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There are a number of money making websites out there that claim you can earn extra cash by performing different tasks. A major problem is that a number of the legitimate websites take a long time to pay you for the work that you have completed. Another problem is that some websites are not legitimate and end up getting you to work for little or no reward.

We want you to get the money you have earned quickly and not have to wait too long. Being ripped off or scammed is certainly something that we don’t want to happen to you. So take a look at the opportunities offered by the genuine websites below who will pay you quickly for work that you perform.

1. Transcriptions for TranscribeMe

The website provides a transcription service for their customers from audio files. If your typing skills are good and you are reasonably fast you can make money by transcribing from the audio files.

You will need to take a short test to see if you qualify to be a transcriptionist with TranscribeMe. If you pass the test then you can receive a number of transcription assignments and the pay is $20 for each audio hour you transcribe.

It is going to take around 3 hours to transcribe each audio file so you need to assess whether this is worth it or not. The good news is that as long as you have earned at least $1 you can receive your money instantly through PayPal. It is not difficult work but being efficient with the keyboard will certainly help.

2. Search, Shop and Get Paid with Qmee

Another one of those legitimate fast paying money making websites is It is basically a companion that you use online for searching to earn and you can save money on the brands that you like as well.

When you use Qmee you will be able to make comparisons for items that you want to purchase and lock in discounts while earning extra money. There is also the chance to participate in surveys for additional cash.

Qmee is available to people living in the United States, the UK, Australia and Canada. They have been around for a few years now and have a good reputation. There is no minimum payment threshold and you will receive your money instantly through PayPal.

3. Review Music with Slice the Pie

If you sign up with you can earn extra money by reviewing music. Slice the Pie is a mini task website which will certainly not make you a fortune but if you enjoy music and would like to earn while you are providing your opinion then it is a good option.

You will need to listen to a music clip of around 90 seconds. After this you have to answer some questions about the clip and say what you liked about it and what you didn’t like. For doing this you can expect to earn from 6 cents to 15 cents (sometimes they have specials with higher rates of pay).

As you review more music you will climb the rankings of the reviewers and this will earn you more cash. The way to climb the rankings is to review more music clips. They make payments every Tuesday and Friday and there is a minimum payment threshold of $10.

4. Get Rewards and Cash with Ibotta

This is different to other money making websites. When you become a member of you will be able to shop using their app designed to save you money. When you make a purchase through Ibotta they will pay you back for using the app.

Ibotta will notify you about the products they have sponsored and when you make purchases using their app they will compensate you. A receipt snapshot verifies purchases. There is a minimum payout threshold and once you reach this payment is instant. You can also earn more by referring others to Ibotta.

5. Test Products with Toluna

If the idea of testing products appeals to you then you need to check out The Toluna Group owns and operates the website. They are a highly respected and trustworthy market research company.

When you become a Toluna influencer you earn money testing products they provide to you. There are other ways to earn too such as participating in polls and surveys. Do not expect to receive products all the time from Toluna. You can make money most days though through polls and surveys.

6. Get paid to write News Blurbs with Newslines

Another of those money making websites worthy of consideration is This is a crowdsourced website for news which has different topics. You will find news posts of around 50 to 100 words on a timeline basis.

You make money creating short news blurbs. For every one that they accept from you they pay $1. If you are interested in newsworthy items and have reasonably good writing skills then you can certainly make some good money on this website.

The payout is usually fast but they do have a minimum payout threshold of $20. The best way to get your news blurbs accepted is to follow the guidelines on the website and take a look at the standards achieved by other posters.

Use these Money Making Websites today

Now that you know about these legitimate money making websites that have fast payouts there is nothing to stop you signing up with them today. Choose the ones that appeal to you the most and get started right away.

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Christina Shroyer

I would like some info please.
Thank You

Allan karn

Sounds to good to be true


Lending tree is harder than a loan sharp to get a loan. I have tried several times and each time, they have turn me down before I finished completing the application. The Lendingtree is very selected in who they loan funds. although it states it’s for clients who can’t get a loan else where.


Randall Ford

You took the word’s right out of my mouth!
So very true!


I had the same trouble with them over 20 years ago. In the end, I never got the loan and wasted a whole lot of time with that company. I even drove to their office which was far away. I’m actually looking for a way to make money my working in an office. I’m a very fast typist. I used to take shorthand also. Now somebody set my van on fire with me in it and burned my important things including my money so I need an income.

Ignacio Jimenez

I like the idea of having fun in the shopping while earning money at the same time because it would give me an opportunity to get discount on the things I need

Darlene N Horn

I want to sample products, food, and sales person, and shop in stores and websites and get paid, with an allowance, or freebees

Nora Borosak

Hi Darlene,

Here are a ton of articles that can help you find what you’re looking for. Thanks for reading!

Cleveland Smith

Not good

Valerie Garrett

Yea me too is there anything out there that’s offers that type of job??


Me too. Except that I want to be paid money and probably not freebies. My big problem is some bad people burned my van with me in it. Although I was saved my van was not and now I don’t have transportation


Has anyone used Marcus for a loan??


I’m using them now. I really have found they are true to what they tell you. My loan is continuing going down. And every month I know my credit score and balance. Yes, I’m satisfied. Jane

carolyn obrien

I have not tried Marcus, however I need 6,500.00 and one main turned me down Any banker want to take a chance on me

Shaun A kurrek

Get me started

Robert Thompson

Yep give me a list and i will check it all over by the time its all said and done with yep. Dont be talibanish hide nothing tell me how you feel and your thoughts looking in my eyes

Theress Gordy

I would like to make money using toluna

Theress Gordy

I really like make money using toluna

Theress Gordy

How is this. working for alot of people i really want to join

Judith Miller

I would like to assemble products or envelope stuffen

Ofelia Howard

I would like to tryout envelope stuffen.

Sunepa Masoe

How to apply for assembling products or envelope stuffen


Are there any money making to stuffing envelopes. I think I would like that.

Thornton Day


Terry Nash

I thank you for sharing the information about the websites in order to earn clean money. I’m going to sign up with one of them and begin to earn money.

Pauline Banks

Say let me know how to get real clean money.

Patricia Liptak

It sounds pretty interesting. Will have to give it a try. I’m always looking for ways to make extra money. This sounds like something that I would be interested in. It sounds like it is easy way to make extra money.


Love what you do…thanks for the advise.

Pamela Gibbs

Thank you for the genuine money making ideas, I’ll have to check them out.p

Adriane Hyatt

I don’t have any problem with making Money it’s just That I’ve Been BurNED And NOW I Need Some Real Money That I Can Get A ROOM With And NOW We Can TALK ABOUT IT THANK Y

Ashley Bearley

I would like to get started so i can be a stay home mom with 3 i can get back on my feet.i would like information pleace.

William R. Aycock

I thank this is going to be Good I would like to make some money at home after work are just witching Tv would be cool to .

Linda A Vincent

Thanks for the info I’m on soc sec and always can use a little more money.thanks

Johnny Andrada

I’m interested .