As people’s medical awareness, more and more people buy insurance, especially health insurance buying groups is increasing, depending on the product’s long-term protection, health insurance products can be divided into short-term and long-term health coverage care products health plan.

Under normal circumstances, the temporary health insurance period is less than one year, including one year of health products called short term health insurance. These products have the advantages of low premiums and flexible guarantees and are used by most consumers. More and more residents suffer from our diseases, and the trend of younger age, which requires families to extinct according to their actual needs, short-term junk insurance, and health insurance countries suffering from relatively weak economic foundations. And because short-term health insurance has the characteristics of lower cost, it is more suitable for temporary health insurance because people’s economic conditions are relatively weak. When people continue temporary health insurance, they can choose short-term health insurance under poor economic conditions.

Short-term health insurance benefits

In order to understand short-term health insurance, we can begin to understand the advantages of short-term health insurance. Generally speaking, the advantages of temporary health insurance are:

1. Low premiums, easy underwriting, and simple junk insurance.
2. Short-term health insurance products are formulated to be very flexible to ensure a wide range of responsibilities and relatively little financial pressure on the customer side.
3. In the short-term health insurance, the compliant medical plan health coverage is usually one year. The natural rate is used, and the premium is relatively low. Therefore, it is suitable for a relatively weak economic foundation. Most of the one-year short term health plan age insurance can be purchased separately, and it’s flexible The function is very prominent.
4. During the insurance period to provide the insured’s medical expense insurance such as disease treatment, nursing, hospitalization, and income or even loss to provide some protection or subsidies.

So that medical insurance will no longer be troublesome, expensive, and health problems. In the face of getting better treatment and recovery, don’t worry about your own economics that has been a significant influence. Short-term health insurance has the advantages of low premiums, easy underwriting, simple and flexible products for short-term junk insurance protection, and the advantages of providing medical services for people when they are sick.

How different groups of people choose short-term health insurance

Health coverage has always been a concern, and it is particularly important to strengthen medical insurance. It can be based on the purchase needs of different groups of people. For example

  1. Insurance is more suitable for young people or the initial stage of the population. When he was young, the recent college graduate just entered society. His financial situation is not good and the financial pressure is relatively large. In this case, he is free to choose his ACA compliant health coverage by choosing short-term health insurance.
  2. Because elderly people’s purchase of medical insurance is still subject to many short-term factors if part of the short-term health insurance is purchased separately, especially in critical illness insurance, the premium is prone to “upside-down”, which puts a certain financial pressure on the family.
  3. It is not recommended for the elderly to Purchase a copy of the professional short-term health insurance. Parents may wish to choose a single type of duplicate consumer card product with a lower premium income to obtain double accidents and medical care. From the above, there are two main types of short-term health insurance participants, one is young people or the early stage of the population; there are many restrictions on the subject of health insurance for the elderly.

Pay attention to short-term health insurance

In the case of short-term health insurance, policyholders need to pay attention to some matters, especially in the content of short-term health insurance.

1. Pay attention to the soft terms of short-term health insurance premiums, deductibles, the proportion of the waiting period, restrictions on payment, and medical terms.
2. It is best to choose a guaranteed renewal of short-term health insurance. During the guarantee renewal period, the insurance company shall not refuse to extend the claim due to the health status or changes of the insured in the previous year.
3. Be careful, to tell the truth about your health and before the disease occurs, so as to avoid exceptions.
4. Pay attention to the responsibility of short-term health insurance. Pay attention to see what diseases are covered by insurance. This disease cannot guarantee short-range health insurance coverage.

There are insurance exemptions, so you must pay attention to it in the claims to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Finally, I remind everyone that you need to pay attention to the insured, beneficiary, etc. of the era when applying for short-term health insurance. In addition, instant health insurance products can be divided into sickness insurance, medical insurance, and nursing care insurance plan, and consumers should purchase insurance according to their selective needs.

The difference between short-term health insurance and whole life medical insurance.

In order for everyone to have a better understanding of life-long medical, now we will analyze the difference between the two. The coverage period of short-range health insurance is the health insurance period and the provisions not included to ensure that the contract will be renewed in about one year. Lifetime medical insurance refers to insured medical insurance, which guarantees lifelong medical services for a period of life. Secondly, short-term health insurance coverage is generally concentrated in the age range of the general renewal age of 0-50 years old and the age is not more than 65 years old. However, the insurance market is also based on the medical care needs of the majority of the elderly and the introduction of higher-age short-term health insurance products.

