very diverse and accepting of cultures from around the world. Montreal happens to be the most multicultural city in Canada (along with Toronto). In one city, not only will you take in the French-Canadian culture, but you will also enjoy cultures from around the globe. Unlike the United States, it’s not a melting pot of cultures here. All the cultures stand out and are celebrated in their own beauty.

Canadians in Montreal sure know how to party. During the day, the city bustles with activities for all ages to enjoy. Once the sun sets, Montreal’s nightlife comes alive. The city offers a range of bars, clubs, and strip clubs — if that’s your thing.

At night there will be lots of partiers and drunks. You might want to be aware of this if you take your kids here. However, if you like to have a good time at night, it will be a place you will love.

Remember that marijuana is legal in Canada now, so you’ll smell and see it while you’re out in the streets. I personally don’t mind marijuana at all, but if you bring children here, you may want to be mindful of that.

In the evening, a thing to take a quick note of that a lot of shops start to close. This could cause a slight inconvenience for some people.

In Montreal, you’ll find foods from all over the globe. We have a list of some must-try dishes when you visit.

Montreal Canada

Local dishes to try

  • Poutine is a delicious combination of fries, gravy, and cheese. Poutine is one of the most iconic dishes of Quebec province. I’m definitely planning to come back for the poutine again one day.
  • A smoked meat sandwich is a classic sandwich among locals. It’s usually served with a pickle and fries.
  • Montreal-style bagels are boiled in water and honey to give them a sweeter taste.

Quick tips to surviving in Montreal:

  • You MUST try the food in Montreal. It may be a little expensive, but it’s worth the money.
  • If you’re looking to try the newly legalized recreational marijuana, be ready to wait in long lines. They don’t have enough dispensaries to keep up with the demand yet.
  • Try learning some French. Just knowing some simple phrases can go a long way with the locals.

My review of Montreal

Cost to stay in Montreal

Montreal may be a vacation for you, but it’s not a vacation for your wallet. Montreal and Canada, in general, are more expensive than the United States. You’ll notice that the hotels and food are more expensive. Side note: the food here is amazing and definitely worth it.


Canada is known as one of the safest countries in the world. Montreal is no different.

There may be homeless people who might make you uncomfortable. If that is the case, just know that you’re most likely still safe.

Foreigner tolerance

Canada has always been known to be friendly to everyone. As a cosmopolitan Canadian city, everyone, including foreigners, is treated well here.

Recreational activities

Montreal is filled with an abundance of things to see and do during the day. The European and modern architecture mix, along with the mind-blowing skyline views, make Montreal one of my favorite North American cities.

Top seven sites to see in Montreal:

Once you’ve taken in the jaw-dropping views and toured the city, you can now take part in the city’s bustling nightlife full of bars and clubs.

Local language

French is the primary language of Montreal and the province of Quebec. Ninety-five percent of people living in Quebec speak French as their first or second language. All the signs and menus will be in French. They might have English, but it will be in the smaller text under the French.

Despite French being the primary language of the city, you’ll find that English is also ubiquitous among the locals. Montreal is a cosmopolitan city, so being an English-speaking tourist here is no problem.

Quality of life

The quality of here is excellent overall, just like in the rest of Canada. 

There is a slight problem with homeless people here in Montreal. At night once the crowds thin out a bit, you’ll begin notice to see more of them. Most of the time they won’t bother you, and you’ll be on your way.

My conclusion of Montreal

After leaving Europe, I kind of missed the feeling I got from Europe’s gorgeous cities. 

Montreal is, hands down, the most Europe-like city I’ve experienced in North America. I loved it here, and I’m definitely going to plan a trip to come back someday. I wish more cities were like this in America.

I fell in love with the skyline view of Montreal from Mount Royal and the variety of delicious dishes the city has to offer. There is so much to do here, and I think this city is very underrated for American travelers.

What are you curious about the most in Montreal? Leave your comments below!

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Charles Terry

Sounds Great

Nora Borosak

Thanks, Charles!

Douglas Lambright

I was stationed in Alaska and when discharged drove home via tha alcan highway thru Canada covering most provinces. Camping all of the way. Even from the highway it was a very beautiful trip, everyone I spoke to along the way was very friendly, as if happy to see myself and my family. We did see quite a few homeless people in some of the parks and that but the ones i did speak to were happy to help with local directions,etc. We didn’t feel threatened or anything but them.Very beautiful very friendly. Wonderful place.

Nora Borosak

Hi Douglas,

Thank you for your service! That trip must have been a lot of fun and full of amazing memories for you and your family. It is great to hear that you guys had such a good experience! Thank you for reading and please be sure to read the rest of our travel articles!

Timothy Redifer

Sounds great. But i. Can cant. Go anyway. Right now. Health problems. To deal with first!!!

Janet Johnson

Sounds good!

Nora Borosak

Thanks, Janet!

Darrell Ramzy

Very nice. Cannot afford this vacation.

Nora Borosak

Hi Darrel,

Thank you for reading! Hopefully one day you will be able to afford your dream vacation. Here are a few articles that could help you reach that goal:

We have many more on our website so make sure to keep reading!

Brenda Clawson


Debra Geller

Looks nice.


Always plenty of actvities going on with good food and conversations. Night life is robustfrom cafes to palatial restaurants

David Karr

Great article about Montreal.I didn’t know that it was such a cool place to live.

David Karr

Thanks for the article about Montreal, I am impressed.


,Good news I will like to travill to Canada to taste what u are saying. Good nighth


It’s always nice to hear about foreign lands and their Archetectual dwellings, food taste and social atmosphere!

Pat Watkins

It sounds wonderful.I would be able to dazzle the locals with my rusty, butchered french.

Richard Aguirre

I have always wished and hoped that one day that I could find somewhere to reside in an environment such as you’ve experienced . Ok, call me sheltered but it t is nice to read that cities such as Montreal still exist.

Kimberly Timmers

It sounds like a wonderful place to visit!

Evelyn Marie

I will not be able to go to Montreal!

Judith t Foster

Thanks for the wonderful description of Montreal. Want to go and will be telling all I know about your article.

Suzanne Stewart

I too love Montreal mr. Hansen. It is the most European city in Canada I’ve been to with the exception of Quebec city. Which by the way I prefer to Montreal. It has even more of the flavor of Europe to me. Thank you for pointing all the things out that you did..

Gina Asher

What Discusion…?

Marlon Canete

I think the botinacal garden sounds really healing that can help us all connect with nature. Especially if your interested in Montreal’s night life. Not saying I won’t, but the only thing that can really bring me whole after a night of drinking,is nature. And natures quite way of expressing life at its truest form.