A sea of change is sweeping across the globe, and it has the power to transform lives and help end many of the social and economic threats to our human existence. The internet and new technologies have everything to do with it, and those wise enough to jump into action now can not only help change the world but also earn a king’s ransom in the process. More about that later…

As someone who has personally climbed out of poverty, I know, full well, the potential the internet has to change lives and create new entrepreneurs.

In fact, the power of the internet has taken me from selling water bottles on the streets of Puerto Rico to reaching self-made millionaire status in a matter of years without a college education.

But be that as it may, one thing has always been on my mind. Often weighing down my heart. Hold that thought…

Did you know… As of 2018,  736 million people were living on less than $1.90 per day, and HALF of the world is still living on  $5.50 per day.

However, with only a mere  58.7% of the world having access to the internet as of 2019, as a species, we’re far from reaching our full potential.

You see, I believe everyone deserves a chance at making a better life for themselves. Give people a chance to succeed with their hard work. 

And worldwide internet access can make this possible for anyone because of the leverage it provides.

Creating Smart Communities with a Connected Future

One method to solve this globally is, we must work towards giving free internet coverage to people in all parts of the world.

It might sound like a pipe dream, but this goal is more attainable than some people may think.

For these reasons, I co-founded The Performance Giving Network!

 The Performance Giving Network is a community of like-minded individuals and corporations that puts the power of the internet into the hands of the people. And it’s coming sooner than you might think.

So, how are we making this dream network possible?

It all starts with teamwork and building a network of independent entrepreneurs, all working towards the same goal. Then comes connecting the world utilizing PGC Helium devices connected to the Internet of Things (or “IoT” for short). A PGC Helium device is a device that uses “Long-Fi” to collect and transmit data over much larger distances than Wi-Fi and do it using minimal power.


… Say who the what now?

IoT is a network of connected devices; think any device connected to the internet like electronic dog collars, refrigerators, e-bikes, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, even smart cars, street lights, thermostats, and more, you name it. In this connected system, all these devices collect and emit data to the IoT platform.

This data now enables companies to store, compute, and analyze the data to know the health of their equipment, diagnose any issues, and improve each generation of products even faster than ever before possible! This process ties directly into the technological phenomena of “Moore’s Law” taking place as we live and breathe.  

Everything is becoming faster, smaller, and less expensive to produce. And until now, the expense and lack of connectivity has held back the pace of progress. Another interesting fact is, IoT can be used to diagnose the health of humans as well, but that’s a story for another day!

This IoT network will bring together a much bigger picture — smart cities. Smart cities create a more connected future for everyone. Once millions of devices and other machinery connected to the IoT via transmission devices owned by individuals, we will have something known as a “People’s Network.” This is a new network that is decentralized and is free from the rule of any major global telecommunications companies. 

A decentralized network runs on peer-to-peer technology, rather than a central server and cloud that collects everyone’s data. Hence the name the “People’s Network.”

All of this will be possible after the launch of PGC Helium hotspot devices. These hotspots are the key to starting a decentralized IoT for all. PGC helium devices will be set up throughout cities and locations around the world to become the backbone of the people’s IoT. And they’ll be sitting in the homes of everyday people just like you and me!

This operation will also be in collaboration with partners working to create a constellation of satellites in the sky to provide internet to all parts of the world, while also empowering everyday people with Helium and other devices on the ground. 

The PGC Helium is just one of many new devices that The Performance Giving Network will be deploying in cities around the world, all serving to provide greater decentralized connectivity between people.

Anyone Can Earn Life Changing Income Leveraging the Technology of the Future

Entrepreneurs and other savvy human beings who are chosen to launch PGC Helium devices will simultaneously earn cryptocurrency while connecting devices in their area.

These hotspots also have a second use, as miners that mine Helium cryptocurrency on the Helium Blockchain. Owners of Helium hotspots will build the decentralized network while also transferring IoT device data.

Once implemented, people around the world will be given all of the opportunities that the internet presents. Free, decentralized internet won’t only put the power of the internet in the hands of the people, but it’ll also bring endless education and economic opportunities.

This world-changing project will come with a variety of dozens of projects using this technology to further empower people. Some of these give financial opportunities to people while doing the things they love, like watching TV, messaging, and talking to friends, family, and business associates. These allow you to  get paid to do your everyday activities such as personal entertainment and communicating with your peers. These two projects are called Prime One Chat and Prime One TV.

Prime One Chat is a secure, encrypted, decentralized, chatting app that offers HD voice and video call capabilities regardless of a weak data connection or crowded Wi-Fi signals. Prime One TV is a live television streaming service that offers premium channels as well as live sports from all over the world. Both apps will have a built-in wallet system that allows users to get paid to chat, watch TV, and share the apps.

A Win-Win System

This may all sound too good to be true, but trust me, it’s all a part of a global effort to end poverty and  give economic opportunities to all areas of the world. All projects will tie directly into helping with the 17 Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations.

This project backs up our belief in wealth sharing. When the people win, we all win too.

Users will get a Prime One Wallet inside of their Prime One apps where earnings from referrals and usage will be securely stored.

While users are  earning income from using this new decentralized network and its many projects, Helium hotspot providers (among other devices) will gain an entrepreneurial opportunity as well. Some of these providers may also qualify as “ City Developers,” and they can earn even more income from everyone that uses our services within their city. 

City developers will earn 10% of the gross revenue from their city and residual income from every city that a city developer owns. More about this can be explained on a one-on-one phone call with our team.

A Network Backed By Humanity

Ultimately the goal of The Performance Giving Network is to contribute to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Developmental Goals. The state-of-the-art technologies that The Performance Giving Network will bring to the public will help end poverty while providing economic opportunity for every person on the planet.

It’s a global collaboration backed by the people for the people.

Regardless of your background, education level, or status, you will be given a chance to profit from the network. The Performance Giving Network will be the backbone of future economies that also empower everyday people with Helium, Prime One Chat, Prime One TV, Ammbr, Omni.ai and much, much more to come.  

 To learn more about The Performance Giving Network and to help change the world we live in, simply click on this link for more information…

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Uncle Elwood

Totally agree with your assessment, this is what I have been trying to reach out to all of the property stricken and underprivileged of the world, not only did it make sense it intrigued my heart and soul. To all of you for your time and consideration I tip my hat to you all. Good luck with your research

Steve. Rubin

Interesting. Stuff

Tonya Deadwyler

I hope I get paid for all the work that I have already done this year Thank you so much!!