Whole life health insurance

The insured age of whole life health insurance coverage is relatively much wider. Under normal circumstances, the insured age of whole life health insurance is 7-50 years old. For insured customers, this is equivalent to establishing a “lifetime health plan protection fund” for the insured. You can be protected in life. Third, due to the difference between immediate health insurance incomes with short protection periods, the corresponding premiums are more affordable, usually a few hundred yuan, and you can enjoy the usual way to pay for one-time medical care expenses.

High premium health insurance

Since it provides life-cycle health benefits care and life-long major medical insurance, it is often a relatively high premium, and it also has a flexible and diverse form of payment. You usually like to pay, pay each month, and other options. Fourth, short-range health insurance often covers multiple health care functions including medical accidents, critical illnesses, and hospitalization subsidies. A lifetime health insurance plan usually provides medical care that is relatively simple, generally serious illness or specific major diseases, such as cancer. Fifth, the population often has short-range health insurance premium income to provide medical services and more comprehensive benefits, while the price is affordable, so it is very suitable for newcomers to society, general economic strength, and good health, and young people in life buy the best stage.

Life insurance

Life insurance is often 60, and a relatively high premium is processed centrally after the age, and long-term sustainability needs to be paid. So it is more suitable for middle-aged people who have a certain financial basis to purchase. And purchase can greatly improve medical treatment in old age. To sum up, short-range health insurance and whole life major medical insurance can be distinguished from the protection period of the two underwriting ages. The insurance premium and coverage are suitable for different people to analyze.

Recommended short-term health insurance products

In fact, different protections have different functions to protect those provided by short-term health plane. Here, the editor recommends an instant health insurance product specifically to protect cancer disease. The tree of life cancer reimbursement of medical insurance. The tree of life cancer reimbursement of medical insurance products. One year insurance period, updated in May. The insured age is at least 28 days old to 5 years old, and the oldest is 80 years old.

The basic health insurance

The basic health insurance plan amount is $500,000 or $1 million. And high-cost performance, that is. Short term medical plan regardless of the population’s social security period, the minimum is 15 yuan/month. Social security is a non-insurance catalog, hospitalization/outpatient, cancer diagnosis, surgery, audit, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted drugs can be reported; the maximum payment limit is 2.4 million; according to the contract, the annual payment is up to 1 million yuan. And the total amount is up to 240 One hundred million U.S. dollars. DCIS can pay non-deductible. The claim is simple and quick to pay a small amount of green channel. And short term medical plan quick payment of 3,000 yuan. After reading the above introduction, I believe that after our health insurance terms products. I have a certain understanding of which products to choose. I hope that the above description can help people in need.

What is short-term health insurance?

This type of health plan that provides you temporary health medical coverage period when you need emergency coverage period during the period between these plans and outside of enrollment periods. But to get the most out of your health insurance plan, you need to understand how it works, how much it costs, and what it covers.

What does short term insurance planning?

The coverage varies considerably by the plan. These types of plans do not necessarily follow the guidelines of the affordable care act insurance. ACA plans must offer certain levels of coverage, called “minimum essential coverage.” Short term health plan doesn’t have to meet the same standards.
Short-range health insurance generally offers coverage for: preventive care, doctor visits, and emergency care. You may also have prescription coverage. Some plans also offer cost savings to see in-network providers. Be sure to read the “exclusions and limitations” information before purchasing any plan.

How to buy a short-term health insurance plan?

Companies sell a short term insurance plan. Not all companies offer this type of plan. These plans are not available in the Medical Insurance Marketplace and do not follow affordable care act insurance guidelines. To buy a short-term health insurance plan, you can find a private insurance plan company that offers them. Make sure to read all the details before purchasing or signing up. These plans may vary considerably in cost and compliant medical insurance coverage.

Who can apply for temporary medical insurance?

U.S. citizens, green card immigrants, and other foreign residents who are legally long-term in the United States can apply for temporary medical insurance. U.S residents usually participate in long-term medical insurance. That meets the requirements of the medical law to get comprehensive medical protection. If there is no long-term medical insurance for the time being due to changes. Starting in 2019, the federal government no longer imposes mandatory fines on individuals. Who does not participate in long-term medical insurance? For individuals/families with limited budgets, a short term medical insurance plan may be an affordable option.

What should I do if I have a problem when applying for temporary medical insurance?

If you have any questions during the application process. Or if you have questions about how to use a Medical insurance plan. And apply for claims after you have participated in the insurance.

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